Mobile & DTH Recharge Rs. 30 Cashback on Rs. 50 – PayTm

paytm• Pay Rs. 7 to Get Rs. 30 Cashback on Mobile/DTH Recharge on PayTm.
• Voucher must be used between 29 Aug to 1 Sep.
• Valid for New/Old users of paytm.
• Valid on Paytm Website & Mobile App.
• Customer can buy multiple voucher & do multiple recharge.

Buy Voucher from: Groupon Rs. 7 | PayTm Website

41 Responses to “Mobile & DTH Recharge Rs. 30 Cashback on Rs. 50 – PayTm”

  1. subhit says:

    groupon ki deal kaise hoti h aur kb hoti h plz koi btao qki mjhe pta hi ni chalta ki deal kb hoti h….aur debit card k through hoti h ya kisi aur trah se

  2. anjali says:

    COUPON :::Deal successful: Print your Voucher HERE by clicking the icon.

    Valid from 28.08.2014 to 26.11.2014

    BUT SMI & Groupon FLASH DEAL :::Flash Sale (29 Aug to 1 Sep)! Pay Rs.7 to Get Rs.30 Cashback on Mobile/DTH Recharge on Paytm – Valid for Old & New Users

    (29 Aug to 1 Sep)????????

  3. neeraj says:

    Good Offer…..

  4. Joginder says:

    Why not use Cash30 and get 30 cashback on 30 rs
    No groupon needed.

  5. RBX says:

    worst thing about paytm is they need 15-20 mints for cashback to reflect in you account.
    moreover, sometimes when you add cash in paytm wallet , it shows in app only and not in website.
    paytm offers are good but site is third class..dont waste tym in paytm. loo for offers in freecharge which hives instant cashback on the spot. i have done 15 recharges in less than 15 mints in freecharge
    while on paytm i took me more than 2 hours.. wtf!!!

    Bad ! bad experience ! PAYTM!

  6. Narayanan says:

    NO cashback received in paytm account.

  7. GAURAV says:

    10 Transaction Per Debit/Credit Card.

  8. Raja S says:

    Good Offer….. Extend the validity

  9. ATUL says:

    done twice this recharge,worked fine.

  10. sharad says:

    kapil@ check your order history.

  11. Kapil says:

    I received the mail but not able to find voucher code in the mail…its showing Security Code, Groupon code and user id but there is no voucher code.. i tried all the codes mentioned in link..plz help me

  12. jimmy says:

    Freecharge 30 cashback on 50 coupons are back at Rs.1 I taken 80 by recharging 20 numbers. took 4 coupons with every recharge..

  13. sunny says:

    It’s not working today when it’s working plz confirm

  14. balaji says:

    I do not see any coupon in freecharge… SMI help me please ?? thanks

  15. Hakka noodles says:

    Freecharge best hai

  16. Balakumar says:

    Get Rs.10 cash back on every recharge or bill payment of Rs.30 & above. You have an option to recharge 7 times and get up to Rs 70 cash back. Use promo code FREE70.

  17. Prasant says:

    FCharge coupon is valid till 21st August.

  18. Prasant says:

    Sorry guys. I was sleeping. Freecharge is selling their coupons as usual on their site at 1 rs only.
    Recharge with 50+ to get 3 coupons.

  19. Anonymous says:

    where is the code in the mail
    is it security code or group on code

  20. RBX says:

    you are getting 28% discount as per my calcualtions, as you will pay 50+7and will get 50+30 rs recharge.

    its not a bad deal but freecharge’s 30 cashback coupon is giving 38% discount through its 1 rupees coupon, in which you will get 50 in 11+20.but it has a drawback that only two times is allowed per number.

    i think for postpaid numbers, this scheme is very good by paytm. !

  21. vijesh vijayakumar says:

    promo-code = Rs 7 (gone )
    minimum recharge amount to apply promo-code =Rs:50
    so total = 50+7=57
    you have to recharge of Rs.50 = 41.5 talktime
    then cash-back of Rs.30 = 23.7 talktime

    so you will pay Rs.57 and get talktime of rs.65.2

    Not a bigdeal…

  22. XYZ says:

    Can we recharge exact 50 rs recharge ? If we have to recharge 10 rupees for service tax so it will be 50-30+7 =27 => only 40 rupees talk time.

  23. pp says:

    Prashant where you are getting freecharge coupon @1 rs…frecharge always giving a coupon for one number and here can recharge for multiple times.

  24. tinku meena says:

    Voucher must be used on the same day only i.e 15 August
    Valid for New/Old users of paytm
    Valid on Paytm Website & Mobile App
    Customer can buy multiple voucher & do multiple recharge
    For every 1 voucher, customer can do a maximum of 1 recharge
    No refunds for the particular offer

  25. seshu says:

    we are getting only 23 ruppes only

    first pay 50 and add coupon total 50+7==57 but we are getting 50 rupees recharge

    then we are receiving return back 30 only ie 57-30 we are getting only 23 rs

  26. ShahJahan says:

    @Prasant: Can you kindly provide the link to the coupon you are talking about? Thank you very much.

  27. ARSHAD says:

    tmrw expt big delay in recharge,bcz paytm give huge no of coupon through partner sites

  28. tinku meena says:

    i buy 8 coupon on same id and mobile number. paytm says anyone buy multiple coupon in same id.

  29. Raja S says:

    @Mayank… something is better than nothing… Appreciate this and encourage….

  30. sranjan says:

    50 rupees recharge for paying 27 rupees not a bad deal
    still freechage is best.

  31. anil says:

    Can we use more than one vouchers for one user id and one mobile no.

  32. Prasant says:

    Same value coupon is being sold for freecharge at 1 Rs. only… Why to pay 6 Rs more..

  33. anil says:

    Code is not working today.
    I think it will start working from tomorrow.

  34. ShahJahan says:

    @Mayur: Oh yes, now I noticed that it is cashback! Now this is a good almost 50% off offer. Thanks for pointing!

  35. Mayank says:

    Paytm always bakwas in compare to freecharge
    We are freechargers…always rock.
    Paytm shock.

  36. SAMPREETH says:

    If u see the terms and conditions its metnioned on DTH….is it available for mobile ???

  37. Warith Mansoor says:

    can anyone tell me how purses the voucher codd

  38. Kali annan says:

    good one

  39. gaurav says:

    bakwaas deal..time waste not much benefit.

  40. Mayur says:

    its not Rs 37 for Rs. 50 Recharge… its Rs 27. for Rs 50 Recharge..
    you will get Rs 30 as Cashback.,.. so 50-30+7 =27

  41. ShahJahan says:

    NOT a good deal, as you buy coupon for Rs. 7 and get Rs.30 Cash back, so for Rs.50 you pay Rs.37.

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