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maggi-kitContent: Maggi 2-Minute Masala Noodles 70gm Pack of 12, Maggi 2016 Calendar, Maggi Fridge Magnet, Maggi Card, Maggi Welcome Back Letter.

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58 Responses to “Maggi Welcome Kit Rs. 144 – SnapDeal”

  1. Vaibhav says:

    Taste is changed significantly. Not liking it now..

  2. Ajay says:

    Snapdeal is pakka Chor. Pehle shipping kyu liya jab baad main free hi karna tha. 25 rs. ke liye chindigiri. Snapdeal chindichor.

  3. CHIRAG says:

    Welcome back Meggi, Our Kids really missing you…

  4. Suresh says:

    Ordered one quantity,now they give free shipping

  5. Anonymous says:

    Go learn english, we did not understand what he said and your explanation is absurd.

  6. Abhay Goyal says:

    Hi Ganesh,

    I would like to answer your question.

    Q. one pack costs 10 rs, so 12 pack will cost 120.
    Why should we buy the same for 144 rs ?

    A. As per your knowledge/assumption there are 10 packets in the welcome kit. However, if you check carefully, apparently there are 12 packets.
    So, as per revised calculation.

    One pack cost 12 rs , so 12 pack will cost 12 * 12= 144


  7. vinay says:

    jisko khana h khao… jise ni khana wo UNGLI mat kro

  8. Adi says:

    I have ordered it for 144 but they have charged 25 as shipping = 169. Snapdeal you guys are true CHOR

  9. KaranKD says:

    Anonymous would only eat patanjali maggi cause they are padhe likhe bewakoofs

  10. AMIT GARG says:

    @ Tej , I did not get any rs 100 for maggie order

  11. Anonymous says:

    Dont eat maggi if given for free
    But indians will always remain bewakuf as all tym n will eat maggi

  12. adesh says:

    Mahangi ho gyi maggi
    Oolloo bnawing and all are ready

  13. lilio says:

    what are the uses of freerecharge wallet?

  14. Rajesh says:

    i cancelled my order due to same price thing and the delivery charge.and now i received this 100rs mail.bad luck to me.

  15. Tej says:

    To all the people who says its not a better deal!!

    The offer was for 144 rs + 25 shipping
    Once your order is confirmed they are sending an email stating that you would receive 100 rupees to your Freecharge account so the total price goes down to !! rupees 69!!!

    Its a Awesome deal!!

  16. aNIKET says:

    Best Deal—

    Snapdeal – Maggi 12*12+Gifts Worth 20 to 25+ Free Home deliver (COD available) @144
    Local Malls/Superstore/Market- 12*10(they take 10 rupees)+NO GIFTS+Your Time & Labour @120

    Choose the better choice for buying .. not better brand to eat, Maggi is the best . Eating since 4Years

  17. krishnareddy says:

    how about shipping charges?

  18. kanika says:

    maggie is always be of Rs. 12 per packet.. if consumers are not aware pls be updated.. snapdeal is selling the product on MRP only.. there is no extra cost been charged by snapdeal… and freebies are just the free gifts which is an add on benefits to cust…

  19. HARISH says:

    I had already mentioned the contents of freebies on 12-nov. it was waste of time and money

  20. Amit says:

    Please dont buy since its no Profit Deal. Packets they are giving us are of 12Rs only i.e 12Nos X 12Rs = 144Rs which we can get even in more cheaper price in any Super mall.

    When I called snapdeal for taking back the Order those Morons are saying that we cannot return it back as its agains our Policy so I asked them to show the policy and they said Sorry we cannot return is the last decision. Morons they have prepared Special box and on it its clearly mentioned that Log on to for return replace track and cancel and now they are saying no we cannot return you.

  21. Aditya says:

    Shit freebies. One Calendar which has so small dates I have to look closely to get the date.. one postcard with maggi on front side.. whom are we going to send this postcard to ? One sticker kind of thing,, which I am still not sure how and where to use that.

    Giving the product on MRP.. local stores have atleast with some discount. Waste of money. False propaganda.. do not buy .. if u like maggi… buy from local store/market

  22. Shiva says:

    You can get it for better price in the wholesale market. it is waste of time buying from SNAPDEAL and the freebies are not worthy. This sale is nothing but Gimmick. Please guys, keep away from this deal.

  23. krishnareddy says:

    144+25=169rs .. y it so ?

  24. Uziel says:

    Got today, the freebies is name sake useless, can buy from online store like bigbasket at 10%, here its a wste of time. anyways will enjoy the maggi not the freebies.

  25. manish says:

    Today i have recd my welcome kit of maggi, It contains only 12 packet of maggi ,small table calender ,one small maggi sticker & no other freebies.

    Don’t Waste your Time in Preregistration. Its only maggi at mrp & no other gift or discount.Actually i am expecting some toy or game for child with kit but there is no freebies as per hype created by maggi & snapdeal.

    Not expected this from nestle.

  26. Piyush says:

    Welcome kit doesn’t contain only Maggi bt also contains 4/5 thing in that kit

  27. sachin says:

    Those who says indian things is not good i think they are not good .

