Microsoft Lumia 430 + Rs. 919 PayTm Cashback + Rs. 3600 MobiKwik Cashback Rs. 5147 – PayTm

lumia-430Rs. 628 after Cashback (Rs. 5147 – Rs. 919 PayTm Cashback – Rs. 3600 MobiKwik Wallet Cashback = Rs. 628)

Features 4″ Touchscreen Display, 1.2GHz Dual Core Processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB Internal Memory Expandable upto 128GB, 2MP and 0.3MP Camera, 1560mAh Battery, Dual SIM & Windows 8.1.

1. Buy: Microsoft Lumia 430 + Rs. 919 PayTm Cashback Rs. 5147 (under more Sellers) – 12% Cashback Promo Code: GET18

2. Rs. 300 MobiKwik Cashback on Deposit of Rs. 300+, Once per Month for 12 Months: Terms & Conditions (Step 2 AFTER you receive Microsoft Lumia 430)

76 Responses to “Microsoft Lumia 430 + Rs. 919 PayTm Cashback + Rs. 3600 MobiKwik Cashback Rs. 5147 – PayTm”

  1. Swapnil says:

    what about those who used only one device and used 1 time only that device ??

  2. same says:

    Choir company.both Microsoft and mobikwik.never trust them.they looting public.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Karishma ka karishma

  4. Karishma says:

    some peoples looted mobikwik. redeem code more than once using same device. that’s why company stopped offer. now only for its employees.

  5. kk says:

    hey #ChorCompany mai kaam karti h, Karishma

  6. Devil says:

    Kk she’s stupid..or maybe it’s a guy..just forget it ???

  7. Karishma says:

    hey mr. kk
    Iam working in mobikwik
    so for mobikwik employees still offer works.
    How dare you to say nautanki shut up your mouth.

  8. kk says:

    Karishma stop ure nautanki…go somewhere else for doing dis kind of nautanki???

  9. Karishma says:

    received 10th time

  10. Arun says:

    Chor company ha mobikiwi

  11. charan shresti says:

    receiving below message…mobikwik is cheating public…we all should oppose….

    Dear User,

    This is to inform you that LUM300 Offer has been discontinued effective 19th Feb. If you are holding any Coupon Code for the above mentioned Offer, the same shall stand cancelled.

    Needless to say, you can continue to avail all other MobiKwik Wallet benefits as may be applicable.

    This communication is without prejudice to rights in relation to the termination and/or discontinuation of the said arrangement or any future proposal/offer/promotion. All MobiKwik features and offers are subject to terms and conditions as published on

    To review our detailed Terms and Conditions in relation to this action and some or all of the information that MobiKwik used to make its decision on the aforementioned matter, please visit

    We look forward to your continued patronage of MobiKwik.

    Best Wishes!
    MobiKwik Customer Support

  12. adesh says:

    March take mila .
    Ab April me nhi.

  13. anita says:

    Hey karishma, tell us how you got 9 times cashback from mobikwik.

  14. Karishma says:

    got 9th time

  15. Rtk says:

    Bhai kisi ko avi b cashback mil raha hai

  16. Mayankk says:

    Mobikwik is a chor company.they are not interested to give CB and trying to stop offers by showing their cheap T & C.
    Paytm always rocks.

  17. Dj says:

    redeemed today.

  18. ABCD says:

    Now mobikwik given new code when try to redeemLUM300. Successfully redeem new code and get 300rs. For Feb 2016.

  19. sripad says:

    @swapnil where u got that msg?
    to ur email
    to ur fb msg
    or, during promocode apply
    plz reply soon

  20. Swapnil says:

    I Recieved this message…

    we are glad to inform you that the issue has been fixed. Now, while adding money using LUM300 you will get a message with the right code to be redeemed in place of LUM300.Please use the new code to avail the benefit.Kindly share the error message if it does not work for you. Thanks!

