MobiKwik Wallet Rs. 30 Cashback on Rs. 299

mk-wallet• Mobikwik Wallet can be used to Recharge, Pay Bills and Shop.
• Offer valid only between 11AM to 11PM on Jan 1.
• Money must be added using your Credit or Debit Card.
• Offer applicable only on MobiKwik Mobile App.
• Offer redeemable only once per MobiKwik Account.

Steps: 1. Add Rs. 299+ to Mobikwik Wallet. 2. After Successful Payment, Enter Promo Code in Dashboard and get Rs. 30 Cashback into Mobikwik Wallet.

Rs. 30 Cashback on Rs. 299+ Promo Code: WELCOME2015

Download MobiKwik App for: Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Terms & Conditions

74 Responses to “MobiKwik Wallet Rs. 30 Cashback on Rs. 299”

  1. p says:

    yes it works with bluestacks also but use only old version of mobikwik

  2. Dheeru says:

    Does anyone use Bluestacks or Youwave for Mobikwik?

  3. chandan says:

    Its works. Great

  4. Avish says:

    Where is freecharge gone? Have they closed their service?

  5. Vijay Kumar Gupta says:

    Face Site ,I have rechagred 299 but not received Rs 30.I will never recharge any thing form this mobikwik website. Also uninstall from my mobile.

  6. sn says:

    Paytm axiscb50 kam nahi jar raja h.faltu paytm.

  7. sn says:

    Free charge nwyr mein so gaya h sayad.

  8. sn says:

    Paytm ka free50 v expired ho chuka h yaaro.

  9. Sacheen says:

    Hdfc k Vcc se payment kyu nahi ho raha ? :(

  10. Deva says:

    If you have two or more devices and want to use this code then make sure “you are not logged in with same user” , “you are not using same credit card to add money” , “you have not used this code in past”

  11. MIKE Mansoor says:

    faddu … promo code not working. I can’t understand why such type of problems occurs??? already I had done transaction of Rs 299

  12. andy says:

    got 30×4 A./c.

  13. James Bond says:

    working great…thanks mobikwik and smi

  14. Dpk says:

    its working…gud mobikwik

  15. sajid k pipadwala says:

    We have recd Rs 30 by mobiwiki. It is working

  16. ashu says:

    it is working now. got it .

  17. Sandeep says:

    It is working

  18. Rocking mohit says:

    Hurrey I got it

  19. Rocking mohit says:

    Freecharge laapta hahaha

  20. RK says:

    Its working, mobikwik rocks

  21. Samz says:

    Lootera kwik.
    Don’t be looted friends.

  22. phani says:

    yes its working. i got it

  23. naveen says:

    It is not working .. dont fall in trap

  24. sagar says:

    Is this offer working? ?

  25. atul says:

    It’s correct,esclate it & you will get rs 65 cashback.

  26. pranab says:

    it is not a good offer for mobile recharge ,so friend don’t recharge from this site.after 600Rs. recharge you get only 65 rupees it is not a good deal

  27. Ganeesh says:

    Hey guys . i got my refund against recharge faliure of 26 jan coupon even today.
    All you need to do is ask for refund.
    I got 65 Rs in my wallet.

  28. G D Airan says:

    i recived 65 cash back by creating ticket and they informed that was expired as was first come basis
    then i told them give me copy of term and coditions
    after that they credited cash back manually

  29. bimal says:

    having bad experience conditions are not mentioned

  30. prakash says:

    I recharged with Rs.650 but when i try applying code, it gives same error-> raised call -> reply is
    I understand you are trying to redeem the promocode ‘REPUBLICDAY’ on your account. However, I wish to inform you that as per the Terms and Conditions, the coupon was on ‘First come, First serve’ basis.

    Therefore, as for now the promocode has expired but we will keep coming up with such exciting offers in the future. So stay tuned!

  31. santosh says:

    It’s fake . don’t go for this

  32. mahakaal says:

    mobikwik making fool with the name of republic day, there were no bonus recieved…..don’t try….they r cheaters…..

  33. Sudeesh says:

    Mobikwik is making fool everyone recently….I too got error mesg “Unexpected coupon state error”. Customer care replied that coupon code expired and it was meant first come first serve basis. I tried in the initial hours of offer. Pity reply from mobikwik. losing their credibility

  34. himanshu says:

    Hey I added 602 in my wallet but not got cash back. Mobikwik is a cheap site.

