Mortein Power Gard Power Booster Rs. 51 – Tradus

mortein-powerTradus has Mortein Power Gard Power Booster for Rs. 51. Features 7x more powerful, effective against both mosquitoes and houseflies & sliding power control for effectively controlling varying number of mosquitoes.

Gift Voucher: MEGAD41

Buy: Mortein Power Gard Power Booster

71 Responses to “Mortein Power Gard Power Booster Rs. 51 – Tradus”

  1. papu kumar says:

    new cosomar ko dega purane wale kya tere dusman hai jo unhe nahi dega fir baad mai roiega mall nahi bikta

    wo kahawat to suni hogi naya no din purana so din

  2. Mahita says:

    I ordered 2 mega deals …but not recd any item yet……..This is a Faltu web site…..

  3. K.P. Singh" Kakkaju" says:

    yo to bejjati si kar reya hai humari…….30 ruaiya main to 80 kilo ko koi insaan deliver ho jawe yo 100gm ko mortein deliver kar raho hai

  4. ravi says:


  5. Rahul says:

    Now all deals on Tradus Only for new users……. So don’t waste your time on TRUDUS….

    See deals on SHOPCLUES.

  6. Sunny says:

    BOYCOTT TRADUS- trying to clear unsold stocks.Useless Deal

  7. Ashish says:

    Deals are for Only for new users, then existing users have no option :-(

  8. N M Rao says:

    T R A D U S……….Stop fooling the buyers — When i applied the coupon code i got the message “You have already availed the maximum allowed number of offers within the promotion ” –but when i read the terms and condition nothing is mentioned. So tradus should clarify before advertising and sending the mail to registered buyers mentioning the the ters and condition.

  9. gupta.yash says:

    Not a mega deal….dont waste ur money

  10. kailash kher says:

    @SMI: Which ever way you try to justify this deal, the hefty shipping charge can not be justified. The shipping charge is what refrains the deal from becoming a ‘deal’. Tradus is losing its charm, let it be the way Tradus wants it to be.

  11. maan says:


  12. Man says:

    Its openly availability at Rs.62 at This deal not much of use. Moreover we can get 2 Eveready batteries free with the refill pack , if purchased individually.

  13. maan says:

    @ RAGINI plz tell us the site. V r waiting

  14. maan says:

    They says ‘You have already availed the maximum allowed number of offers within the promotion’

  15. Sunny says:

    TRADUS trying to clear unsold old stocks making fool of us. BOYCOTT TRADUS!!!

  16. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    MRP on box is Rs. 85 – Rs. 15 = Rs. 70.

  17. kailash kher says:

    MRP = Rs.70

    Rs.15 off => MRP = 70-15=55
    You get it for 51 on tradus.

    Is it a deal in any case?

  18. Vvv says:

    @ragini …plz tell the site from which u biy it for 11/_….

  19. Sunny says:

    Tradus ka bewkoof banae ka nat phir se chalu!! Guys Boycott Tradus so that they revert back to Re 1 Deals, Dhire dhire amt badte hi chala jata hai . Useless Deal completely.

  20. Ragini says:

    bought from a site in rs 11/- only

  21. KRISHAN says:

    not a good deal…….. it should be of 31 only

  22. Sunny says:

    Tradus seems to be more of a courier co. charging hefty courier charges. Check the following link as to how they charge shipping chs of Rs 199/- to send a CD.Bachkar raho Tradus se.
    Shipping Fee:Rs 199 COD Available COD Fee: Rs.19

    Seller Location – New Delhi, Delhi

  23. E-shopper says:

    Coupon code MORTEIN1 is working, however the total price inclusive of Rs 30 shipping makes it Rs 51 which is waste and in fact a LOOT, but not for buyers, rather Tradus.

    Not worthy at all.

    Similarly, they’ve promoted Encyclopedia at Re 1 (, with 199 as shipping!

    Fully Faaltu Tradus :(

  24. Sunny says:

    They are not able to sell their stocks so they keep repeating the Deals evryday. All their products and so called Mega Deals are USELESS! not worth more than 31/- Tradus means Public ko bewkoof Banao aur looto!

  25. Praveen says:

    Deal is not working…..
    what is the reason.

  26. santhosh says:

    Coupon is not working

  27. Amandeep says:


  28. SOUVIK says:

    Deal nt working..!! Please chk

  29. prithvi raj says:

    Mortein Power Gard Power Booster Rs. 51 – Tradus
    Product ValueRs. 70
    Shipping ChargesRs. 30
    Shipping DiscountRs. 0
    Gifting ChargesRs. 0
    GV DiscountRs. 0
    Grand Total : Rs. 100
    Total Payment to be made

    Redeem Gift Voucher (Terms & Conditions)

    Offer: Use GV code
    ‘MORTEIN1′ and get
    this @Rs. 21

    Gift voucher not valid
    SMI plz. AAP ko TRADUS ki aid se kuchh jyada hi munafa ho raha hai, offer to daal di per wo chahe work kare na kare aap ki bala se.

    khud hi cheq kar lo purchase k liye baitha th sara data copy kar k bhej raha hoon.

