Mobile Recharge 75% off (Rs. 300 Recharge Rs. 72, Rs. 500 Recharge Rs. 119, Rs. 1000 Recharge Rs. 236) – Sendly

sendly75Sendly is offering 75% off on first Mobile Recharge.

• Rs. 300 Recharge $1.16 (Rs. 72)
• Rs. 500 Recharge $1.92 (Rs. 119)
• Rs. 1000 Recharge $3.82 (Rs. 236)
• Rs. 2000 Recharge $7.65 (Rs. 474)

Note: Enter mobile number with country code (+91).

Website: Sendly (Download App > Select a contact > Choose the amount > Confirm your payment)

216 Responses to “Mobile Recharge 75% off (Rs. 300 Recharge Rs. 72, Rs. 500 Recharge Rs. 119, Rs. 1000 Recharge Rs. 236) – Sendly”

  1. girish says:

    @sanjay: this offer has expired long back.

  2. sanjay shah says:

    its offer working now or not? ? tell me friends please…

  3. Paras says:

    Application is not fake,sometimes the amount is refunded to our bank and they forget to release it.
    Kindly,submit an application with the transanction id of failed transanction and within 24 hours you will get the refund.

  4. abhinay says:

    i got the balance…..n its working>>>>>>

  5. san says:

    money not yet received in my bak account, its been more than 20 days. sms, give some resolution.

  6. vikas says:

    Its fake refund my money plzz not got any recharge

  7. sam says:

    me too didn’t get the refund… any one please help…

  8. XYZ says:

    Hey,I didn’t get my money refund till now.Please help me to get it.Is anyone get it?

  9. Shaktimaan says:

    Got Rs 600 in reliance CDMA i.e. by topping up with Rs. 500 by only spending Rs 116.84

    Its not working anymore ………

  10. mukesh says:

    wow….its awesome i got 500rs talktime,and now appp can’t work….thanks sendly

  11. chandu says:

    Hi folks,

    Don’t use this app now,Offer closed now..

  12. Usman says:

    mere pass to sign up bhi nahi ho raha, giving me this error,

    Error in communication, check internet or try again later

    please advise what to do now :D

  13. geek says:

    One of the best offers till date !! I would say payTm should see this offer …. I did 4 recharge of 1000 for 233 and 2 2000 recharge … Obviously I did it quicky when the offer just came up in SMI … Once people came to know about this, the sendly servers went down !!

    Sendly !! Nice trick to get into the indian marked

    Cheers :)

  14. Jitender says:

    Scheme closed. Charging full amount now. Indians ne ek din me is company ki hawa nikal di.

  15. Bhargav says:

    The offer was closed

  16. sanjay says:

    guys is it working now??

  17. dev says:

    now its showing $3.85 for 500rs recharge…

  18. ash says:

    is d deal stil on?

  19. Aashish says:

    Is this offer still on?? I tried, but it isnt working.. I am asked to pay 7.69$ for recharge of 500INR

  20. SURENDRANATH says:

    Good facility utilized for $1.92 for Rs500/- talk time.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I’m doing well bt deduct 351 rs how done and ..?

  22. sam says:

    // my complient reply from customer care //

    Thank you for using Sendly, here’s a quick update regarding our offer.

    Our payment providers have been facing technical problems due to which some transactions may show as “Pending”or “still in progress” or in some other cases it has simply failed due to capacity issues.

    Please note that in all transaction attempts the funds are reserved by our payment providers but that does not mean that we have charged your card!

    If the transaction turns into a successful one then you will be charged.
    In all other cases, the money will be released by your bank, back to the credit card used within 3-5 business days. For further information please contact your bank.

    We have a very high amount of tickets as of now, so we kindly ask you to find the answer to other questions in our Help Center::

    Thanks for your understanding!

    Best Regards,

    Rebtel Customer Team

  23. dude says:

    can someone tell a trick to do sign up to more than 2 accounts from a given mobile..

  24. prakas says:

    Agar kisi ka paisa wapas aaye to pls inform us.

