MobiKwik Wallet to Wallet Transfers 50% Cashback on Rs. 50 – MobiKwik

mk-transfer50• Use your MobiKwik Wallet to transfer balance & get 50% Cashback.
• Minimum amount to transfer is Rs. 50 Maximum Cashback is fixed at Rs. 100.
• Only wallet-to-wallet transfers qualify for this campaign.
• It should be the first ever wallet-to-wallet transfer of the user.
• This offer is only valid on transfers made on 27th November, 2016.
• Only 1 transfer money will be considered per Wallet.
• Cashback will be credited into the wallets of eligible users on/before 10th December, 2016.

MobiKwik: Wallet to Wallet Transfers

8 Responses to “MobiKwik Wallet to Wallet Transfers 50% Cashback on Rs. 50 – MobiKwik”

  1. dude says:

    Still no money
    Fraud mobikwick

  2. dk says:

    Mobikwik #ChorCompany.

  3. srujan1 says:

    u will get cash back if it is first time walet transfer carefuly guys

  4. ash says:

    You all will get it on /before 10th December, 2016.

    Please read

    Don’t know why you people do not read complete thing.

  5. MD RAIS says:

    Didn’t get till know

  6. Bhanwarlal says:

    I don’t use after my blocked by mobikwik

  7. Nikhil says:

    Cash back nahi aa raha

  8. dude says:

    Didn’t get any cb fake

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