    Rs. 51/- kaha hai
    agar ho sake to reply dena

  30. harish says:

    first check the deal then post.

  31. Dhawanbm says:

    Tradus, still on higher side, it should be at a low of Rs31/- dont go for it!

  32. anil gupta says:

    koi nahi laega bandh kar do

  33. Anonymous says:

    ideotic deal

  34. Ashish says:

    Bought this for 11 Rs from pepperfry…

  35. bhan says:

    18004193344 number is more busy than PMs number, always busy???

  36. ramesh says:

    kuchh to sharm karo tradus walo

    tradus site dekhne walo se request hai ki aap tradus se purchasing karna band kar do apne aap hi mega deal ko band kar dega, Tradus ko b pata hai k max. pagal log to purchase kar hi lenge. so viewers plz. donot purchase any item Tradus Mega deal

    baki aapki marzi

  37. radhey says:

    Rs, 30/- shipping charges

    30/- me to 1/2 kg ka corrier jata hai


    tradus ko corrier co. se jyada commission milne lag raha hai, product sasta corrier high

    shameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tradus

  38. varun kapila says:

    @ manikandan shipping nahi doge kya ???

  39. varun kapila says:

    @ manikandan

    where u bought in 21 ????

    these is the latest details

    Product ValueRs. 70
    Shipping ChargesRs. 30
    Shipping DiscountRs. 0
    Gifting ChargesRs. 0
    GV DiscountRs. 49
    Grand Total : Rs. 51
    Total Payment to be made

  40. manikandan says:

    Now Deal works. Only Rs.21

  41. husain says:


  42. sitar says:

    don’t buy

  43. ABC says:

    TRADUS is Chor.

  44. GOPINATHKN says:

    This is also going to be a mega flop deal for TRADUS. Already they might have seen the slower response for yesterday’s deal and reduced it by Rs.10. So today also they have to reduce atleaset Rs. 15 so that there can be any sale.

    TRADUS are you listening or not?

  45. karun says:

    Past some says tradus has started cheating customers in the name of MEGA DEAL…
    Right from the Oral-B tooth brush deal, they are continuosly cheating people !!!!

    Mega Deal Down Down !

  46. varun kapila says:


  47. Bk says:

    Guys don’t buy with this high price, let they come to know we are not interested in high price deal, they will drop the price once they come to know that no one is interested in to buy this kind of deal…
    So wait, don’t buy for now, until price get dropped , as per yesterday…

  48. aLiEn says:

    Not justified at this price tag !!

  49. Sridhar says:

    Makes sense only if they reduce shipping by 20/-i.e. final price 31/- else leave it.

  50. Satish says:

    ekdum faltu deal…and tradus always brings all bakwas deal…if the deal is good than they dont deliver to ur address…!!!

  51. sanjay says:

    Yar ye to shipping k naam per loot h. shipping cost should be Rs. 10-15 maximum.

  52. Ram says:

    51 ki 2
    51 ki 2

  53. Original says:

    Tradus Walon kucch to Sharam Karo… Mega Deal likhne se chhulu bhar pani me doob maro….

  54. Srinath says:

    they will reduce shippng by 5rs wait for sometime

  55. Sunny says:

    I bought from Shop Clues for 30/- 2months back.

  56. Sunny says:

    Once again a Bakwas Deal from Tradus. Not worth at all!

  57. vikash khemka says:

    not shipped to kolkata why?….

  58. dealraja says:

    In order to use GV we have to give miss call to18004193344 from reg mobile number #WTF

  59. KRISHAN says:

    70 me 2 to me easy day me hai………. kal hi kharida mai ne…….. 25 me mile to theek hai…..

  60. GANESH says:

    DEAL STARTED LIVE NOW…But me confusing this deal good or not…21+30 = 51 rupees …( shipping charge very high)..hmmm lets wait not to buy now…

  61. Gagan says:

    Deal is Live now…price still on higher side…lets wait till 2 hours :)

  62. joy says:

    as per tradus Wholesale Price: Rs. 70

    Discount provided by MORTEIN rs off so market price—– Rs 55

    Tradus Mega deal Price—- Rs 51

    Tradus vale pagal ho gaye hain, roz bakwas deal. Price should be rs 30 including shipping for mega deal.

    Mujhe nahi lagta kopi itna bewkoof hoga jo rs 55 me khiride…..

  63. Gagan says:

    Even the couple code “MORTEIN’” is not working.

    Gift voucher not valid

  64. Srinath says:


  65. Imran says:

    Already this product is available in the market at the price of 45-50. Even you can go for Good Night mosquito repellent @ 59-60. Bakwas deal.

  66. Gagan says:

    Another waste deal…shipping cost Rs 30…too high..the deal price including shipping should have been Rs. 34-38. Nobody is interested in buying this :P

  67. anil gupta says:

    itnae mae toe khae sae bhi lae lo bakwas deal

  68. Ruchir says:

    51 hmmmm, mega deal.Is it????

  69. H.S.Gupta says:

    aditya shishu its Upcoming deal – 22nd Feb, 10AM

    don’t you read ?

  70. GANESH says:


  71. aditya shishu says:

    Coupon is not working….damm

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