  25. Dhruva says:


  26. qwerty says:

    amount reduced from my account but balance is not added

  27. bhargav says:

    from last midnight i am getting same response

  28. pradeep says:

    Rs. 236 gone from my account
    but no recharge yet till now :(
    no response from them even after mailing also :( :(

  29. prakas says:

    SMI pls help us

  30. prakas says:

    Barbad ho gya …….paise kat gye recharge nhi hua. 12 hr bad b na recharge hua aur na nahi support mail se koi reply.

  31. sachin says:

    recharge two times……third time sala india k kisi no. ko pakad hi nahi rha….
    I think they understand ……india me aisi deal nikalega to lut jayegaa….

    ha ha ha…Anyway..Good deal… Thanks SMI

  32. Arvind says:

    still its working i got 2 times on same mobile no.

  33. manish garg says:

    done recharge of 500 on two punjab numbers great offer still working

  34. kishore says:

    while am trying to recharge,it just saying “we do not support topup to this country”… what will i do? plz help?

  35. Sendly says:

    - Due to the popularity of the offer in India, your recharge may take longer than usual. Please be patient.

    - Our payment providers are facing technical problems due to which some transactions may show as “pending”, “still in progress” or “failed”. Please note that your funds have been reserved by our payment providers and we have not charged your card. The transaction will either be successful or in all other cases, the money will be refunded to you (Up to 5 working days). Our Support team is hard at work trying to answer all your queries. Please do not send us multiple messages because that will only slow down the response times for everyone.

  36. sd says:

    communication error ,unable to sign up .

  37. naanu says:

    pl somebody confirm.after downloading itriend sign up it says networ problem try after sometime .but mh network is working fine

  38. sabyasachi says:

    @manoj singh did you used same debit card or diff?
    urgent reply needed.
    my same card 2nd time failed

  39. donald says:

    Not working

  40. manoj singh says:

    I have done 2 recharges…its awesome….hurry up guys… But I dont know why they are doing this for 75% discount…Nothing is free in this world…. they could have got same response if 25% off is there.

    All know people recharge their own mobiles not of friends. They can get access to your credit card details and mobile number as well. they can clone your mobile number and get OTP sms for transaction. So use credit card for least card limit.

  41. srinath says:

    recharge done but 1.92$ got deducted twice…mailed to support mail id…lets c what reply will come.

  42. Arjun says:

    tried recharge for USD 1.92 (INR 500) – they could not process it and hence it failed

    tried again, failed again

  43. Sumit T says:

    Bank Account

  44. Deepak says:

    Application not working, Internet Connection error. It is telling. :(

  45. gaurav says:

    It is totally fake bhai main loot gaya .plz smi help me.bhai aur koi mat karna yeh kafe site hai.guys help me in getting refund

  46. shonu says:

    M going to register complaint against that site to consumer complaint.its fraud site

  47. Atul says:

    Money is deducted from my account but no talkvalue is given.
    How to get my money back?

  48. Atul says:

    I recharged on 11 March 8:58 pm for $1.92

    Money is deducted from my account. In Transaction history of Sendly App, it is showing successful but no balance is added on my number..

    Its totally fake…

  49. bhargav says:

    Error in communication, Check Internet or tryagain later

  50. vijay says:

    they are refunding to which account bank or site account

  51. Manish says:

    recharged two times (500 each). Great deal to have. love it.

  52. sam says:

    failed for bsnl..
    i have tried 3 times..
    till now money is not refunded. :(
    what to do?
    Kept mail to customer support but no response.

  53. Sumit T says:

    They are refunding money for failed transactions in 2 hours. Please check your balance in 2 hours incase transaction has failed.

  54. Anonymous says:

    WARNING: This app capture all the details of your phone and your contact book. Don’t use if you are not using OTP password for transaction. It stores all your credit card details. Source: Norton Mobile Security(Symantec. USA)

  55. deep says:

    Its working. .. Recharged twice.. Only thing is that they store the credit card information and doesn’t know how to delete that.. Rest all fine.. Got the recharges no problems.

