Recharges & Bill Payments 20 SuperCoins on Rs. 50 – FlipKart

recharge1st Transaction 20 SuperCoins. 2nd Transaction 10 SuperCoins. You can earn SuperCoins on maximum 2 transactions per category on Bills & Recharges per month.

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7 Responses to “Recharges & Bill Payments 20 SuperCoins on Rs. 50 – FlipKart”

  1. Ubed says:

    Showing out of stock. Tried with all offers.

  2. Anand rathod says:

    Site is hanging after entering otp just taking information

  3. Okie dokie says:

    Where do we get the cashback? In phone pe app? Or directly in Bank account

  4. sho says:

    got 75 cashback from Jio rechg

  5. sm says:

    not in app . you should give in website

  6. KamaL says:

    I received Rs. 50/- cashback

  7. Anand says:

    Ha ha maximum cashback 20 rs what a joke 25% bolke 25% toh rakhte 20 ka kya MATLAB hai aur cashback kyu dete hai discount kyu nahi cashback should be atleast 100 maximum

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