Men’s Clothing 80% off or more from Rs. 44 – Amazon

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30% off Promotional Code: ADDMEN30 (in step Delivery & Payment > scroll down > Apply a Promotional Code)

Buy: Men’s Clothing (under Today’s Lightning Deals click < or > & Add to Cart)

Good Buys: (after Promotional Code)
GoBahamas Boxer worth Rs. 449 for Rs. 44
Udankhatola Boxer worth Rs. 499 for Rs. 49
Smugglerz Inc Boxers worth Rs. 499 for Rs. 99
Smugglerz Inc T-Shirt worth Rs. 699 for Rs. 139
Macroman Boxer worth Rs. 385 for Rs. 193
Puma T-Shirt worth Rs. 999 for Rs. 199
Puma T-Shirt worth Rs. 1299 for Rs. 259
Puma T-Shirt worth Rs. 1999 for Rs. 399

9 Responses to “Men’s Clothing 80% off or more from Rs. 44 – Amazon”

  1. suresh says:

    the ADDMEN30 coupon is giving 30% discount..
    People here posting that they getting products for less..
    plz help out.

    Ex: Puma T-Shirt worth Rs. 499 for Rs. 199 is the post.
    Actually it showing Rs. 349 in site.

  2. fi says:

    Buy Ruggers Trouser @255. Dnt know the quality. JUST Trust on Amazon.

  3. Abhishek says:

    American Swan T-Shirt worth Rs. 1499 for Rs. 224 >> Final price is 524.65

  4. abhi says:

    Great job SMI!!

  5. rohan says:

    Bhai kisine freecultr wali li

  6. rohan says:

    Got 3

  7. shravan says:

    Thank You Smi Got 2 t-Shirts @0/- he he And Thanks To Amazon If It Delivers The T-Shirts ?

  8. Bk says:

    Got one at price of 0, lets see if i get it delivered or not.
    Thanks SMI.

  9. harsh says:

    Got one @0… Hurray!!

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