  56. Brijinder says:

    Recharged succesfully at 1st attempt for 1.92$ ( Talktime 500), great offer

  57. master ajay saini says:

    Really working.. Awesome deal.. grab it.. i got rs.1800 top up..

  58. sabyasachi says:


  59. prasad says:

    I got recharge successfulll

  60. shivam kukreja says:

    They save ur 3-D secure pin also….
    For next recharge u don’t need pin

  61. Ashok says:

    It was working last night but now its not working ur money will b refunded when u recharge

  62. srinath says:

    thanks smil got 2 500rs recharges from diff phones. cheers :-)

  63. ANil says:

    Payment deducted recharge not done and no reply from customer support be aware.

  64. vabnish says:

    Sir itzz show payment denied but payment deducted from my account after some hours and did not get balance.
    Pls help me…………..

  65. sd says:

    #vinod if payment has been deduct it means ur money is reserved and would recharge soon. if recharge is nt done they will refund it .

  66. kamal says:

    today in morning my bank debited amount for recharge as i hve not done guys stop recharging from this app it wil automatically debit next day from urs card as it stores yours card details with passwords…………..beware i lost money today

  67. Abhishek says:

    vinod mere sath bhi aise hua rupees credit mey sy kaat liya recharge hu nahi

  68. sabyasachi says:

    My credit card charged for 1.92$
    now this error msg comes
    “page error oops something not quiet right.
    please close browser & try again!”

    advice-dont recharge

  69. saurabh says:

    Money deducted but recharge was failed .now what ??

  70. Puneet says:

    Hey ! Its working but discount is for the first recharge only. I got 500 @ just Rs 117.

    Thank You SMI

  71. dhruv bhatia says:

    Not able to sign up .

    Unable to connect.

  72. vinod says:

    My credit card charged for 1.92$, but recharge failed, what to do guys ?? can anybody pls guide ???

  73. sd says:

    #shonu did transaction fail before entering crdt card paswrd ?
    if it has then dont worry u wld nt have been charged .

  74. Anonymous says:

    still working!!! great deal. sweidsh economy would have lowered down. :D

  75. sd says:

    #mehul shah ,found no way to delete details bt for safety change ur 3d secure code. i have done same thing

  76. shivam kukreja says:

    Unable to sign in

  77. shonu says:

    Sir itzz show payment denied but payment deducted from my account after some hours and did not get balance.
    Pls help me

  78. HARSH says:

    I paid only 232 and got a recharges of 1000(500 each) just now

  79. unyk says:

    Thanks SMI.. Got Rs 500 recharge.. It’s good that i waited till morning to recharge for the madness to be over


    Not working for reliance recharge… in mumbai

  81. Ravi says:

    Which card (debit or credit ) Sendly accept to make payment???

  82. Anonymous says:

    not able to sign up . communication error ?

  83. vicky says:

    I did two recharges for airtel Mumbai 116 rs and got 500 rs. recharge on two different account. but it does store your credit card details. however, I do not know whether they will be able to misuse it since every transaction the credit card asks for an OTP. can anyone confirm this.

  84. sachin says:

    Mast Site… 2 500 Rs recharge for 4 $ only…Thanks SMI

  85. MEHUL SHAH says:

    How to remove card details any body please help.

  86. shreekanth says:

    Thanx SMI got recharge of 500…Recharge done at 8.45am on 12march 2014!!

  87. hihi says:

    got 300 from 72…airtel..guj…..thx…

  88. Anonymous says:

    . any one tell me blue stack is working or not for recharge

  89. Pritam says:

    Recharge unsuccessful

  90. vinod says:

    My credit card charged for 1.92$, but recharge failed, what to do guys ??

  91. anas says:

    BEWARE! IT store your password even.. so change immediately …
    otherwise u will suffer

  92. amit says:

    How I recharge it says payment declined by bank

  93. Som says:

    Every tym i m getting error after payment

  94. Akash says:

    SBI VC Not working

  95. Som says:

    Can i use Virtual sbi credit card ?

