Microfiber Super Mitt Rs. 50 – YumeDeals

Microfiber Super Mitt is so comfortable to use and the elastic cuff means that there’s snug fit on your hand. It can be used either dry of damp. When dry, it will clean more effectively than traditional cloths because static charge from its fibers attracts the dust.  When damp, the fibers use capillary action to attract dirt and water.  The tiny fibers have micro-grooves which increase the surface area; meaning it’s like a magnet for dust, dirt and liquids.

Buy: Microfiber Super Mitt (Deal starts from 5th Dec 12AM)

2 Responses to “Microfiber Super Mitt Rs. 50 – YumeDeals”

  1. gaurang says:

    it is showing price 65/ while buying.

  2. krishan says:

    how it is ??????

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