Motorola Moto G 8GB Rs. 8999, 16GB Rs. 9999 – FlipKart

motorola-moto-gFeatures 4.5″ Touchscreen Display, 1.2GHz Quad Core Processor, 1GB RAM, 5MP and 1.3MP Camera, 2070mAh Battery, Dual SIM & Android Jelly Bean 4.3.

Buy Motorola Moto G: 8GB Rs. 8999 | 16GB Rs. 9999 | More Mobiles

76 Responses to “Motorola Moto G 8GB Rs. 8999, 16GB Rs. 9999 – FlipKart”

  1. ritik says:

    suprb… today two ordered

  2. Nitin says:

    Have ordered Moto G (Gen 2), anyone already having it? Any review’s about it’s performance?

  3. Vinay T says:

    Who cares? At this price + 2k get the monstrous MI3 ;)

  4. Aakash says:

    Just activate student account and get 8 gb for Rs.9924 and 16 for Rs.11249..:) :)

  5. anish says:

    Bought it. For 9924 with student discount

  6. anish says:

    8 gb ia oos. let us know when its in stock

  7. jimit says:

    purchased in 11249 rupees…..750 extra dis. guys……

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hey nitesh, how did you got Rs.150 off?
    Which coupon?

  9. nitesh says:

    Got one at 11,249/- (Student offer – additional 5% off + Rs.150/- off). Gr8 deal…

  10. ritika jain says:

    Guys .. You can get better phones at this price than moto G .. In 12000, they are just offering 1 gb ram + 5 mp camera .. Moto g battery life is average .. Most of the brands are now giving 2 gb ram + 8 mp camera .. Please go for either Zenfone 5 or Xiomai mi3 .. These phone are much better than moto G .. Bye

  11. Vikram says:

    The Moto G fizz is out… stocks still available with reduced prices.

  12. vicky says:

    Xiaomi effect :)

  13. Mannu says:

    Placed the order at 7AM today for ?11,999/-. I guess this is the best deal. It’s a throwaway price!
    I was thinking of buying Moto G since the day it was launched (Nov 2013).

  14. DEEPAK YADAV says:

    Booked two moto g 16 gb in 11999 each. Thanks SMI?

  15. XtremeX11 says:

    This offer is working. Thanks smi. I wanted t get moto g 16gb for my bro bday. Still active at 00.32 am.

  16. Sekhar says:

    I booked order yesterday 8 pm, and then saw ur post, cancelled it and rebooked just now FOR 12k, tou are awesome SMI

  17. Sandeep K Arora says:

    Ordered 16GB for 11,999! Lets see now……..

  18. gopis says:

    where is the proof of discount?

  19. Vinay T says:

    We all thought it was cheap. But considering Mi3 costs just 14k, I can begin to estimate the manufacturing costs of Moto G and the expensive Moto X :D

  20. Mohit Goyal says:

    purchase 16 gb.. n waiting for it….

  21. Harish says:

    Best phone…………. bought one

  22. Shobhit says:

    when vl MOTO G 16Gb b available.. Plz update ..

  23. Rahul raj says:

    when 16gb moto g will be avaible…plzzz uptade …///\\\moto GGG

  24. Anurag says:

    @Ruchir Bansal : It was not Google’s loss. Google bought the “company + Patents” for the money and sold the company alone. They kept the patents. Smart move given the fact there are so many patents war happening around.