  96. Sachin Bhanot says:

    Got 300 in 72 (Airtel Haryana) Awsome :)

  97. Taran Layal says:

    Awesome I got Rs 355 in just Rs 92. Love it

  98. Hariharan NN says:

    Worked two times from same mobile and same card but different account. NOW SEEMS NOT WORKING FROM ANY MOBILE.

  99. rohan says:

    I got recharge of 300/- at 73.64/-
    Thanks SMI

  100. Bhargav says:

    Thanks.. I got 3 recharges of 500

  101. DIVYA says:

    its working….. thanks a lot!!!

  102. sd says:

    smi it stores the card no. for later use .
    so does it asks for pasword(pin) again for nxt recharge and anyway to remove stored card no. ?

  103. sam says:

    got rs 500 recharge 10 min back

  104. sam says:

    i got the recharge, but they stored the card details just now i blocked the debit card. first time the card is authendicated with 3d secure, but next recharge it wont, i am sure they will misuse your card details. block the card other wise you will be surpriced for one day.

  105. anubhav singh says:

    thanks smi……….

  106. sd says:

    after payment page screen remains blank .help

  107. sam says:

    price increased bewareee

  108. Jyotsna sharma says:

    Not working for me. I tried with bluestacks and got error. Payment failed. payment deducted but no balance

  109. Amin says:

    Thanks smi &love u
    made top up of 500 and paid only 119inr
    u Vodafone

  110. rachit says:

    its working fine for new users and works only one time per card and ppl using bluestacks get the error we do not support this operator at this time as bluestacks is considered to be t mobile carrier.

  111. prabhu says:

    got 500rs recharge but paid only 116rs thanks SMI…

  112. Geetika says:

    Rahul, I am facing prblm to Sing up. will u help me?

  113. qwerty says:

    its working

  114. rahul s says:

    still working.. thnx smi :)

  115. Pradip says:

    I have recharged my mobile with Rs. 500 in just Rs.122.50/- I got my balance immediately. This is working. You just need to select suggested topup amount by just taping the option.

    Trust me this is genuine. But still do at your own risk.

  116. netrafter says:

    It says we do not support this operator at this time.

    Not working for me.

  117. Sarthak says:

    not able to recharge vodafone,idea,MTNL delhi… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-(

  118. r says:

    transaction failed …not happy

  119. shubh bajaj says:

    Recharge done on 2numberbers

  120. abu salim says:

    chor h y………mere 500 ka recharge kha gya???

  121. Dhruv says:

    done on reliance smart for 75 with topup of 300. thanks smi. done with difficulty. one transaction failed n money rebounded. idea not supported probably. different errors. try ur LUCK.
    USE one time password for transactions to unsure safety

  122. K says:

    smi help card detail ko clear kaise kare

  123. K says:

    nhi yr detail nhi gyi

  124. K says:

    card detail v clear koi tension nahi lene ka dosto :)

  125. K says:

    phone ki setting me storage opation me jaker sendly app ka data clear kar do or fir sendly app open kro dekho all data clear k

  126. Anonymous says:

    Is it woks for postpaid airtel

  127. Sudeesh says:

    getting message “do not support to this country” its not available for india now

  128. P.P. says:

    bana rahe hain.. link not working nw..

  129. Shantanu says:

    ye transaction kisse ho raha hai-credit card se ya mobile balance se,,,,,,,pls reply

  130. sam says:

    how are u able to recharge ,,the app is saying we do not support topup in this country nd for me its INDIA

  131. sam says:

    i entered +9175790***** . it said
    we do not top up in this country

  132. Anonymous says:

    thanks smi. its working recharged for airtel 500 rs

  133. mushtaque says:

    How will they know about mnp ?
    What qbout mnp numbers?