  21. adesh says:

    Received cb 300
    Good n relaxed

  22. charan shresti says:

    Guys, mobikwik started cheating everyone…from Sep 15, i got the cash back and now they are playing with below reason…how come they given cash back all these days and now whats there problem…


    We understand that you are unable to use Promo Code LUM300.

    Apologies for the inconvenience.

    Please be informed that as per offer Terms and Conditions, only eligible user can use this Promo Code.

    Unfortunately, you are not eligible to redeem this Promo Code. It is due to below mentioned reasons:

    1. Using same Device for multiple MobiKwik accounts.
    2. Using same Card on multiple MobiKwik accounts.
    3. Not availed the offer within the offer period Aug-Nov15.
    4. Have taken it more than once in a previous months by any fraudulent activities.
    5. Taken it on a different device than the eligible ones.

    PS: Please read Terms and Conditions carefully, to make sure you are eligible for the offer.

    Thank you for being a valued MobiKwik customer.

    Best Wishes!
    Team MobiKwik

  23. Rons says:

    Add 300 without code from windows app and then contact Mobikwik support through Twitter (Direct message), so they will add 300 CB. I got 300 CB today.

  24. Nani says:

    @charan I got 300rs without using code. First tell your problem in facebook message box and they will solve within hours. they ask your register mail id and then they will says add 300 rs after adding they add 300rs from their end.

  25. charan says:

    Till dec 15 i received the cash back but today its not accepting…invalid code…whats happening here…please help som eone…

  26. Himanshu says:

    Invalid kyu ara h

  27. ahad says:

    Coupon showing invalid. What now?

  28. kamlesh says:

    Dear friend mobikwik on Twitter..n they will give another code individual

  29. Prince says:

    Redeemed successfully LUM300 On December,1, 2015. Also transferred money to another wallet using on android as well as website.

  30. akki says:

    Hi Ankit, I tried but it show error message “Coupon code invalid”

  31. Ankit says:

    Didn’t Get offer in December.

    Did Anyone got (LUM300)…?

  32. Malla reddy says:

    Don’t worry u can send it any account but don’t use the new account in any other device

  33. madhu says:

    can i send the money to my old mobikwik account (android)? i have sent.. any prob?

  34. R2Rak says:

    Thanks ABCD! Yes, terms and conditions about using the fund is not clear, so we should take utmost care to get scheme benefits.

  35. ABCD says:

    we logout the mobikwik id.
    But Dont login another mobikwik id in this device.
    Dont use same debit card for another mobikwik account to get banefit.
    Dont login this mobikwik id from android device.

    In window app we cannot transfer money to Bank.

    We use money on web to buy something from other site like ebay,pepperfry,groupon,PVR,book my show etc.But this is not mention anywhere in conditions .So you can use this on your risk.Safer side is to use this from only window app For recharge.

  36. R2Rak says:

    Thanks All for sharing valuable information. Can we pay accumulated fund via web? or do we need to pay using app only? Is it possible to transfer fund to bank?


  37. Dj says:

    You can logout i tried it even you can reset your mobile i already did that no prob.

  38. Dj says:

    You can use a different sim no issue but remember you may require that sim in future so keep that sim carefully and alive.

  39. bulu says:

    offers Khatam Naa Hone tak Ye Mobile Se Logout mat kar na.
    Warna Mobikwik ko Mouka Mil jayega 300 Naa Deneka.

  40. madhudj says:

    @Dj RK, ,ABCD…Thanx for all ur support… succesfuly rechared for second time… but my last question… wat wil hapen if i remove the new sim and put another sim to the mobile now (after recharging second time)…? will the offer continues? or will it just ask the otp to rchr again? or the lum300 coupon wont work? Thank u…

  41. Dj says:

    @madhu next calendar month.

  42. ABCD says:

    @Madhu You have to add 300rs. for continuous 12 calendar months.

  43. madhu says:

    guys please suggest me how and when to recharge for the second time… after 30days or the next calender month?

  44. Naveen says:

    Please suggest me how to redeem for the second month. please help me.

  45. dj says:

    You need new sim just to create a new mobikwik wallet and you can use your old used credit or debit card.

