Mobile & DTH Recharge 10% off on Rs. 100 – Saholic

saholic-rechargeSaholic is offering 10% off on Rs. 100 on Mobile & DTH recharge.

10% off on Rs. 100+ Coupon: SAHOLICVALENTINE (max discount Rs. 25)

Saholic: Recharge

132 Responses to “Mobile & DTH Recharge 10% off on Rs. 100 – Saholic”

  1. Anshuman Goyal says:

    This one has stopped working now. Deal Expired.

  2. sathish says:

    yes coupon works

  3. prasad says:

    Hmmm..loved it…Got recharged of 145 at 130 only…. :)

  4. RAMANATH GOWD says:

    its good.

  5. Bhumish says:

    Successful !!!

  6. pram says:

    coupon working..recharged & got some discount, .thnx SMI

  7. sona says:

    coupon expired har coupon par bta raha hai

  8. Ramakrishna says:

    working fr mobiles.. just now checked… got 20 for 200Rs and 25 for 250Rs recharge

  9. preyank says:

    good deal. got 330 balance for 275.. i’m happy

  10. Jayanta Sarkar says:

    This site does not disappoint me. Every recharge is successful and also every coupons.

  11. Ramki says:

    its working fine…i used many times whenever they posted….i nvr fail,but to some of guys am informing that pls see the conditions : MAX discount amt wl be RS.25 only means u can recharge upto 250 hply to get 10% discount…more than that u wl face failures

  12. mushtaque says:

    fraud site…
    never get you recharge sucesful , if you use a coupon tollfree customer care
    you will loose money
    pls dont go this site

  13. sunny says:

    saholic fraud site.. 1 month pahle mts ka152 rs ka recharge kiya par recharge nahi huya.. customer care walo se 4-5 baat ki fir bhi par .. na recharge huya… aur na refund huya… care par 2-3 mail bhi ki.. par kpi reply nahi aaya ..aur aabhi tak refund bhi nahi aaya…

  14. Pennu says:

    This promotion is over.

  15. bimal says:

    why saholic stops this code after 1 day.>?????????????

    have any solution to work this permanently .

  16. kumar says:

    Thanks SMI. saved 10 rs on recharge.

  17. Somit says:

    Thanks Team,

    Keep me post on my email, for these type of offers.

    It’s working, Great offer …Thanks again. :-)

  18. Sunil Jain says:

    It’s Working…

    who is saying it’s fake….

    200% working…

    Great Deal…

  19. Praveen says:

    Awesome Deal :)

  20. sagar says:

    Its working

  21. Jayanta Sarkar says:

    I save Rs 25 every month from saholic by recharging dish tv. Thanks Saholic & SMI.

  22. Santosh says:

    I tried to recharge, the coupon applied successfully, amount was deducted from my account and atleat got message “Payment Failed at payment gateway. Please try again.”.Dont try in wasting by using these site.

  23. Abhishek says:

    This coupon has expired

  24. Rachit Mittal says:

    @Rahul offer ki date check kar 2 weeks pehle ki hai….:P

  25. rahul says:

    why promo code is not working???

  26. bims says:

    why this offer is not running continues?????????????????????

  27. atul says:

    Good Work,its working.

  28. RAMPRAKASH says:

    Just recharged of 220 rs in only 198rs. Good work. RPS….

  29. don says:

    It is working!

  30. Hardik says:

    Just recharged of 250 rs in only 225 rs. Good work. VU.. :)

  31. shiv says:

    its working thanks

  32. Deepak Arora says:

    Deal not working….. :(

  33. RAHUL says:

    Congratulations! Your device is successfully recharged.
    Thanks SMI

  34. Rupa says:

    cool thanks SMI

  35. ashish says:

    kya fake deal…navratri khatam ho gayi ab offer kaise milega

  36. murtuza says:

    fake…no deal…

  37. bims says:

    when new coupon arrive???????????????

  38. San says:

    This code does not work.Please remove this from here as this is misleading people :)

  39. Bimal1 says:

    when will new code published???

  40. vishnu says:

    Game over………:(

  41. Mehul Shah says:

    Great site & very simple, no need to register & no hazzle of payment also. I love it.