  134. Sumit says:

    failed :(

  135. Sachin says:

    Recharged my airtel number for Rs500. Recharge done almost immediately..!!! Thanks SMI

  136. kalyan says:

    Money debited but showing transaction failed…..SMI plz help me how to get my recharge/refund

  137. shobhit says:

    mene vodafone par 300 kar vaya ho gaya successful lekin 299 ka hua means i doesnt get talktime balance i got free 600 min cheater kamine

  138. Anonymous says:

    Yeh Dil Maange More…:) Got 2000

  139. Amit Bansal says:

    i have done a recharge of 500 and it cost me 116.84

  140. amit kumar says:

    i got it.
    tried two times for 1.96$. got 500 in aircel and 445 in docomo.
    thanks smi.

  141. rachit says:

    its showing “we do not support this operator at this time” on voda airtel and aircel

  142. XYZ says:


  143. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Card Details is automatically stored & when we click again to check for any authorization, money gets debited without any authorization. Not good at all . it is very serious problem

  144. anonymus says:

    its working now
    only for two denominations rs 300 and rs 500
    only once

  145. lalit charan says:

    not able recharge my bsnl ,airtel ,vodafone.

  146. sam says:

    no recharging delhi airtel number

  147. Nishant says:

    Not working anymore…

  148. lok says:

    guys it showing sorry recharge not done this opertoar

  149. kalyan says:

    Is it working still??showing we can’t provide for this operator at this time

  150. Abhishek says:

    Anybody recharged ported number from this website.

  151. nikhil says:

    fake…. its show message ” operator doed not support at this time”

    save money india post fake add , its marketing funda to enforce user to download application

  152. MEHUL SHAH says:


    Hi everybody,

    Thank you for using Sendly, here’s a quick update regarding our 75% offer in India. Our payment providers are currently facing technical problems due to which some transactions may show as “pending” or “still in progress”. Please note that your funds have been reserved by our payment providers and we have not charged your card. The transaction will either be successful or in all other cases, the money will be refunded to you. Please be patient and thank you for your cooperation.

  153. OHO says:


  154. Suman says:

    Its not supporting AP Vodafone and Chennai Airtel at this time pls dont try and waste time too

  155. Pearl says:

    in which format mobile no. should be entered +91 2323235656 or +912323565623 both says country not supported

  156. shilpa says:

    it shows We do not support this operator at this time. I have tried to recharge Aircel,Docomo,Vodafone,Idea mobile number.please help me buddy.

  157. XYD says:


  158. pratik says:

    i put +919099****** ” we do not support top up to this country.”

    plz tell me

  159. Gotu says:

    Error comes ” We donot support topup this country ” What to do now ??

  160. him says:

    not supporting vodafone delhi numbers….:(

  161. ankit says:

    Not working. Money deducted but no recharge

  162. MEHUL SHAH says:

    I got a error as Transaction Denied, You have reached the maximum No of sucessfull transaction on recharging my friends no.+919892xxxxx

  163. Talenthunt says:

    Working… i got 3500rs. recharge

  164. Akshay says:

    it says we do bot provide recharge to thus country wherein india is already mentioned in the countries section

  165. Lakhan says:

    I successfully recharged two numbers with 1000 talktime.

  166. Anthraper says:

    Payment denied by the bank :(

  167. somesh bais says:

    it’s real i got 1000 rs balance on 236.

  168. Vidyadhar says:

    Yes working I paid $3.82 around Rs 233 and got a topup of Rs 1000 instantly

  169. Aahad says:

    App isn’t responding after card details submission, though no amount is been deducted as for now because it didn’t ask for 3D secure pin, while App now saying recharge is in pending stage. :| confusing!!!

  170. robin says:

    its fake dont do it at all

  171. Pavan says:

    Done recharge for Rs1000 recieved 1000 talktime Operator :Vodafone karnataka :-)
    Thanks SMI

  172. Srinivas says:

    I recharged my mom’s airtel with 1000. Paid $3.82. Checked the balance and it shows the recharged amount. Not sure what went wrong for others, but it’s working for me. Thanks SMI.

  173. Sachin Ruia says:

    Should i have to pay in USD

  174. sj says:

    Every operater i tried it says no operator supported

    format i wrie = +911234567890

  175. GeniusKing says:

    ******** Simply Working no SHIT **********

    recharged my three numbers for 1000 each

    Simply worked no issues at all

  176. iShopfree says:

    SMI, where did you get this one from? I have used Rebtel Service in US, and I know its damn economic and safe to transact with. Wow, thought its only 1time recharge 75% cheaper, but still thanks to you for letting us all know!

