Mobile Recharge Rs. 50 Cashback on Rs. 50 – Quikr

quikr• Offer 1: Download Quikr App to get Rs. 50 Cashback on PayTm App.
• Offer 2: Post an Ad on Quikr App to get Rs. 50 Cashback on PayTm App.

Quikr: PayTm Offer

45 Responses to “Mobile Recharge Rs. 50 Cashback on Rs. 50 – Quikr”

  1. paras says:

    admin bhai mere pass coupon hai kya hm es code ko kisi paytm account se recharge kr skte hai please reply

  2. rakesh says:

    guys this is fake offer now.. no coupons is receiving for downloading and posting add.. even after complaining to customer support. thay just say we have sent code but pta nhi bich me kaha chala gya

  3. Vinu says:

    SMI displaying fraudulent offers. I down loaded for the 1st time on all my 5 mobiles. In all cases they say Coupon code already utilised. Dont download guys and Boycott QUIKR.

  4. razat says:

    They have not given any code. Totally bullshit offer ???

  5. shubham says:

    I m not getting coupons can anyone help me n tell me how to get coupons!!?

  6. S N Mishra says:

    No promo code for posting any ad..
    Only downloading coupon received

  7. yp says:

    it’s working got coupons today

  8. dipak says:

    No promo code for posting any ad..

  9. pankaj says:

    nice offer for new users along with old user thanks to quikr and recharge partner paytm and my lover SMI website…

  10. rajesh says:

    quikr app keha se download kerni hain

  11. Harman says:

    It’s working

  12. Anonymous says:

    Be it’s working or not
    say pls

  13. arjun says:

    @Haider Ali, Download quikr on ur phone and sign up using your mail id. you will get the coupon on id u register. post one ad and you will get another coupon in ur mail box. maximum time for coupon to arrive is 24 hours.

  14. Haider Ali says:

    How to get coupan.

  15. MS says:

    Got 7 time.and waiting for more

  16. Abhi says:

    Signed up on the app
    Haven’t received the mail yet

  17. Rahul says:

    only one number per account can be recharged also cannot recharge the same no. twice.. :(

  18. akki says:

    Kitna time lagta hai email ane mai

  19. ASHISH says:


  20. arn says:

    Got both coupons thanks SMI

  21. davood says:

    i have recived 2 coupons

  22. sharukh says:

    Mere to koi coupon code nhi aaya yr…
    Download bhi kr liya or post bhi daal di…

  23. Ragini says:


    I didn’t got coupons even after login and posted ad. Ad is live on app but not received any code. Pls help me to get coupon code

  24. yogesh says:

    I got 2 coupan

  25. anonymous says:

    aisa kuch nahi ha kuch bhi daalo chalega

  26. Prasant says:

    You will get the codes.
    I think there might be over load to quikr and they are unable to issue code.
    Because I got codes instantly.

  27. Sehul says:

    It is working.

    The Mobile number and Email address should be same in Quikr and Paytm in order to receive the code. The code is received within 10 minutes after you login in Quikr app. Another code is received once your Ad is active on Quikr

  28. galaxy says:

    thanks prasant
    i have done the same but not yet received any code.

  29. Prasant says:

    Steps to get codes.

    Go to play store,
    Download app
    Login/sign up
    check your mail for code

    again Post an ad
    and check your mail.

    Both offer are working on same device with same id only one time.

    I hope doubts are cleared.

  30. anonymous says:

    can i use offer 2 on the old device?? any1 tried..

  31. galaxy says:

    but there is no link to download quikr app on this page. should it be downloaded from play store directly.?
    any body please answer

  32. Gags says:

    by what time the coupon post ad would be mailed…any idea ?

  33. rahul says:

    5 minute me hi mil jata hai

  34. Sonu says:

    I not received coupon after post ads.
    Kitne time me milta h ye

  35. minesh says:

    Where is code received ? in email or the app ? plz elaborate the process for the deal

  36. Gaurav says:

    Got 100 Rs cashback in paytm after applying two coupns.. Thanks SMI

  37. rahul says:

    Ek divece par ek hi bar l raha hai kya

  38. Shashank says:

    its working and real.great offer. got ir recently

  39. Shashank says:

    not worked for me

  40. prabhat says:

    Got so fast…its real

  41. Anonymous says:

    @raghu, Got it? So fast? When you downloaded today?

  42. keloth raju says:

    i got 2 times 2*50

  43. himanshu says:

    i got it

  44. pankaj says:

    how to get coupon code…?

  45. Raghu says:

    got amount..

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