  42. G D Airan says:


  43. sagar says:

    cheers…its working

  44. Prateek Jain says:

    had a really bad experience with saholic.
    I rechraged my Reliance GSM mobie with 222-22(DISC)=200, but the recharge is in processing state. Really worried.
    Received a mail from saholic stating for resolution within 48 hours. WTH..:-( :-\

  45. Anshuman Goyal says:

    Booked Successfully. Thanks SMI.

  46. Raj says:

    thanks SMI.. CHEERS

  47. suraj says:

    Thanks SMI its work for today

  48. Bimal1 says:

    where is new coupon?

  49. max says:

    error :This promotion is over.

  50. karan says:

    new copon please??

  51. hari says:

    promotion is over no use

  52. Anshuman Goyal says:

    Got this message: This promotion is over. So no use. Please close this coupon.

  53. hero says:

    posted few mins back, and it is showing expired…

  54. Mehul Shah says:

    70YAXLCTVLD2A, getting the message, this promotion is expired.

  55. Bimal says:

    discount coupon is expired

    When will new coupon posted?

  56. manish says:

    very good deal. working fine. thank you Saholic.

  57. Dev says:

    It works.. Got 22 off on recharge for 222 for mobile recharge.. Thanks SMI

  58. Lalit Kumar says:

    It worked. Not sure if multiple recharges for same mobile/D2H are allowed or not.

  59. Abhishek says:

    It’s working

  60. Mehul Shah says:

    Got Rs.25 discount on 250 recharge of Videocon d2h.

  61. atul says:

    Its working absolutely fine
    Got rs 25 discount.

  62. Anonymous says:

    it’s working……..

  63. hari says:

    not working

  64. Him says:

    thanks sanjeev

  65. tushar gupta says:

    done recharge of 498 for rs 473

  66. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:

    @ Him

    and why not?? recharged two time with the coupon n got 10 n 25 rupees discounts….

  67. Him says:

    How 35??
    Max discount only 25???

  68. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:

    Thanks SMI! i just saved Rs 35…. :)

  69. Sumanth says:

    Thanks SMI It worked! I just got 25 off :)

  70. Anshuman says:

    Stuck on Payment Gateway. Not a very good site to transact on.

  71. SD says:

    working coupon….Thnx SMI….

  72. Aman says:

    Working :)

  73. sri says:

    no options available to recharge airtel dth in website

  74. ashish says:

    i got rs22 discount ho raha hai recharge thanks smi

  75. Bhupinder Sahrawat says:

    I m using the coupon and get teh 100 rs discount on 5 of mobile recharge but now the offer is closed

  76. Rocky says:

    Did it worked for anyone today ?

  77. Ankit says:

    Recharge Done For d2h :D Great Offer :P

  78. Anshuman says:

    This worked like a charm for me. Rs. 250 for Tata Sky Added and Rs. 225 charged for the same.

  79. rahul says:

    its fake…they did the payment…but now the amount neither is showed in wallet nor they refunded…beware people

  80. Mohini says:

    waste not work for dth……………

  81. Nagendra Goud says:

    This coupons not working.
    i getting error:Currently this coupon is unavailable

  82. hImnaghsu says:


  83. S MANOHAR says:


  84. Balaji says:

    It worked for my dishtv recharge, did 250/- got 25 back. Dont know about mobile recharge..

  85. Bibek says:

    Thanks SMI,
    Best site ever fr rchrge 100 times better than sulekha or other recharged 98 on bsnl and got Rs. 10 discount.
    thanks a loootttt

  86. NISHAR says:


  87. abhinav says:

    recharge not done ….300 rs in vain… :(

  88. Narendra Rai Jain says:

    its working still i got it

  89. Bhaumik says:

    Guys its working fine, and trusted site…
    I Recharged my Videocon D2H and my mobile and got Rs.20 Discount on each..
    Go for it guys….
    Thank you SMI

  90. Ratnakar says:

    I got discount 5rs on when I recharge with 51rs ., Thank you SMI

  91. AMS says:

    No guys, COUPON IS WORKING……….
    Always Trust what is there!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Kamal says:

    Site is not accepting the coupon code.

  93. ritesh says:

    This promotion is over.

  94. Mudassir says:

    Not working.

