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lucys-secretHomeShop18 is selling Lucy’s Secret 2 Bras & 2 Panties for Rs. 315. Features bra helps enhance your silhouette & panty is styled with soft elastic that ensures perfect fit.

50% off on Rs. 500+ Coupon: DCKC51BPTY9V

Buy: Lucy’s Secret Bra & Panty Set (Scroll down, buy 2 sets. Rs. 315 x 2 – 50% off.)

5 Responses to “Lucy’s Secret 2 Bras & 2 Panties Rs. 315 – HomeShop18”

  1. Ruchir says:

    @Raj-Good P.J.You also looks watch Comedy Circus.Its main writer is Raj too.Better than the first one.Wait-looks you have decoded the first joke,OK and 12 is unfairly ……Such a bad joke that cannot be decoded easily.Worst joke of 2013 so far

  2. Raj says:

    barah panthis(12:35)

  3. soni singh says:

    not comfortable. its pocket is too much small.
    if u have small b__bs it’s right choice but if big then it’s not…….

  4. Ruchir says:

    Indispensable dressing.If the above comment does not amount to anything,it is deemed inappropriate and exposes a certain mindset arguably found frequently unfortunately in India,

  5. Bra pantys says:

    I hope that you all know what that means lol

    hint : santa banta

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