MobiKwik Kwik Loyalty Club

kwik-loyalty-club• Earn more Cashback on adding money and spending more & more via MobiKwik.
• Get additional Rs. 60 Cashback on doing 10 transactions worth Rs. 600 or more in a month.
• Assured monthly Cashback on maintaining an Average Monthly Wallet Balance (AMWB) of Rs. 5000 or more as follows: AMWB of Rs. 5k-10k – Rs. 25 Cashback, AMWB of Rs. 10k-20k – Rs. 50 Cashback, AMWB of Rs. 20k-40k – Rs. 100 Cashback, AMWB of Rs. 40k-75k – Rs. 200 Cashback, AMWB of Rs. 75k-1lac – Rs. 400 Cashback.
• Both offers are exclusive and are applicable for all users who fulfill any of the 2 conditions.
• Average monthly balance is calculated as the sum of your closing wallet balance daily divided by total count of days in the month.
• Loyalty Cashbacks will be credited in users MobiKwik wallet by the 5th of every subsequent month.

MobiKwik: Kwik Loyalty Club

10 Responses to “MobiKwik Kwik Loyalty Club”

  1. p says:

    paytm payment bank coming in August…

  2. viji says:

    waste of money

  3. kalesha says:

    y to maintain 1L in u r wallet its better to maintain in any bank they give 6%+ of interest…simply fooling people & u people making good investment from us …what an idea sarjee…!

  4. R2 says:

    After their success with LUM300 fraud, they are more confident that they can suck more customers in their pathetic offers.

  5. abc says:

    Rs.60 cashback on doing 10 transactions each worth Rs.600 or more means (10*600 = 6000), 1% cashback … Ohhh God.

  6. ani says:

    Fake site… If this offer given by paytm thn we trust on him.. But mobikwik is a big cheater… Dnt add money

  7. Satya says:

    Bored of mobikwik…even they don’t give cashback for which we apply promo

  8. HamZa says:

    Trust Mobikwik for coming up with the most pathetic offers.

  9. R2 says:

    Hahaha ! Loyalty offer from a disloyal company! Don’t trust MobiKwik…

  10. abc says:

    Ex: IF we maintain 10000 total month we will get 25 rupees very worst worst offer. No one interest only 0.25% giving .

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