  28. Shivam says:

    Bhai log there is nothing harmful in maggi.
    If u r checking for harmul substaces.
    Then first check ur daily vegetables.
    They are more harmful than this.
    Bcoz now a days vegetables areg grown
    With harmful pesticides.

  29. Rk says:

    Thiyagaraz, if you think desi namkeens are good quality. Thn don’t advise us, consult a doc, check your brain. Global companies are 100000000000000 times better than desi shitty companies. I prefer global, and m proud of it. Keep your feku and his advise with you

  30. qwerty says:

    lol, what a petty,idiots who are crying about our economy and blah blah blah.
    i was also inspired with all those s@itty logic about indian economy& blah blah and purchased a micromax mobile and it was in service center from past 4 months and still no clue about it, either they will return it or not.
    this is the standard of indian companies , similarly food and beverage companies use low standard and crap product that why people prefer global brand.
    and what should i prefer first,indian economy or ultilising my hard earn money :/
    and yeah ON YOGA DAY THE MATS USED BY MODI & all,on lal kila was imported & are made in china. bcz i think there is no good mats in india, feku & its sarkar.
    stay on topic

  31. manish says:

    i have paid online but cod option is also available

  32. sumit says:

    @manish have you made online payment or cash on delivery ?

  33. manish says:

    I ordered 1 kit & wanted to order another but it says in 7 min , sale is over.Lets see what will come in freebies

  34. Harish says:

    Only a table top calendar and fridge magnate as freebies and nothing special… I m not going to purchase this welcome kit…

  35. anonymous says:

    Well said thiyagaraj

  36. Thiyagaraj says:

    Goli-soda factory stopped becoz of these foreign cool drinks

  37. Thiyagaraj says:

    Local desi namkeen items have disappeared from my village-town becoz of these infiltrated Lays,Maggi,chips etc. Royalty money goes to foreign countries for these and also aerated branded drinks affecting our economy and employment. Also these chemical filled carcinogens permanently change human genes in society including friends and relatives.So how can one say “jisko khana hai khao”"

  38. Rk says:

    Ram dev and his patanjali are useless. Only idiots buy them. Now I get it, why Maggie is banned, because our so called digital government want to sell useless products like patanjali. Welcome back Maggie, without you my breakfast is boring.

  39. kishore says:

    Hello… 70grams means very very less quantity. The original cost of the packet is only 8-10rs. Then y u charge 144 for 120. And publishing like a Great offer to mame peoples fools. encourage these type of deals & banned products leads to loss of Snapdeal reputation. I don’t know how people r purchasing like hot cakes. After receiving the product surely u people will Realize.

  40. priya says:

    had it been of bad quality or harmful it wud not have returned. nd btw it was never banned anywhere except india that too coz of some people like the ones who wanted to promote their product.. mark my words Maggie has no competition its simply the BEST.
    no one will succeed in putting it down.
    returned on diwali. burai (some stupids who led to the ban) pe aachai (maggie was always nd always will be best ) ki jeet

  41. Varinder Mittal says:

    @priya dont trying to be oversmart here. Everyone knows what is the effect of eating noodles. Its a choice of ur weather to buy ir not. Pls dor argue on qality of this product just comment abt deal like it or not

  42. priya says:

    ganesh biggest here on one side he wants to buy @120 nd in other comment he said “” jnko khana hain khaye, dusron ko na gyaan de.”" such a jerk he is

  43. priya says:

    if maggie is non veg (as per ashish) then patanjali ki noodles contains poison

  44. priya says:

    i love Maggie jisko nhi khani tym kyu waste kar rhe ho iss page pe :/

  45. Anonymous says:

    Ganesh… TO tu kyu marva rha idhar…
    pintajli ka chamcha

  46. palash says:

    Itna hi health ki care h to jakar vegetables khao,yaha kyo comment kar rho h. everyone is here know what is harmful and what is not.

  47. Ganesh says:

    Idiots, jnko khana hain khaye, dusron ko na gyaan de.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Lol … Ramdev Ke chele!
    maggie was never harmful !! and bC anpad log ! noodles mein bhi healthy chithe dhudn rahe hein…

    Ganesh bhai ! tu to rehne hi de

  49. qwerty says:

    lovely but nothing special in welcome kit,so useless offer by snapdeals.

  50. ASHISH says:

    1) HARMFUL


  51. Anonymous says:

    Acidifying agent (330), Mineral (Potassium chloride), Flavour enhancer (635), Colour (150d) and Raising agent (500(ii))

    Can they prove above have no side effects?

  52. Piyush says:

    Welcome back Maggi ???

  53. ram says:

    wax in noodles is a myth and false propaganda. But price is increased

  54. Hemalatha says:

    Instant noodles are always harmful please avoid all waxed over processed food go organic

  55. Lakhan Lal says:

    Abhi kya guaranty hai ki yeh health ke liye sahi hai

  56. sonujs says:

    @Ganesh, bhai ji.. Maggi new MRP is Rs.12…
    20% increased in price due to recover so called loss.

  57. Jagadeesh Sivapuram says:

    west deal. we can buy same thing out side market less then sanp deal price.

  58. Ganesh says:

    one pack costs 10 rs, so 12 pack will cost 120.
    Why should we buy the same for 144 rs ?

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