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infibeam-rechargeInfiBeam is offering Rs. 100 off on Rs. 500 on Mobile & DTH Recharge.

Rs. 100 off on Rs. 500+ Promotion Code: VDAY100

InfiBeam: Recharge

38 Responses to “Mobile & DTH Recharge Rs. 100 off on Rs. 500 – InfiBeam”

  1. Sherlock Holmes says:

    ya guys….. not working anymore. SAD

  2. keval says:

    its working …………great

  3. balaji says:

    Why am I getting this error —Coupon code (VDAY100) is applicable on cart value of Rs 500 and above. Please add to avail offer. ? :(

  4. Rahul says:

    @him – I called them for 1 refund and CC Executive said that, he will initiate a request for refund. But when again my recharge failed then I didn’t take any action but refund initiated automatically.
    @others – This is not fake site, but according to my understanding – this offer was not for recharge but was happening due to system glitch, so once they got to know about error then administrator stopped the recharge facility via infibeam website.
    Now they have corrected the error and due to this, vday100 coupon is not working now on recharges.

    When we do online transactions – then we should believe on websites because they are in market since long(except few new websites) and they are not fraud. If you does not believe then don’t do online shopping. No body is coming to your home and requesting for transactions – when you are taking any service then Risk also will be yours. Infibeam is one of the old websites, so they will resolve the issues (if any) by contacting the customer care via email or phone.

    They are using, CC avenue gateway and that is one of the safest and reputed gateway available across.

  5. jawed says:

    Chor side is par bane laga dena chahiye. Maine distv ka recharge karva tha lakin recharge fail but a/c debited. ko phone karo to bolte h your no is 11. 20 minutes tak wating karne ke baat hoti h bolte h aap ka balance credit kar diya h mene kaha meta balance refund chahiye 48 hr baad credit hoga they said. Totally fake side.

  6. srinath says:


  7. ATUL says:

    Coupon code (VDAY100) is applicable on cart value of Rs 500 and above. Please add to avail offer.

    gIVING THIS ERROR despite the fact that the cart value is more than rs 500

  8. Gautam Kumar says:

    One successfull recharge and two fail recharges!
    I should have stopped after the 1st :(. Now Rs.800 lying with them!

  9. Sanjay says:

    Amount of Rs 400 deducted but they give credit in account instead of rs 500 dth recharge. how fraud they are. is not there any rule to shut these fake site and impose huge penalty. please guide what action i can take against these site. All are requested not to placed any order on infibeam. there are so many sites that give good offers. let pledge for not to do any shopping in future on this site.

  10. Nidhi Jain says:

    Still nt working

  11. him says:

    @ Rahul… did you contacted them via phone or e mail regarding refund or they on their own initiated the refund process..???

  12. Mahendra says:

    Do not try and waste your time.
    It is not working.
    It is showing the following message everytime:

    “Coupon code (VDAY100) is applicable on cart value of Rs 500 and above. Please add to avail offer. “

  13. Rahul says:

    I also tried recharge two times and recharge failed and then same story like eveyone else. However, in the morming they have initiated refund for both tansactions. I got msg from cc avenue, which is indeed a trustable resource. Thanks

  14. Pradeepkumar says:

    Do not try and waste your time. It is not working. It is showing the below message eventhough I am trying to DTH recharge for Rs.501:

    “Coupon code (VDAY100) is applicable on cart value of Rs 500 and above. Please add to avail offer. “

  15. prakash says:

    Its working now, so you can try now

  16. harish says:

    fraud site they are showing your order is failed everytime …please we were of these type website.

  17. RAHUL says:

    Thanks guys for your valuable information. I also went to recharge through infibeam,but before recharging i just read your reviews and now i am not going to recharge.

  18. SANJAY says:

    huge money racket going on. collecting money from customers recklessly with intention of fraud. not a good and reliable site like flipcart or amazom, jabong etc

  19. Amit Mahajan says:

    Same issue with me, recharge failed and not allowed to use coupon with credit in account

  20. mahendra says:

    same here my recharge fail & amount credited to my a/c prev paytm fail to give cashback now infibeam

  21. vdp says:

    Fraud site agree with vivek

  22. Anonymous says:

    I have past experience too for Infibeam that they deduct the money but then they add that money in their credit account. What the hell is this.

    Today I tried to do 3 different recharge but everytime they got failed and I dont see any reason behind that.

    SMI stop helping these by allowing them to post fake and cheated deal in your precious site

  23. Dheeraj Anand says:

    Guys please don’t waste your time. I tried 2 times but recharge with transaction amt of Rs 500 :(

  24. Jagadish says:

    Recharge failed. ..

  25. AK says:

    Guys please do not recharge via this fruad website….First of all they wil cancel your recharge order and then they will give you refund in a form of gift certificate. it means you will have you to purchase something as you can not transfer refunded amount back to your bank account …BEWARE!!!!!

  26. Krishna says:

    They cancelled the recharge and refunded it as Prepaid Credit. Now i cannot use the coupon and is forced to purchase something else WITHOUT ANY COUPON. This is a huge scam.

  27. N Prasad says:

    Cheater website..
    Has eaten my money..

    Sub Order – 21733363
    Date Status
    Feb 11, 2014 3:17:07 AM Your Order Has Been Approved For Processing
    Feb 11, 2014 3:17:06 AM Your Order Has Been Placed Successfully

    Date Transaction Id Recharge Amount Status
    Feb 11, 2014 3:10:19 AM 159,960 (DTH)
    Tata Sky-Acc:1040050955 Rs. 500 Recharge Failed
    Amount refunded as Pre-Paid-Credit(PPC). click here to see your refund.

  28. Mohit says:

    I called Infibeam prior to do the recharge and they informed me that some technical issue going on so they suggested me not to proceed with recharge and also told me to contact them before doing recharge.

  29. Akshay says:

    every time the transaction is getting failed fraud
    My 500 rs stuck

  30. Anshuman Goyal says:

    What all happened with Vivek, this happened with me as well. End up paying Rs. 500 for recharge. Worst service ever. SMI please filter the deals you publish.

  31. Abhishek says:


    They are just Cancelling orders now.

    Don”t recharge.

  32. rohit says:

    fraud. cancelled recharge without any try.

  33. ER says:


    sach mei fraud site hai…..recharge succesful but they are showing cancelled…they only keep oney in their wallet nd force the customer to buy their products..

  34. som6529 says:

    same here..

  35. Vivek says:

    Fraud website…
    I made the payment – and they deliberately cancelled my order…
    Then they refunded my 400 bucks into my infibeam account – and NOT back to my credit card…
    and now they want me to use this 400 bucks ONLY on their website…
    Also, when I tried to recharge and after applying for this 400 bucks credit from my infibeam account – now they asy I CANNOT apply the Promotion Code: VDAY100
    So now I hv to pay Rs.100 via credit/debit card – which amounts to 500/- for me!!!
    When i contacted them, firstly I was kept on hold for ages! – and then this guys come over & informs me that due to technical issue the recahrge is cancelled AND ALSO THAT THERE ARE MANY OTHERS ALSO WHOSE RECHARGE IS CANCELLED…
    So, in short they are purposely cancelling the recharge – so that the customers gets hooked on to their site to buy their products…
    Initially the recharge was going fine… now this tactcs they hv adopted…
    If it were reallya technical snag, then they shud not at all accept the payments of the customers!!!
    Bakvas fraud site!

  36. sk says:

    Got 100 rs discount, recharged succesfully thanks SMI :)

  37. Ahmad says:

    Recharged Tata Docomo Mobile successful !

  38. sd says:

    recharged DTH successful :) .Thanx SMI

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