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harmony200Rediff Shopping has Logitech Universal Remote Harmony 200 for Rs. 700. Features easy-to-set-up, easy-to-use universal remote works with over 5000 brands of devices.

Rs. 150 off on Rs. 399+ Coupon: GET150 (Payment details > Redeem Coupon Code)

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5 Responses to “Logitech Universal Remote Harmony 200 Rs. 700 – Rediff Shopping”

  1. Ruchir says:

    If out of context Ebay war is distracting,all above can be removed particularly if should be.India knows and remembers by heart.
    Seller is genuine.Item bought at 872-200 or 300 is great.3 remotes are working.Buttons are too good.Breeze.It needs Silverlight which is free and then process is simple.

  2. Ruchir says:

    Who has taken whose(classes) between me and Ebay?TRuth. Of course in foolishness I accept a very big defeat.

  3. Ruchir says:

    Thanks SMI,your magnanimity is amazing.Although I anticipated this great SMI.

    Technically,it is wrong. Ebay jerks must understand installer is downloadable and nobody on earth will sell or buy the trial. Bitdefender will be happy to glue trial with all motherboards like Mcafee,Norton do and with OEM Windows etc. Bitdefender is not selling its installer,it is selling at $50 its 5-6 digit key.And that bloody is not downloadable,can only be purchased from BD or boxed packs etc.In US at Ebay.com,half the listings clearly say,download link and key will be provided.They cost something to the seller and wants profit from selling at higher price.So if this is the logic, Ebay should be thrown into the Bay of Bengal.An IQ of 80 is enough to understand this.
    They say Copyright Violation – Unauthorised Item
    What is unauthorized bloody Ebay,open your mouth.And every license if repeated twice anytime is punishable under law.Very easy to trace me.No need of FBI.I have all receipts,buying tip was yours at New Year offer.I bought 8.If only 8 people use 8 unique licenses bought under discount and issued by BD for this very use,what is wrong.Which natl or intl law says anything illegal.WHAT.So it is pathetic.They employ parrots and automated systems which have failed as complex times needs complex solutions,here an umpire also and make a case as example to not to repeat again.
    Disgusting.I am now also a member of Ebay Hater Club not because they are cheaters but are illiterate and should I say buffoonish and foppish simpletons.I think it can be challenged in courts but so many donk,no time to fight with all.

  4. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Starting April 18th, 2008, listings that contain content that can be digitally downloaded or transferred may no longer be listed. All listings for digital items after that date will be considered a policy violation.


  5. Ruchir says:

    SMI Boss,its a question for you,only if you decide.
    Whether I am wrong or these Ebay people which represent Ebay

    Razia S. 08:12:12
    Welcome to eBay Live Chat support. My name is Razia. How may I assist you today?

    Razia S. 08:12:16
    Good Afternoon Ruchir.

    ruchircomputers 08:12:29

    ruchircomputers 08:12:37
    H271152724223 – Bitdefender Internet Security 2013-1 User for 1 yr.Ships worldwide,downloadable why was it removed

    Razia S. 08:12:49
    Surely I will assist you with your query.

    ruchircomputers 08:12:53
    what is l=illegal in it

    ruchircomputers 08:13:05

    Razia S. 08:13:20
    If you wants to know the reason for the listing removal then please write email on inrswebhelp@ebay.com

    ruchircomputers 08:13:58
    the answer will be a generic one.One out of 10 reasons.A;WAYS SAME 10

    ruchircomputers 08:14:20
    nothing specific comes out of this

    ruchircomputers 08:15:10
    u can see it and decide

    Razia S. 08:15:45
    I request you to kindly be online while I transfer your chat to the “Trust and Safety” Team who will be in a better position to assist you with your concern.

    ruchircomputers 08:16:16
    If Ebay and its representatives can’t understand why,how can any other do that

    Soumya R. 08:16:45
    Hello, Welcome to eBay Trust and Safety Team. My name is Soumya. Please give me a minute while I read your previous session to understand your concern.

    Soumya R. 08:16:53
    Hello Ruchir.

