MobiKwik Wallet 15% Cashback – MobiKwik

mobikwikMobikwik Wallet can be used to Recharge your phones, pay your bills & buy stuff.

Website Offer – 15% Cashback Promo Code: XMASOFFER (Max Cashback Rs. 50. Valid till 2nd Jan.)
Android App Offer – 10% Cashback on Rs. 100+ Promo Code: MILLIONCLUB (Max Cashback Rs. 50. Valid till 31st Dec.)

Steps: 1. Sign in to MobiKwik. 2. Add money to Wallet. 3. Redeem Promo on Dashboard.

Website: Mobikwik (scroll down to download App) | MobiKwik Facebook (offer details)

48 Responses to “MobiKwik Wallet 15% Cashback – MobiKwik”

  1. bimal says:

    is this offer working today????????????

  2. lokesh says:

    offer will be closed jan 02 2014 then how possible to recharge jan 05 2014

  3. bimal says:

    is this offer working?????????????????

  4. rahul says:

    i have added 300 but did not got any cash back

  5. himanshu says:

    use miltiple id’s for repeated discount, but one credit card can be attached to two accounts only…but still no problem a payment of rs 199 can be made for every account with single you can save( 2 accounts*50+ >2 accounts*30)

  6. Ajit Gupta says:

    Guys Its working perfectly on web PC.
    I have received Rs. 50 after recharge of Rs 350/- within 10 minutes.

  7. shub says:

    it definately work from PC….

  8. viv says:

    tnx alotz dude..i mk sure dt it wud work..

  9. shub says:

    @viv. …dude apply cupoun from website….yesterday me not get but when I read mobiwik blog and apply cuopon from PC then we get 50 rs cashback on 350rs……..

    cupoun will work on website not on android app….open mobikwik from PC and then there is a option below add cash where u apply cupoun….

  10. Nikhil says:

    Can I use both coupons for same account?
    One from android app and one through web?

  11. ajk says:

    Does coupon code redemption occurs after adding money. Because when i am adding money there is no option for coupon

  12. Vaibhav says:

    GET 380 from 330

  13. Mahendra Singh says:

    is it one time offer for an account?

  14. karthik says:

    I got 45 Rs cash back added to my wallet money for 300 its working thanks smi.

  15. Srinath says:

    thanks smi got 50rs extra :-)

  16. him says:

    worked for me guys got 50 cashback :)

  17. viv says:

    the same problem with me dude @shubh.
    help smi.

  18. shub says:

    me not get cash back……..after sing in from mobiwik app when I add 350 rs then after cupoun applied it shows null….help

  19. sahitya says:

    it is working for existing accounts also…..

  20. nabas says:

    Done successfully

  21. Thariq says:

    I got 45 Rs cash back added to my wallet money for 300 its working

  22. Rahul says:

    I have taken this offer of my existing account and it worked fine. Recharged for 350 and got Rs 50 extra. Thanks SMI

  23. Amit Srivastava says:

    Thanks save money india, keep to post this types of offer up.
    I got Rs. 50 two time for 2 accounts..

  24. Ramana says:

    I received 50 Rs cashback on 330 Rs transaction (added money to the wallet). Cool offer.

  25. varun says:

    i tried on my existing account and it worked
    im hoping it works for new ones too though im not very sure

  26. shub says:

    on new or existing accont

  27. varun says:

    Guys got 50 cash back on adding 350 to wallet via web
    1. add money to ur wallet
    2. once money is added to ur wallet, redeem coupon code.
    this offer is valid for already existing users as well


  28. Lalit says:

    facing same issue…
    problem with ZAAKPAY..
    not able to add money with cards…use internet banking

  29. IKRAM says:

    thanks got cash back 50 on 350

  30. balaji says:

    looks like some porblem with zaakpay.. anyone facing issue?? thanks

  31. viv says:

    wtf..nthng has come

  32. balaji says:

    even desktop site is faster. i like it. thanks

  33. Sukhwinder says:

    Got cash back Rs 45 by adding 300 to wallet from my existing account

  34. bimal says:

    is their any offer for Symbian mobile like 20% cash back??????????????

  35. Raja says:

    Vishnu, Did you get any cash back in your old account prior to this cashback?

  36. vishnu says:

    it workd for my old accnt too…….:)

  37. vishnu says:

    is this for new customers only?

  38. Vaibhav says:

    GET rs 50 on 500. Thnx SMi.

  39. Deva says:

    I get 20 Rs cashback added wallet money 200 its working

  40. ashish garg says:


  41. niks says:

    Really its faster than paytm…

  42. Arjun says:

    This works flawlessly. Just recharged for Rs. 500 and got a cashback of Rs. 50 immediately. Best app for mobile recharge!

  43. niks says:

    Its working guys.
    Thanks smi.
    First add money to wallet then redeem cashback By applying coupon code.
    I got 50rs. Cashback on 500rs. Instantly.

  44. ashish says:


  45. lavish says:

    Dis is the best app for mobile recharge

  46. upendra sharma says:

    service is very poor

  47. Shahid khan says:

    Thanks SMI for info and thnks to mobikwik got my 50 rs. Yipeeee

  48. Rahul says:

    got Rs.50 using my two account on 2 phones. Don’t do 2 transactions using one single phone, u will get cashback on 1st acc but not on 2nd. :)

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