    Guys Any good deal for lumia 430??
    Now prices are really high.

  46. R2Rak says:

    I have received my Lumia 430. Before proceeding with Mobikwik Account creation, I would like to make sure following point. As suggested in this thread, we need to create brand new mobikwik account from Lumia 430 using new card (number which is not used before with Mobikwik or do we need new sim card?). My guess is number which is not used before but would like to make sure. Any input will be highly appreciated.


  47. shubham says:

    How to redeem 2nd time..?
    As I redeem it first time on 26 Sep… Now October started..nd my coupn is not working.. Will it work on 26 ?? If yes then what is the validity after 26 if I forgot to redeem it.?

  48. Shanky says:

    use same account continuously for 12 months don’t create any new.

  49. VIPUL PATEL says:

    kya hame 12 months tak every month reedim k liye naya account banana hoga ya free ek bar hi banayenge vo chalega

  50. Shanky says:

    Thanx @Dj mobilumia is still running or expired??

  51. Dj says:

    yes but you have to create a new mobikwik wallet on that lumia device.

  52. Shanky says:

    what if someone already redeem mobilumia offer of 200 cash back for 5 months!!! will they also redeem this offer??

  53. Dj says:

    no problem.

  54. kk says:

    Is there any problems by using same debit card which has been used earlier in Mobikwik in other offer?

  55. Dj says:

    i am using my old card which i am using since 1 year in all recharge sites like freecharge, mobikwik and paytm.

  56. nikunj shah says:

    Got 3 phone and now my electricity bill of 1000 is roughly free for 12 months.

  57. RK says:

    I don’t have rupay debit card, so I can’t say exactly. But I think it not works because I don’t see rupay card option

  58. RK says:

    You can use the debit card which is used in paytm. But you can’t used the debit card which is used in mobikwik before

  59. Ram says:

    can i make id from any window mobile and i will apply coupon on lumia 535?

  60. madhu says:

    guys can anyone tell me if i use the debit card which is used already in paytm but not this offer wull i get cashback…? i have new sim and this mobile but alteady in paytm used debit card… will i get cashback?

  61. joy says:

    It will take 7 to 9 days to deliver

  62. JK says:

    Guys in how many days paytm will send the product and when cash back will be added because I have already ordered since 3 days.

  63. madhu says:

    @Rk i have a debit card which used in paytm but not used this offer now i hav new sim shaal use the same debit card…?

  64. Eldho Jose says:

    @RK Is the windows app of mobikwik Support Rupay Card ??

  65. rambabu Kumar says:

    Nice offer

  66. RK says:

    @Dj, I have two cards. Dont use same card. They will block the account.

  67. Dj says:

    you have 2 cards for 2 mobile or will you use 1 card on both mobiles??

  68. RK says:

    Bought two lumia 430 for this offer. Sold old 435. Us 435 pei v redbus aur paytm ka offer pura use kar liya.

  69. amar says:

    Iske liye new sim and new card Hona chaiye jo mobikwik pe use na hua ho

  70. ART says:

    It’s a good offer, you need to refill your wallet with Rs300/- every month and in return you get Rs600/- in the wallet applicable 12 times, once every month. I tried using the promo code lum300 in my lumia 535 phone using my old mobikwik userid in the mobikwik app(Which i downloaded for the first time) and it didn’t work. I guess it need a new userid.

  71. mayankk says:

    @ narendra abe pagal 15.11.15 date hai na ki 15.11.14

  72. narendra says:

    yadi aapke paas lumia mobile h to aap mobikwik app par 300 rs wallet me add karne par copun me lum300 dalne par 300 extra yani 600rs pure 12 mah tak milenge lekin wo kewal 15.11.14 ke pahle wale ac par hi milenge

  73. Sumit K says:

    we can avail Rs. 300 Mobikwik cashback on Rs. 300 for 12 months.

  74. prakash says:

    what is the offer explain briefly please

  75. Richesj says:

    Good offer

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