Lotto Shoes Tolosa Rs. 599, Navigator Rs. 738 – StarCJ

• Synthetic leather upper for exceptional comfort • Reinforced toe cap • Moulded EVA midsole for a great cushioned ride • Anti-abrasion rubber outsole with differentiated herringbone pattern is suited to all types of surface, it also provides excellent grip • Punto flex for correct flexion of the forefoot and optimal elastic return. • Lateral support • For all day long comfort.

Rs. 150 off on Rs. 500+ Coupon: 0634-752123

Buy Lotto Shoes: Tolosa Rs. 599 | Navigator Rs. 738

14 Responses to “Lotto Shoes Tolosa Rs. 599, Navigator Rs. 738 – StarCJ”

  1. PROBIR says:

    What are nice shoe.I want to buy it

  2. shreyans jain says:

    fake hai ye kahi nahi mil raha huh…. sir pid ho geya…

  3. shreyans jain says:

    ajey ji par ye shoes nahi hai….

  4. Ajeya says:

    Hi guys,

    I bought the lotto tolasa shoes from … The delivery was done as promissed . I have done only one purchase from them and I did not find any issues.

  5. shreyans jain says:

    waoo nice shoes. i will purchace how can i purchace this shoes..??

  6. shreyans jain says:

    nice shoes. i wil purchase net Rs.599 only

  7. Balvant.v.gohil says:

    Requirememt of tolosa shoes rs.599

  8. Jitender Singh says:

    Thanks Friends ,For Introducing me with Star CJ ,I am very Thankful to you.
    after reading your posts ,Now I will not purchase any thing from Star Cj and also
    will not suggest my friends……

  9. Ruchir Bansal says:

    @ SMI-That applies to all and everybody knows it.Not a point.Point is 80% and the type of problems will be different.Alexa rating highest in India among Ecommerce sites,2 notch better than of role model,most will say.Etc.NO COMPARISON HERE.
    2.There are many enemies of Flipkart but which site is hurt by StarCJ?????
    3.Whether issue was resolved is applicable to all.But if you see,most CJ buyers and most others complain only after almost exhausted.Most at CJ say directly that the support is terrible and that is the reason why they put the review.Flipkart service well you buy anything and ask a query,and see which class of people sits there.Unimaginable for an Indian company,Ebay is understandable.Whether after an year issue is resolved is not the question,the experience is.You can at the most look every comment critically.But reviews are more or less unbiased.
    4.And starcj well IMHO is good if you know its office and can visit directly if problems faced.

  10. Rahul says:

    @SaveMoneyIndia : Maybe u can see the time but it isn’t visible to me and even if its 12.29am the website should have some stock for sale, i guess they only have 1-2 piece in stock which gets over in 1-2hrs.

  11. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Ruchir Bansal: People are more likely to post review when they have bad experience. Also we don’t know if the issue was resolved or not. Even FlipKart has only 32% 5 star rating.

    Rahul: 12:29AM! (move mouse over date)

  12. vikas says:

    true…..i had this experience…instead of lotto they can send you lattu shoes

  13. Rahul says:

    What kind of post is dis? It has been posted today(20th Sept) & when i tried purchasing early in the morning at 9am it shows “SOLD OUT”. All products shows as Sold Out on this website.

  14. Ruchir Bansal says:

    Amazing luring but apparently a fraud site.
    80% customers say it is a cheater.Out of 55 Pages.Big sample space.Startling.Maybe Indian company record after Reliance,ADAG.
    The type of complaints is unique,which I never found with other cheater paying for something else and getting something else,like lunch box.Halving the quantity purchased,missing gifts,defective products from day one etc.
    One should have a luck of Shahrukh,Amitabh B to be among st 18% who rated 5 star.
    Not able to muster courage to buy these terrific shoes at 499.Has anybody had practical experience with starcj.
    Pattern-Big companies are more brazen-like Reliance,Bagittoday,Starcj etc except maybe Homeshop18 etc.

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