    Soumya R. 08:16:55
    Good Afternoon.

    ruchircomputers 08:17:12

    ruchircomputers 08:17:13
    H271152724223 – Bitdefender Internet Security 2013-1 User for 1 yr.Ships worldwide,downloadable why was it removed

    ruchircomputers 08:17:36
    What is illegal in it

    ruchircomputers 08:18:14
    If you can,t figure it,how can sellers and buyers decide legal or illegal

    Soumya R. 08:18:45
    Sorry to say you but this item is not allowed on ebay according to the policy.

    ruchircomputers 08:19:15
    That I know,mail said,I am asking what rule,I hope you understand

    ruchircomputers 08:19:27
    What policy

    ruchircomputers 08:19:55
    Plz don’t copy paste what mail already told me

    Soumya R. 08:20:17
    Yes I can understand your concern but you cannot list this item.And we cannot disclose the policies.

    ruchircomputers 08:20:41
    u can block anything and say policy,that means

    ruchircomputers 08:21:13
    No reason given and will not that be repeated if u don;t give reason

    Soumya R. 08:21:22
    I request you to kindly mail us at inappeals@ebay.in regarding this issue.

    ruchircomputers 08:21:42
    Do you want we comply woth your policies or not

    ruchircomputers 08:21:51
    Simple question

    ruchircomputers 08:22:59
    That means arbitrary actions,illogical and hidden non transparent actions by Ebay

    Soumya R. 08:23:07
    Kindly mail us this concern, the concern team will revert you with details why you cannot list the item.

    ruchircomputers 08:24:01
    If I will but the mail will never be answered,just as you don;t know,no person able to understand mails either

    ruchircomputers 08:24:27
    The person to check mail will not be from Mars,I guess

    ruchircomputers 08:24:59
    And so preposterous deletions at whims,sorry to say

    ruchircomputers 08:25:11
    Anyway thanks

    Soumya R. 08:25:33
    Sorry Ruchir but you cannot list this item according to the policies.

    Soumya R. 08:25:37
    You Are Most Welcome:)

    ruchircomputers 08:26:47
    Inefficiency or irresponsibility,can’t say

    ruchircomputers 08:27:03
    Plz ask Bitdefender if it is illegal

    ruchircomputers 08:27:52
    I am sure you won’t understand why it is delisted.That is a sorry state of things

    ruchircomputers 08:28:04
    Not about you but Ebay India

    ruchircomputers 08:30:22
    I will accept it that Ebay is not a role model and is an ordinary business model and that is very evident to any non blind person

    Soumya R. 08:30:27
    This item is banned on ebay.

    ruchircomputers 08:30:42

    ruchircomputers 08:31:20
    Repeating 10 times.Why banned,that will help rather than being a dictator

    Soumya R. 08:31:35
    You canreview that what item you can list in our policies slab.

    ruchircomputers 08:31:37
    Reason please

    ruchircomputers 08:32:00
    Same answer,I have read all

    ruchircomputers 08:32:05
    Maybe more than you

    ruchircomputers 08:32:21
    I am asking which cluuse

    ruchircomputers 08:32:51
    If we prosecute somebody do we have to prove it or say punishable reason will not be given

    ruchircomputers 08:33:12
    No IPC,CrPC but you will be hanged

    ruchircomputers 08:33:38
    Have you heard in a democracy.Not talking of old Iraq

    Soumya R. 08:33:54
    Sorry we cannot disclose the reason.

    ruchircomputers 08:34:32
    That says anything,you are banning but not citing reason.Is that fair

    ruchircomputers 08:35:27
    Isn’t it itself is illegal that you are banning and not telling whose rules and which rule I have broken

    ruchircomputers 08:36:03
    Who is illegal,tell me dispassionately

    ruchircomputers 08:36:27
    I am ready for being prosecuted by FBI,tell me the reason

    ruchircomputers 08:36:55
    If no reason,accept you are illegal,only natural interpretation

    ruchircomputers 08:37:25
    Means Ebay,global and/or India

    ruchircomputers 08:38:03
    Prosecutor doesn’t have any proof,yet execution

    ruchircomputers 08:38:59
    I understand,dictatorship will also be there in some way or the other everyewhere in the world

    ruchircomputers 08:39:29
    Bye,if you have a reason and contact me in future,I will start respecting Ebay again

    ruchircomputers 08:39:41
    With reason at least

    ruchircomputers 08:39:54

    The chat session is being wrapped up

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