Mi Rs. 1 Flash Sale

mi-flash-sale• The flash sale will be held on mi.com/in at 2pm and 6pm on the 3rd, 4th and 5th November.
• Users are eligible for the flash sale only if the promotion from mi.com/in/ has been shared via Facebook/Twitter between 10am 28th Oct to 4pm 5th Nov.
• To be eligible users need to share the promotion 2 hours prior to the flash sale. i.e 2pm and 6pm during 3rd-5th November.
• Sharing the promotion once via Facebook/Twitter will be sufficient for users to be eligible for all the flash sales held between 3rd to 5th November.
• Warranty service are not applicable for products sold during the flash sale at Rs. 1.

Website: Mi | Terms & Conditions

39 Responses to “Mi Rs. 1 Flash Sale”

  1. Ritika says:

    Bullshit… waste of time and bandwidth. everything is always out of stock ( acessories), not just in this particular sale but otherwise too. go for amazon or paytm.

  2. aaa says:

    onces again mi fools every one at 6 oclock sale

  3. gurjit thind says:


  4. swan says:

    Haahaa the mi people tried to fool the Indian people using cheap publicity. But now-a-days every Indian know how hopeless all the mi products are.
    And this Rs.1/- campaign has put a negative effect, now they are hated by even those who thought of buying any mi-product at all!
    MI, now you’ve turned Ullu ka Thullu :D :D :D

  5. umesh says:

    Dear Indians
    Boycott the Chinese Company… they want to make fool us fool by such of deals.. I have tried 4 times as soon count down begins … and click on buy now within nano second (10 time less than a sec).. but each time I found a running boy for 30 sec and after that final msg SOLD OUT.. they want hit on there app and earning from that but we are getting nothing

  6. murtaza says:

    Got a mi band yeah???

  7. Prince says:

    Got a USB fan :)

  8. raviraj says:

    ollu banaya bada maza aaya! :)
    FACk offer.

  9. prem says:

    fake offer i have ever seen in my life,
    product got out of stock with in a second of starting of sale. very bad

  10. Gaurav says:

    Ya i support to manz comment, waise hi Chinese product 1rs wala pakka defective hoga tabhi usme warrenty bhi nhi de raha hai…

  11. Amber says:

    bhai sach mein manz i was planning to buy mi powerbank but now i will buy any other company’s PB but mi ka to bilkul bi nai lunga

  12. manz says:

    Dear Indian, if you have any sense and not fools, Boycott all mi products. Promise never to buy anything from mi company.
    But you won’t, because you are real fools. :P

  13. Amber says:

    kuch nai sab bakwas hai …jiase hi button buy now mein change hua , waitlisting me aa gaya main fir product sold out and BOOM>>>wait for the next sale …

  14. manz says:

    Ullu ka thullu :D :D

  15. mangesh says:

    fake deal..
    nothing was there..wasted my time

  16. Artificial Genius says:

    Ye log to Flipkart ke bhi baap nikle
    Hats off

  17. rohit says:

    bana dala sabko

  18. vikram says:

    FACK h sb .raju to such bol rh ya tu bhi

  19. dev raj says:

    kuch nahi milta 1rupee me sab BABA JI GNTA HI MIL SKTA HI BHAI LOGO

  20. ashi says:

    as soon as countdown ends it displayed OUT OF STOCK
    MI cheated us. By giving a fake offer.
    Very bad MI

  21. raju says:

    i got it mi band rs 1 happpe

  22. Kranthi says:

    MI Fake deal

  23. Kalyan says:

    What product is that kept for sale

  24. RaJ says:

    sabko bana raha…

  25. SANTOSH says:

    start hone se pehle hi out of stock ho gaya.

  26. S says:

    Fake. deal over before start :P :P :P

  27. Vineet says:

    sold out in 10sec

  28. SV says:

    How to share?

  29. aNIKET says:

    previoursly i got mi band @1 at 4th april sale.. hope my luck will be with me this time also.. thanks SMI

  30. apoorva sinha says:

    i think there is no delivery in kerala.anybody please let me know how can i get the prouct in kerala..any idea please help me…

  31. gurjit thind says:

    Baat mein wajan nhi hai
    Pehle BHI ek baad yeh health watch ka drama kr chuke Hain MI wale
    Milne wala sirf BABA JI KA THULLU

  32. Rahul sam says:

    @ashish bhai.. Leave it.. Ye logon ko paison ka bahut kadar.. He.. ?1rupee bhi soch samahj k kharch large he..:D

  33. Ashish says:

    Abhijai lekin 1rs mein de rahe hai aur upar se woh sripad terms n conditions padhne ko bol raha hai

  34. Raj says:

    guys quantity limited h means you would have only few no of items and they are promoting their campaign through unlimited users..
    use your mind no will get products except 10 20 people

  35. Harsh says:

    Dekho kya hota hai… Register to kar Diya Hu..

  36. Abhijai says:

    RAHUL BETA TU TO AISE BOL RAHA HAI JAISE TUJHE Rs 1 me milne hi wala hai ye product… or agar kharab product milega to uska achchar daal k kha jana… :) :) q ki warrenty to milegi nhi

  37. T. Apu says:

    This is fake as their previous offers, nobody will get anything as before. These are now website policy for FREE Advertise in social media making people fool. If they were genuine, you need not have to advertise for them in Facebook/Twitter in free like a fool.

  38. Rahul sam says:

    Oye sripad tere ko ?1 me aur kya kya chahiye..

  39. sripad says:

    Warranty service are not applicable for products sold during the flash sale at ?1

    read Terms n conditions there clearly written about warranty not available
    looks like a scam for selling defective products

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