  25. Rohit says:

    What is the number where sms is to be sent… I did not received any number nor i see it anywhere

  26. mohit says:

    I have purchased this phone around two weeks ago ,am I eligible for this offer

  27. don says:

    lava is launching iris 406q for rs.7000

    lava iris 406 q vs moto g

    both have android kitkat version, 1 GB RAM, 5MP camera,1280 x 720 video recording.

    lava slimmer and smaller(4inch) than moto g.
    processor in lava is also 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon, Quad Core and gpu is adreno 302 which is slightly slower (or you can say approximately same; as other small companies mostly use mediatek) than moto g`s 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, Quad Core; gpu- adreno 305.
    battery is slightly smaller in lava(1700 mAh) as compare to 2070 mAh of moto g, but i thin, due to smaller screen and resolution, battery backup would be same. And Lava`s battery is removable also.
    Of course internal memory is smaller (4gb, available to user: 2.25gb), but there is expandable memory upto 32gb.
    when it comes to display and touch of course Lava lags behind the moto g;
    (lava WVGA, 480 x 800 Pixels and moto g HD, 1280 x 720 Pixels
    no ips lcd in lava and no Corning Gorilla Glass coating)
    but i think half price could justify the screen.

  28. Vinay T says:

    This is a very old ad, there are no discounts, why are you posting this again SMI?

  29. pankaj says:

    i wanted to buy blue one but they are selling black only.

  30. Saif ali faiz.. says:

    gonna to buy MOTOROLA MOTO G

  31. andy says:

    @Sanjay what about Corning Gorilla Glass 3?? according to you this must be oldest technology and spec??

    using this wonderful moto g 8gb but cdma version with reliance cdma great vfm mobile got it for just 10k and economical 3g internet too 1gb for just Rs.96
    no other mobile available with kitkat @this price or maybe upto 20k and that too near stock android thats just great.

  32. sanjay says:


  33. Mandeep Goraya says:

    BANG ON !!

    Superb Phone.. Got a 16 gb beast for 13999/-.
    Beleive me friends the screen quality is awesome, you won’t get such phone in this amount and performance 10 on 10.. superb, faster, smoother…
    Go and Grab one for urself, varna pahtaoge agar rate badaa dia motorola ne ya piece band kr dia to… coz remember companies stop the production if a phone is in a over response as other models don’t sell much so.. but ih moto’s case it won’t be now as this is the initial stgae after 2 years.

    Happy to have a MOTO G.

    I am MOTO !

  34. sam says:

    Moto G (Black, with 16 GB) Rs. 170 but Out of Stock not able to book it :(

  35. sam says:

    Moto G (Black, with 16 GB) Rs. 170

  36. vam says:

    Plz tell me about battery back of this phone in haevy use….plz real review by whch who use this phone….

  37. Anivesh says:

    a strange strange update from delhi

    3 of my friends ordered when the timeline was 10-20 days shipping and they received their phones in 2 days :)

    so delhi guys wanting to buy move swiftly

  38. AYUSH says:


  39. Gaurav n says:

    Don’t miss the deal. It’s the most amazing and impressive phone. I bought it on 7th and received on 15th . Feb. I have been using it very intensively. I am just loving the phone.

  40. anivesh says:

    got it on 7th feb 7 pm….5 stars to phone and flipkart.awaiting back cover which should reach me soon.probably tomorrow.
    awesome phone for the price.
    flipkart where are the launch day vouchers?

    did anyone get them??

  41. Manjunath p says:

    Yapppiii got my phone today. thanks flipkart

  42. meet says:

    received 1 moto g 16 gb today along with black flip cover. i have paid only 13909/- in total.
    my rating for moto g 4.5 out of 5 and for flipkart 5 out of 5. guys go for it and book it. quality and all features are good.the only bad thing is that it does not have data cable,otherwise awsome product by motorola.

  43. LAVISH says:


  44. anivesh says:

    Moto G 16gb Available to BOOK….but ships in 10 – 20 days

  45. anivesh says:

    Feeling Happy and excited :)

    Tracking Details – WSRP076246***8

    Shipment Status
    Current Location: In Transit To Rangpuri Sort Facility

    Shipment History
    Thursday, 6th Feb
    04:31 pmNew Delhi
    In Transit To Rangpuri Sort Facility
    03:17 pmBengaluru
    Received At Whitefield Sort Facility
    03:09 pmBengaluru
    In Transit To Whitefield Sort Facility
    Shipment Summary
    Total Amount:Rs. 14089
    Weight:0.4 Kg(s)
    New Delhi
    Delhi – 110049.
    WS Retail Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

  46. anivesh says:

    @all those who bought it already and especially those who will buy in d near future. PLEASE pay RS.90 extra for next day delivery.
    Atleast I made that choice and paid extra and my phone has already been shipped and is in transit to me.,I will have it in hand tomorrow.

