Motorola Moto G Turbo Rs. 4999 – Amazon

moto-g-turboFeatures 5″ Touchscreen Display, 1.5GHz Octa Core Processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB Internal Memory Expandable upto 32GB, 13MP and 5MP Camera, 2470mAh Battery, Dual SIM & Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.

Promotional Code: GYJQJ3YW (In step Place Order under “Gift cards, Voucher & Promotional codes”. Can be redeemed once / account.)

Buy: Motorola Moto G Turbo (Promotional Code applicable on White Colour)

216 Responses to “Motorola Moto G Turbo Rs. 4999 – Amazon”

  1. Ubed says:

    2 weeks gone…still no refund :( i didnt expected this from Amazon.

  2. Varinder Mittal says:

    Case ki first hearing kab ki hai.. @anand bas kar liya case file tumne bada hero ban raha tha dalal apni family ka

  3. Mulchandani says:

    April Fool Hogaya

  4. Varinder Mittal says:

    Kya huya sab logo ki bolti kyu band ho gyi. Kisi ne kiya bhi hai case file ya sab hawa me hi baat kar rhe the

  5. Piyush says:

    Now what can happend lates news about moto turbo

  6. Varinder Mittal says:

    All of these people’s are fool and talking nonsense here. None of them have dare to do anything of what they say

  7. shopper says:

    Well said @The Real Indian…People who always wants everything for free might have to face situation like these…so better stop crying and move on…Amazon still is the best as far customer care is concerned…

  8. The Real Indian says:


    All you ppl who are posting against Amazon will 100% get back and shop again as u ppl die for discounts

    Each nd everyone of you are only for talking, u cant do a thing in real

    All you cheap ppl You will again buy on Amazon and even you know it

    Go sleep and stop crying cheap minds

  9. Varinder Mittal says:

    @Anand teri family ki dalali karta hu. Kabhi mann kare ti bhej dena apni family ko mere pass. And tu to kal ka londa hai tu mat le mujhse panga. Fad ke rakh dunga

  10. rohit kansal says:

    even if it is a technical glitch
    how this remain available for 2 hours

    it harldy takes 5-10 minutes to judge and fix such errors by such big companies like amazon

  11. Mulchandani says:

    Govt permits 100% FDI in e-comm market places to woo investors like Amazon, Ebay

    e commerce mai aur kya kya hoga dekhte jayee Yeh tho shruwat hai DOst

    jab se e commerce aaya hai roj ek naya fraud nayi bateee naye codes Share Baazar ho gaya hai … Saaata Baazar

  12. manish says:

    sabse jyada bekar h amazon h. ye pahle offer deta h fr offer cancel kar deta h. fr technical issue batata h. amazon se purchase hi band kr do. fr akal thikane aayegi uski…

  13. Anand says:

    Abey varinder amazon ke dalaal tere jaison ki wajah se hi ye commerce site apni manmani karti hai tere ko kyu problem hui hai bhadve kya dalaali leta hai amazon se randi baazi karne ke liye he he he

  14. theSpoiledBoy says:

    I actually feel sorry for amazon which has been one of the fairest ecommerce site in our country. The same people who enjoyed their huge discounts are bombarding them for a single error.

    Remember Amazon is the only site that offered Zero questions asked, Return for so long.

    But had to change its policy due to the misuse by great Indians. Actually you guys only deserve flipkart and Snapdeal and their fake discount offers. Funny how peoole who already have good phone, ordered 4-5 pieces for all the family members and for re – selling. I too ordered one in a hope to get it delivered. There was probability that we might have got it, but as it was loot, people placed multiple orders, called amazon CC, and for three hours this loot continued. And this is the reason for all cancelled orders.

    The promo code was shared by Some other guy who himself didn’t ordered a single piece. But here so many comments from people who really want this phone at this price. Guys relax, its high time we forget this now. Error happens and the code wasn’t published on Amazon India website so don’t waste your time. Better luck next time.

  15. G K says:

    Amazon delivered first hundred customer this product. Amazon can delivered 100 customer then why not delivered to remaining customer?