  95. BALAJI says:

    promotion is over

  96. Gagan says:

    Promotion is over now…recharged Rs 350 for Rs 315. :)

  97. sri says:

    recharged with 222rs vodafone full talk time offer…but got only 197rs balance….. :-( dont know where is the problem.

  98. hiral says:

    Invalid coupon

  99. RAHUL says:

    This promotion is over.

  100. Rakesh says:

    Coupon is not working…

  101. cgtsoni says:

    3rd class site

  102. Gagan says:

    Recharged 2 phones…offer is over now

    This promotion is over.

  103. Prashant says:

    Thank you SMI its working, got 10% off

  104. Gagan says:

    working again :)

  105. Anonymous says:


  106. Neeraj says:

    I reacharged with RSs 351 and its failed for wrong amount but i recharged the same amount everytime with other sites and they recharged my mobile accurately without any delay. Than whats the problem with Saholic.

    Carefull all the viewers of this site not to trust on these types of offers.

  107. gurdarshan says:

    coupan work for only one day
    so wait for next offer

    best of luck guys

  108. sanjeev kumar says:


  109. Abhijit says:

    The promotion did not worked at all for me.


  110. MD says:

    Hmmm..loved it…Got recharged of 300 at 270 only…. :)

  111. gurdarshan says:

    its realy work guys

  112. ankur says:

    i got discount…….

  113. Amit says:

    just goto and get 15 to 30 % off in the recharge

  114. bhargava says:

    Deal is over !! :(

  115. bharath says:


  116. nishant says:

    this promotion is over

  117. avijit says:

    its fool..when i try to apply the coupon it says the promotion is over….making customer fool….

  118. prakash patel says:

    gr8 i got discount…….

  119. Mk says:

    Please don’t Recharge this site,payment deduct but recharge failed.

  120. vikas says:


  121. Ruchir says:

    U were right SMI as always.Alcoholic is not too brazen a thief.But unethical and unprincipled.I got 10% disc,so I had to pay Rs 450 for recharge of 500.It failed is not my issue.It was in all probabilities fixed which is very easy to do.Instead of full refund,they returned only 450 which I would not have used had it not been for discount.Recharging with 450 was a game of seconds.I anticipated and tried a Rs 10 recharge but only discounted failed.Would not advise to do business again.
    Pepperfry and others first suffer losses to build base so that both benefit in the long run.This was a trap,luring and gaining monetarily from that and free advertising.Gain gain.Not ques of money,but condemn Saholic.

  122. Ruchir says:

    Thanks SMI,since you have a much better idea,I will have greater belief now.But Paytm can’t be matched.Recharged Aircel and since it is dying,every recharge failed.It was immediately within wallet to use and option to refund.Clicked return to bank,it will take whatever time system takes.Can anyone imagine ever any other site in India which without waiting gives you an option to click and Zoom,money is home.Compare all those portals where biggest problem is refund never comes or after taking a toll.Only promises,if at all.Refunded to test minimum time of actual refund process not what executives tell.

  123. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Give them some time.

  124. Ruchir says:

    Even if somebody has recharged DTH by paying full,nothing special.The company profits around 3-7 % as commission.Limited point is you offer a 10% off for some hours,gain publicity,comes into spotlight from practically nowhere and as no cash profit involved,you after getting payment,do nothing and sit on the money.Don’t attempt to recharge.Hoping one will forget it or will not serve notice and drag it to courts.
    So far no reply,even then have to wait to check whether Spice after being hammered out from mobile business has made cheating its main profession to repay its debts.

  125. RAHUL says:

    Its worked perfect. Now the message is coming for recharging is “This promotion is over”. I think the promotion from saholic is over.

  126. rohit goel says:


  127. S MANOHAR says:

    This promotion is over

  128. ARPAN SHAH says:

    SMI , This site is trusted or not??

  129. swarup says:

    yes coupon works

  130. Ruchir says:

    These fools. Saholic is a reasonable big brand.But when I recharged with 10 for mobile,it done it perfectly but when a bigger amount of 500 although lessened to 450 was paid for DTH,it bloody says,recharge under process.We will try and if not possible will do whatever but God knows.Some terrible reviews at Mouthshut.If it was paytm,it would take same time for any recharge as an American white label company.To gain Rs 50,my Rs 450 are in peril.

  131. GAURAV says:

    gr8 deal
    keep up d good work

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