  35. G D Airan says:

    now shows invalid coupon code entered

    also lodged a ticket with them yesterday,but no reply

  36. Rushi says:

    SaveMoneyIndia .. this is vanishing your credibility .. there is no option go tet money back also no option to call them no customer care ..

    please help !!!!

  37. Rushi says:

    they are making fool the coupon is giving unexpected coupon error … what is this fool on the name of the republic day ?? What a way to cheat people.

  38. Parthi says:

    I am also getting ” Unexpected Coupon State Error” I’m try many times Its Not work

  39. bbr says:

    y to cheat customers..hopeless felowssssssssssssss

  40. bbr says:

    getting unexpected error..can please any one help on this???

  41. Abhijit Dasgupta says:

    SMI, I am also getting ” Unexpected Coupon State Error”. What to do?

  42. XYZ says:


  43. HK says:

    go the 65 cashback

  44. harsha hyd says:

    if i have already wallet bal with some amt like 100.. now can i add the remaining amt like 500 to make it 600.. so then when i use promo code would i get 65 rs cashback immediately.. MOBIKWIK…?? PLS RESPOND….

  45. pavan says:

    Its working now…those who got an error…Enter the coupon for redemption…just now i got 65 to my wallet..

  46. RAHUL says:

    Rs 65 added to your wallet! NOW WORKING PROPER

  47. Sonu Dada says:

    Got rs. 65

    Thanx smi
    If anyone have problem in mobile application then try it on web site

  48. F R KHAN MEV says:


  49. Raja says:

    Hey got it
    65/- Cashback
    Thanks SMI & Mobiwik

  50. Raja says:

    I have added the amount in wallet
    But now I am going to recharge, no promo code is showing.
    please tell anyone

  51. amit says:

    Its working with error. you have to wait. you will get cashback sure.

  52. vishnu says:

    i got rs 65…..:)
    Try it from mob app guys…

  53. Raj says:

    It’s started working now guys. enjoy

  54. Arvind says:

    I am also getting “unexpected coupon state error” after adding 600 Rs in my wallet.

  55. nagasahitya says:

    WOW…….i got 65 cashback for my two accounts.

  56. Ramana says:

    It’s fake . don’t go for this.

  57. mohd dilkash says:

    i add money with rs 600 but i cant get 65 rupee cash back please be honest mobikwik dont cheat with the name of republic day plz

  58. ashish says:

    Chandu ji apna nu:ber de do kaise kare

  59. tushar says:

    Totally fake !!!
    600rs debited but not got 65rs
    Wht is this ??
    Republic day k nam pe loot !!!!!

  60. rajesh says:

    I have got Unexpected coupon state error after adding 601/- to wallet and trying the promo code REPUBLICDAY…

  61. rajesh says:

    I have got Unexpected coupon state error after adding 601/- to wallet and trying the promo code REPUBLICDAY.

  62. Rahul says:

    Unexpected coupon state error. Fraud. Don’t try this your 600 will be debited & you won’t get the 65 credit.

  63. akki says:

    fake….its says unexpected state error….dnt go for this guys.

  64. Ramana says:

    I am also getting “unexpected coupon state error” after adding 755 Rs in my wallet. :(

  65. Harsh says:



    AmountRs CANCEL
    Promo CodeUnexpected coupon state error.

    Why not getting cashback?SMI pls help

  66. sanket says:

    Plz tell how to or where enter promocode

  67. A SREENIVAS says:

    I too got error

  68. HK says:

    i m getting the unexpected coupan state error

  69. Rachit Mittal says:

    do not recharge with mobikwik. At times they were good but from some time it has been a constant error of unexpected coupon state error. They are just getting more and more recharges done but u will never get cashback.

  70. balaji says:

    I have got Unexpected coupon state error. after adding 750/- to wallet and trying the promo code REPUBLICDAY

  71. praksh says:

    not accepting payment from my card

  72. prakash says:

    Waste get 65 rs in infibeam, by recharging rs 100

  73. Sukhwinder says:

    Good one Got Rs 65………Thanks SMI & Mobikwik

  74. Chandu says:

    recharge done got 65 rs….. thnx SMI

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