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maggi_tomato_soupsShopClues has Maggi Rich Tomato Soup Pack of 3 for Rs. 68. Features made using Nestle’s new and patented granulation based technology that allows them to retain the freshness of key ingredients, giving you that extra zing of taste.

Coupon: SCMN39

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13 Responses to “Maggi Rich Tomato Soup Pack of 3 Rs. 68 – ShopClues”

  1. Sunny says:

    Live Again (27 Oct, Sunday Flea)

    MRP= Rs 120
    Deal Price:Rs.53
    Shipping Charge : Rs.29

    Total = Rs 82

    Use Coupon Code : SC1MS53

  2. Srinath says:

    maggi soup taste is not good…buy knor for the best taste

  3. Sunny says:

    it has validity till June/Aug,2014 (12 months), shipping does not matter in Rs 68

  4. kartik says:

    shippping price is near the price of the product now these days.. shopclues is making people fool… shipping charges 19rs tak to fir bhi thik tha in jaw droping deal, but ab jaw droping deal me hi shipping 29-34 hai to normal me to sock k bhi darr lagta hai…. shopclues ne pehle customers bnae, aur ab bhagane me lga hai

  5. DINESH says:

    keep crying …… I bought it :-)

  6. Harsh says:

    Poor deal.Shipping too high.
    Not worth buying

  7. karan says:

    too good a deal, thanks sc placed for three

  8. kailash kher says:

    Rs.60 for 3 packs of knorr soups at reliance fresh stores.

  9. Dr Pranit says:

    Not worth..
    Shipping charge toooooo much.
    courier service charges only 9/- & earning extra 20/-

  10. onlinbuyer says:

    Shopclues is selling only fake products now.

  11. shobhit says:

    abey arnab lena hai toh lele varna mat le

  12. Vinay T says:

    I remember getting maggi tomato soup. Not sure if this one, but it tasted like rasam.

  13. Arnab says:

    shipping cost of Rs 29 is very high……

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