Moserbaer Swivel Pen Drives 8GB Rs. 169, 16GB Rs. 299, 32GB Rs. 809 – ShopClues

Now store, share and transfer your audio and video files in a compact portable device. With capacities ranging from 8GB to 32GB, the Moser Baer range have one million rewritable cycles and its advanced technology circuitry has data retention feature of upto 10 years.

Coupon: SCMP39

Buy Moserbaer Swivel Pen Drives: 8GB Rs. 169 | 16GB Rs. 299 | 32GB Rs. 809

11 Responses to “Moserbaer Swivel Pen Drives 8GB Rs. 169, 16GB Rs. 299, 32GB Rs. 809 – ShopClues”

  1. P N Durgarao says:

    how to purchase 8 GB pen drive can u tel me online purchase

  2. ShahJahan says:

    @manish: Yes, the deals are true for a limited time. These deals are short-lived and you have to jump in before they expire.

  3. manish says:

    are these deals true or not?

  4. ShahJahan says:

    That’s very sad. I, along with three of my friends would have gotten this if there was COD. I’m looking for good deals on storage like 16GB or more Pen Drives and 1 or 2 TB External HDDs.

    Thanks to this site, I’ve found some good deals. BTW, this is the best deal on 1TB external Hard Disk, so you might want to put it up on your website. It is the cheapest I’ve found so far:

    Continue with the good work. We appreciate it.

  5. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Courier companies charge extra for COD because money has to be returned to sender (extra work) and customer may refuse to accept the item (less likely if customer has pre-paid).

  6. shyam says:

    i had bought one 16 gb
    i think its very less for this money
    this site is trust worthy as i bought several items from here to rural areas also

  7. ShahJahan says:

    I don’t understand how will it save cost. I mean they DO have to get it delivered, so why don’t take the money then?!

  8. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    “Hot” deals like these don’t have COD to save costs.

  9. ShahJahan says:

    NOT available for Cash on Delivery (COD). I found this out after registering on the ShopClues website and after filling the 3rd page of booking!

    What a waste of time!

  10. yi says:

    deal ended now/…………………..

  11. chandra sekhar says:

    its is really very nice

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