    90 bucks aint much for getting ur phone in time

  47. gaurav says:

    flipkart revised delivery timeline to 17-02-2014 :( :( what the ….

  48. anivesh says:

    got 1 – 16gb with Red color back only cover :)….waiting to win d 100% credit now ;)

  49. Anu Agarwal says:

    when 16GB varient willl be available next?

  50. Divya says:

    Any idea if 16GB will be available back again :( ?

  51. gaurav says:

    buy 1 16 gb + back case :)

  52. Anonymous says:

    restocked now. check!

  53. Chaha says:

    are we sure that flipkart is based out of India. Maybe they are in other country and taking about there 12 noon :p

  54. gaurav says:

    flipkart ke 12 nahi beje abhi tak…………

  55. anivesh says:

    almost noon been checking since morning nothing yet

  56. Anivesh says:

    Thanks for the stock.update smi

  57. techie says:

    Mobile is not up to the mark. The storage and camera are the major issues. Battery not good. It is better at 10 to 12 thousand. It is all marketing stunt. Better go for nexus 4, HTC 501, HTC 601, Samsung grand 2, xolo opus, etc all have almost same or higher specs. All these vendors purchase mobile materials from China. The charge varies due to brand name and taxes. Moto G will be best at 11k.

    In US, THE COMPANY REDUCES THE COST FROM $399 TO $299 in one week. Wait if u want to save ur precious money.

  58. anivesh says:

    looks like they pulled the stock for the night……may reup in the mornin …even all the covers are gone…. i cant believe that so many units sold in a few minutes that it went out of stock.
    they have done it on purpose so that they can get day time traffic on website too

  59. gaurav says:

    waiting for 16 gb stock :(

  60. Chirag Nangia says:

    16 GB is out of stock now….

  61. Pavan says:

    I have ordered 16GB model its available guys go ahead and purchase if u have kept your browser for long time and refreshing the same tab may not work close it and open the link provided by SMI and purchase it :-)

  62. Chirag Nangia says:

    16 GB is available now :D

  63. Boss says:

    Bought 16 GB :)

  64. raj says:

    16 gb not available …

  65. Pavan says:

    Bought 1 Thnxz SMI :-)

  66. Anonymous says:

    16 GB Model is not longer available, it pulled out before release. Only 8 model is available for purchase.

  67. Chirag Nangia says:

    Link for 16 gb is not opening now…

  68. pavan kumar says:

    16 gb variant is not coming

  69. Pavan says:

    100% cash back will be as store credit on moto g store not as cash back or gift voucher on flipkart

  70. pavan kumar says:

    wow!!!! good price….. and planning to BUY……………

  71. gaurav says:

    Planing to buy …

  72. MEHUL SHAH says:

    100% CB is a lucky draw.not for 1st 100.

  73. gaurav says:

    100% cash Back first 100 customers.. wow…

  74. Ruchir Bansal says:

    Galaxy Core looks pale comparatively and same or more price.i.e. 12.5 k and Xperia M dual has serious int. memory issues although no official word but is about 500Mb for installing apps and no trf to SD options like older OS had for more so called security.Now in the hands of Lenovo after Google,its future looks bright.Bought at 1/4th-1/5th price Google bought approx,rare Google loss.

  75. Santosh says:

    Amazing.. eye popping deal…

  76. Himanshu says:

    WOW! Dual SIM Version in India at Such Reasonable Price.

    Hello MOTO !

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