Monginis 25% off on Purchase of Rs. 200 Voucher Rs. 25 – Groupon

monginisDiscount coupon can be used to purchase all products available at on the website except e-vouchers and Monginis Gift Vouchers.

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4 Responses to “Monginis 25% off on Purchase of Rs. 200 Voucher Rs. 25 – Groupon”

  1. Mehul Shah says:

    Deal is worth only if order value is Rs.1500 or more.

  2. Kiran says:

    How it is worthless? I purchase coupon for Rs. 40 from snapdeal. From Monginis I purchase photo cake of Rs. 2000 where I get Rs. 700 discount so I paid 1300 + 100 delivery = 1400 and on Snapdeal Rs 40 So the cake cost me Rs. 1440. I end up saving Rs. 560.

    Dear Mehul, if you find any cake vendor providing quality 3 KG photo cake at Rs. 1440, please let all know. Monginis is always best in quality and pricing. Prices are definitely lower than any online vendor and on top of that 35% discount is icing on cake.

  3. mnggupta says:

    worthless deal………

  4. MEHUL SHAH says:

    1 kg cost Rs.440/- + 100 Delivery & 1/2 kg cost 220/- + 100 delivery.
    Calculate Discount on Cost Rs.154/- for 1 kg & 77/- for 1/2 kg.
    for this deal you pay Rs.40/- to snap deal. So actual saving will be 440/- less 35% Add 100 Delivery & 40 Snap deal. Total 426/- instead of 440/- . Worthless Deal.

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