MobiKwik Wallet Rs. 20 Cashback on Deposit of Rs. 10

mk20Valid from 5:30PM till 6PM on June 15.
• Add money in MobiKwik Wallet using only your Credit or Debit Card.
• Applicable only on MobiKwik App.
• Cashback redeemable only once per MobiKwik User/Wallet.
• Mobikwik Wallet can be used to recharge, pay bills & buy products.

Rs. 20 Cashback on Rs. 10+ Promo Code: 10KA30

Download: MobiKwik App | Terms & Conditions

134 Responses to “MobiKwik Wallet Rs. 20 Cashback on Deposit of Rs. 10”

  1. Pankaj says:

    Time zyada ni de diya inhone next tym kam dena mobikwik walo varna zyada log recharge kar lenge.. Lol

  2. ashish says:

    Did not even work in WiFi saying “no connection” , “connection timed out” ,… Bla bla.. Hopeless mobikwik.. Just trying to earn more traffic at a limited time

  3. Harish says:


  4. vijay says:

    Mobikwik sucks,i done it on 5.50pm,it says network issues,waste 1/2 an hour offer

  5. raksh says:

    not working says invalid code

  6. MUSTAFA says:

    Yes,I got it…
    IN 6 mobile

  7. Darsh says:

    Got it this time around…Nice offer

  8. nitish says:

    good offer

  9. pankaj says:

    Got it

  10. Santosh Kumar says:

    Cash back kitne time baad aayega?

  11. Dinesh says:

    Got it..!!! Thanks SMI :-)

  12. NAVEEN says:


  13. Juli says:

    Guyz its working grab this offer

  14. suni says:

    got 30 thnks smi

  15. shashi says:

    Yes,I got it…

  16. narendra says:

    last time bhi invalid coad bataya tha

  17. kul says:


  18. king cobra says:

    unke me dum nhi hai.. 10ka 30.. baaba ji ka thullu..

  19. Harish says:


  20. Dinesh says:

    It says Invalid Coupon. Stupid offer..!!!
    Guys, Past 30 mins they will indirectly steel of our mobile data without any offer provided.Completely Waste of time. Finally they removed this offer from their G+ & FB also.

  21. Avi says:

    Roy babu…yeh kya english hai?
    ‘ i was try on mobikwik app ‘
    My God!

  22. Arjun says:

    Stupid! Fake offer

  23. omkar says:

    showing invalid

  24. grv says:

    Its smi fault they posted wrong offer n now they remove their post..

  25. Ajay Singh says:

    ye Fake offer dete hai

  26. Avi says:

    Jisne ye publish kia hai usko pakad ke do dhanna dhan…kaan ki niche!

  27. Roy says:

    Mobikwik sabhi ko bana raha hai. Me and my friend try this code 10KA30 its says invalid code ( i was try on mobikwik app).

  28. arun says:

    Ye kya bakwas h abhi to code 2 hours ago show kar rha tha or ab 6 days ago dikha rha h

  29. kul says:


  30. amir says:

    kis gadhe ne dala hai ye coupon, not working

  31. Yuvaraj Balakrishnan says:

    Its a cheat i have tried a lot but it shows invalid coupon.i cannot expect this from mobikwik.

  32. raksh says:

    invalid coupon code. mobik wik bhi ab banane laga hai users ko, boycott karo iska bhi. sab

  33. bindal says:

    Manjeet bkl dekh still showing invalid

  34. DEBANJAN says:

    Invalid coupon code showing. Wrong information :(

  35. sam says:

    invalid coupon code at 3.47pm on old account. useless n fake deal

  36. sandeep says:

    coupon hi apply nhi ho rha

  37. ajay says:

    beakuf bana raha hai

  38. dpk says:

    Where is the code???

  39. Jeet says:

    still not working … its saying invalid coupon

  40. Samir Patel says:

    Right now it is 15:45 but still it is showing invalid coup an code.

  41. ajay says:

    Showing invalid coupon code.

  42. JAGDISH says:


  43. kuldeep says:

    Not working invalid code 10KA30

  44. Ravi says:

    Post Deleted

  45. moni says:

    bana diya

  46. Santosh Kumar says:

    Coupon is not working

  47. arun says:

    Ye to invalid coupan code bta rha h

  48. abc says:

    ye to kaam hi ni kr rha code kisi gadhe ka ho gya ho to bta do…

  49. Naren says:


  50. shubham says:

    its not working

  51. yogesh says:

    kya bakbass hai

  52. Anonymous says:

    are gadha ye kisi bhi time code apply hi nahi hoga

  53. Raghu says:

    Code is not working

  54. Gaurav says:

    Bhai logo code lega kise ka ?? i am getting invalid code

  55. Prabhu says:

    It is showing invalid coupon code.. not working

  56. Aditya says:

    Invalid Coupon Code!!!
    F*** Mobikwik

  57. hope says:

    invalid coupon first check smi then post waist of time

  58. saban says:

    coupon not valid

  59. uday says:

    It is not working.