  177. Paras indoriya says:

    it worked… trust me.. got recharged by rs 1000 ..:) :)

  178. Abdul says:

    Recharged for 1000 top up with 3.82 USD spent. Got 1050 talk time in airtel. Thanks SMI

  179. XYZ says:

    even i got.. thank u sooo much smi

  180. krishan says:


  181. fore says:

    confirmed working. Recharged for 500. Amount debited Rs 122.38

  182. anmol says:

    any body get recharge ??? plz inform asap..

  183. Aadil says:

    thanx SMI . THNX SENDLY. Got 500 recharge for just 122

  184. pintu says:

    Hey guys working fine, i got 1000 rs balance just only 3.82$.
    Just awesome guys

  185. ashok says:

    It is workings guys

  186. rati says:

    i got 290 guys it great grab it

  187. rati says:

    it sows 1,16 $ is it correct coz 1.16 or 1, 16

  188. sushil says:

    it’s working guys thamkz SMI……:)

  189. shubh bajaj says:

    Not done fake site

  190. prakas says:

    Its a big loot….kuch to gadbad hai
    Koi ki 15% ya 20% se jyada kaise de sakta h.
    They r storing our database card…..

  191. Tejas says:

    recharge done for vodafone balance deducted 73.95 got recharge of rs 299 and talktime of rs 266

  192. MEHUL SHAH says:

    I have no problem with Rs.236/- but I have problem with cc details which they
    Store in the database.

  193. prakas says:

    Koi bataye 3,82$ m kahi 382 $ to nhi katega
    3.82$ ki jagah 3,82$ show kr RHA h

  194. Anuj says:

    those who got recharged can U confirm your carrier So it will help people as my vodafone didn’t Worked for me

  195. ajk says:

    App is not safe for transaction

  196. geek says:

    Guys it is working !! Message doesnt come … It shows pending in app but it does recharge !! Loot loh offer …

  197. sd says:

    mehul shah ne nt working likha hai .

  198. sugumar says:

    Error in Communication, please try again later” any one getting this error message while registering?

  199. sd says:

    smi ne confirmed working . so try karne ka mann kar raha hai

  200. tushar gupta says:

    I did recharge of 300 and it was successful.

  201. your father says:

    and i have recharged.. :D

  202. Anuj says:

    Totally Fake I First Got money Deducted then Pending From past 25 mins now it shows Transaction failed do at your risk writing mail to website now

  203. ankur says:

    again fake….looted….guys beware

  204. MEHUL SHAH says:

    No successful recharge till now.

  205. geek says:

    It is fake dont recharge, amount deducted but no recharge

  206. Anuj says:

    Yes and only International Debit & credit Card Will work I Tried my Simple National Debit But it Rejected Me 2 times then Used another that worked for me as the payment is in $ so u need International one now a days almost all are international one still i thought I Would Share it With all

  207. Anuj says:

    I Tried My Money has been Deducted But the recharge is still pending from 20 mins i think its fake

  208. sugumar says:

    Use Virtual Credit card

  209. ashash maglani says:

    Fuddu site hai…..bilkul fake hai

  210. Keny says:

    Myght be collecting Credit Card details for future scam.
    I think we sud not biliv!

  211. sugumar says:

    Its working :)

  212. vinay gupta says:

    Sab bakwaas money deducted but recharge pending…….

  213. sapna says:

    not working. transction failed. error

  214. prakas says:

    Its 3,82$ in place of 3.82$ kuch b ho sakta h
    Notice , and .
    Agar kisi ka ho to

  215. MEHUL SHAH says:

    App Downloaded, showing 1000/- recharge for USD.3.82. But trusted or not 1st Question & have to pay USD 2nd Question. ?

  216. xyz says:

    koi recharge kare to btana site fake h ya nahi..

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