  16. swap says:


    I want what I offered

  17. Murali says:

    I think first we need to know following.

    1). Who created this code (Amazon or others if others then who is the perticular source)
    2).How amazon accepted the code if it is not created by amazon

  18. Sumit says:

    Check AMAZON INDIA FACEBOOK comments(with screenshot ), some people have received moto g turbo at 4999 plus they have opted for one day delivery by paying extra rs 100.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Guys , we are going to take legal action against amazon ,
    for legal action, we need some strong points, and information as maximum as possible.

    let’s sue amazon with such a bullshit marketing stunt.

  20. Sudhir says:

    Amazon can be sued on two counts one is for breach of contract as the order acceptance is completion of a contract, second which is more serious offence is breach of confidence and privacy.

    They claim that the code was not generated by them and it is some third party job, which in other words means admission of breach of security of the servers (how else can someone create a code acceptable to the server) which entails a grave risk of personal data security of all the customers including their credit card details!!!

    Think over it and unite and file a joint suit against amazon.

    warm regards

    Sudhir Kalra

  21. Varinder Mittal says:

    @anand abey lunde dum to hai nhi tere me kuch karne ka ja phele ja kar apna muh doh kar aa tabhi panga lena mujhse

  22. Mulchandani says:

    Amazon’s Jeff Bezos (AJ)
    Alibaba’s Jack Ma (AJ)

    Both AJ’s

    Deals ki Picture Abhi baki hai mere dost Soon HAPPY Hour and Happy Days will be Back

    E Commerce war baki hai

  23. vinod says:

    Guys the thing is that,the offer was given to amazon employees as some offer,but some one made the promocode out,so we all have used and amazon is trying to get the culprit,who made it out

  24. Nachi says:

    And also within five days only we have a time to raise a complaint. I think save money india is the first source of this coupon. Can we contact save money india or the man who post this?

  25. irshad says:

    I have a question here to Savemoneyindia?

    where did you got this code? Means what was the source of the code?

    Guys please make sure this is received from the proper channel. After that we can only make complaint in consumer forum.

    The great news is that my order also been canceled.

  26. bhanu says:

    I got my 2 orders

  27. Debasish Chakrabarty says:

    Write directly to Zeff Bezos about the matter.
    At email address

  28. Tushar says:

    you can search and reach various consumer oriented NGO nearby you or contact Jago ghrahak jago.

  29. Tushar says:

    if the code was not generated by amazon, how was the code applicable then. I m a lawyer. N did read nikhil bansal v. Snapdeal case. The same was said by snapdeal tht it was technical error. But the plantiff was awarded an iphone 5s in jus rs68 And a penalty of rs.10000, Was also given as litigation charges. In our case we were told about the offer by third party websites, which have given the correct amazon codes in past. And if the code was incorrect then how was it applicable. Then y did they take our payment too and they sent confirmation mail also wid invoice. Its jus an open eye cheating case. There are so many procedure u can employ. One can go to lodge an f.i.r too for criminal breach of trust and cheating. Bcos amozon accepted our money for a product.

  30. Anand says:

    Abey varinder amazon ke chamche tere pe bhi case karna padega lagata hai saake amazon ke dalaal

  31. ANIRBAN says:

    Proof that some of them really got this.

  32. Varinder Mittal says:

    All of u people are just talking rubbish. None of u even dare to go to court. And if anybody can do this court will charged a fine to tht person as well cause of cheat/fraud to company. No one of u have proper source of coupon. Company can easily say that some one hack there website and create a fraud coupon code. Deal pr any coupons is not published on website of amazon. So stop talking nonsense and let do your own work

  33. R2 says:


    Please share details of Snapdeal case. It will be beneficial to all.

  34. ABHIRAM R says:

    I was also one of those who ordered. I have filed a complaint at and for those of you who want the details of the case of snapdeal and the Rs 68 iphone!.