  60. dilip says:

    Invalid bata raha hai dear lagata hai fake code hai

  61. Lali says:

    showing invalid coupen, anybody claims?

  62. archana says:

    Invalid promo code

  63. Anonymous says:

    its not working

  64. vijay says:

    its showing at 3:40, invalid coupon code

  65. Raj .c says:

    Manjeet gadha kya hua kaam kiya hai ki nahi code ab to 3.30 ho gaya


    At 3:40 pm coupon code is still showing invalid

  67. Sunil says:

    It’s not working

  68. Avanish says:

    Coupon code show invalid.

    1st time Mobikwik bebkuph banaya hai

  69. Sanju says:

    Invalid promo code

  70. uttam says:

    Nahi ho raha hai

  71. sampreeth says:

    now time is 3.30 pm but stil it showing INVALID COUPON CODE…can some one help me…Is it for new user only ??

  72. Gaurang says:

    Not working.

  73. Sahil says:

    Coupon invalid

  74. rishi says:

    Gadhe abhi bhi kam nhi kr rha

  75. Sourabh says:

    invalid coupon code

  76. dg says:

    Invalid coupon. .
    mobikwik is waste of tym
    farji site hai…!

  77. sanju says:

    showig invalid code at 3.40pm

  78. udau says:

    Its already 3:30 pm but code is still invalid

  79. Aravind says:

    Still it is saying invalid coupon..

  80. vicky says:

    Code apply nahi ho rha

  81. crayon says:

    not working still showing invalid code…
    kindly check the coupon code india wale.

  82. GAURAV says:

    its above3.30 still showing invalid

  83. micky says:

    bna rha hai

  84. sam says:

    showing invalid. .
    totally wastage of our precious time..

  85. SUBHASIS says:

    3:35 pm it is showing invalid coupon code

  86. priya says:

    itz 3:37 still invalid

  87. rajesh says:

    not working already its 3.37

  88. raj says:

    telling invalid promo code at 3.35

  89. Nishar says:

    Still on 3:36 invalid

  90. Shuchi says:

    It Says ‘Invalid Coupon Code’

  91. mahidhar says:

    it is getting “Invalid coupon code”

  92. ojas says:

    Still unvalid

  93. kishor says:

    nahi ho raha hai at 3.36 ko bhi

  94. bharat says:

    Vakvass…code apply to ho nahi rha …ab to3:35 ho gye

  95. Arshad says:


  96. Amit says:

    Fake Offer

  97. bilam sahab says:

    Ye to abhi bhi invalid hi dikha rha h

  98. VISHAL says:


  99. Khan says:

    To Manjeet

    Ab gadhe ke puut-

    Code Invalid Coupon Code show kar raha hai

  100. piyush says:

    still invalid code

  101. Kishore says:

    It’s not working showing as invalid coupon code

  102. yogesh says:

    invaild coupon code

  103. jeyamurugan says:

    could not open Hibernate Session for transaction nested exception is … blah blah blah..

  104. Hari says:

    its not working says invalid code

  105. galaxy says:

    still not working

  106. Saurabh says:

    Not working…invalid coupon code…

  107. vijay says:

    Invalid copan show after 3:30

  108. Dj says:

    not working.

  109. rmndp1997@ says:

    nit working

  110. Anonymous says:

    wrong coupon code

  111. jeyamurugan says:

    tried at 3.33 still says “invalid coupon code”

  112. ppz says:

    Invalid @3:33pm

  113. Ravi Chauhan Chauhan says:

    Showing invalid

  114. raj says:

    not working… invalid code yet

  115. Chetan says:

    nai chal raha..invalid dekha raha hai

  116. RG says:

    is it working?

  117. Vikash says:

    Invalid coupon code :(

  118. Fayaz says:

    Still waiting,,, code not activated

  119. Arjun says:

    connection timeout error

  120. binu says:

    invalid coupon code , at 3:31 pm

  121. rohit says:

    3:31 nahi chala

  122. sampreeth says:

    when it will start…already 3.31 pm hogayaaa

  123. Arjun says:

    “Invalid coupon code” error occurs

  124. sampreeth says:

    It says “Invalid coupon code”

  125. Manjeet says:

    abe gadho its between 3:30 to 4:00
    thoda sabr kar liya karo

  126. Anonymous says:

    waiting me hai

  127. Sourabh says:

    bhai yeh old ac m bhi valid karega?

  128. Santosh says:

    Waiting to see

  129. DAK says:


  130. Aravind says:

    It is saying invalid coupon code. wasting of time

  131. raj says:

    Valid on 11th June from 3:30PM to 4PM

  132. Shahid says:

    It says “Invalid coupon code” :( while applying in mobikwik app

  133. raj says:

    waiting it’s working or not???

  134. Raj chauhan says:

    Invalid copan show

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