Micromax MMX377G 3G Data Card Rs. 899 – Amazon

micromax-mmx377gAmazon has discounted Micromax MMX377G 3G Data Card to Rs. 899. Features Get all your content at the blink of an eye with the jaw dropping speeds of up to 14.4 MB’s per second, Upload all your files at 5.76 Mbps & let the world of the web, weave a whole new story!

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4 Responses to “Micromax MMX377G 3G Data Card Rs. 899 – Amazon”

  1. Ruchir says:

    These are becoming outdated.If u have Iphone,maybe Lumia x20 series and ICS,JB or Kitkat etc,you will have be better off by tethering phone conn via cable supplied or Bluetooth or WiFi.Lappy has BT and WiFi mostly.
    Saying as most don’t know how to connect but would save money and will be better as SIM in phone would make it doubly good.No need for 2 plans.Wired tethering without any app needed on PC is the best as it charges the phone as well more than discharging.Old Nokia phones did the reverse and discharging was more than the charge by the USB port and if 1 Access point,PC suite did the 2G even if plan was 3G.Some operators have same AP name 2G or 3G.Wi-Fi tethering new thing for Nokia,old for Android at least since Gingerbread.BT option is difficult without PC suite.
    And if u shut down PC,wired tethering would be auto off naturally.1300 is atrocious as some more will buy a decent ICS,JB having so many options for conn.No knowledge or advanced phone and data card is knocking then

  2. ska says:

    SMI.. offer doesn’t shows 8GB Samsung MicroSD Memory Card..! Is it not provided ?

  3. Santosh says:

    8GB Samsung MicroSD Memory Card

    not avilable

  4. Sharath Kumar G says:

    Thank you SMI. I was waiting for such kind of offers from a long time. Thank you very much.

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