  35. Anonymous says:

    it was not an amazon fault at all, if the promo was directly from amazon website then it can be taken as official,3rd party cannot be taken as official promo,there was a little mistake from amazon server,but they correct it in time,so guys be mature and accept the truth.
    Amazon has always provided a good deals, don’t be so arrogant

  36. Mulchandani says:

    Money Got Blocked ordered for mobiles now if the new lightning deal comes on amazon the advantage of that i am not going to get Only request plz refund the amount quickly

  37. D says:

    It will not be delivered, got cancellation msg. Money will be refunded.

  38. Manigandan says:

    R2 I support all this fraud activity.

  39. Ashi says:

    At least two orders are delivered.

  40. R2 says:

    Dear All,

    Another company failed to honor their commitment. Glad to see lots of voices against this cheating.

    I request all to support LUM300 fraud also. This is a high time to get together against such malpractice.


  41. rohit kansal says:

    anybody who recieved the order either post there order ids or keep thier mouth shut

  42. rohit kansal says:

    as per legal provisions of consumer protection act it is not mandatory to hair a lawyer

  43. Manigandan says:

    Dear Vk you are right. I also reading this snapdeal I phone case topic in many website. this case proof help to fight against amazon. any one in punjab or any person who details against this case like case no, court order copy please upload this. thank you!

  44. bhargav says:

    @ Pradeep. Please wait for some time, as still its showing out for delivery. Once it shows delivered, i will definetly give the order number. I dont know, why still they didnt put as order delivered.

  45. Pratik Patel says:

    some people got the mobile with this scheme..

    just because they paid 100 extra…

  46. king says:

    Guys, You all can file a complaint.
    In Delhi Consumer Court, Connaught Place covers all police stations.
    This is not a tough task, You have to spend 300-400 rupees in formalities.
    Keep your claim below 25K to avoid delay in settlement.

  47. nitesh says:

    i got 2 orders

  48. Anonymous says:

    pricing error is acceptable but home come the promotional code which is not given by amazon is accepted by the amazon this website is that much vulnerable?

  49. Pradeep Jha says:

    @bhargav, if you received your order then pls. provide us your Order No so we can talk to Amazon

  50. bhargav says:

    @ Anonymous, You should ask same with Amazon

  51. Dheeraj Jain says:

    i am redy to file a case

  52. Manik Vaddadi says:

    Dear frnds,

    If anyone is going to file a case against Amazon.. Please let me know. Simply Amazon is playing with our Indians emotions. Let us show the power of indian..

  53. Alok Saroj says:

    @ Rohit Kansal
    Few months ago i had a major service issue . I went to consumer forum and there i found that it is not as easy as you saw on the tv ad. TV ad shows ad that cheated customer just have to go to their district consumer forum and simply fill a form of 5-10/- rs only. Also you can’t directly file a case against the company at first instance. Rule says that first send a letter to the company and tell them exactly the issue which you are facing. Company must have to give their response within specified time period. After that if you still think that you are cheated then you can file a case against the company on the basis of response made. In all this process you need a lawyer bcoz letter should be well compiled, this letter and the company’s response will be the base of your case.

  54. Mitul Patel says:

    Request to all buyers to go to consumer court and file a case. Like SnapDeal, FlipKart if they did fault, they have to deliver right product + Penalty to customer.

    Amazone ka stunt, usko hee bhari padna chahiye!!

  55. Jay says:

    Guys amazon cheated all the customer,They are cancelled all the customers orders.This is not the first time i have faced such thing 2-3 times earlier.Now amazon reputation will much effected.Yesterday when i was ordered the moto g turbo after that i was talk to a customer care executive.He assured me that my ordered is confirm and i will definitely get this product.But after some times they send me a cancellation mail.What Is This??This is a very cheap quality of publicity.We should complaint against amazon in consumer court.They need some lesson that in future they do not hurt the customer feelings and this kind of cheating activity.In future i should thinks 100 times before buying any product from amazon.So guys wake up and raise your voice against this cheating activity.

  56. Anonymous says:

    some orders are delivered then whynot all

  57. bhargav says:

    Hurray… I got a mobile, just now received from amazon courier..

  58. Anonymous says:

    They cancel all the orders

  59. himanshu says:

    Yes same here order get cancelled by
    They told me to pay 11549/-

  60. RAHUL DOSI says:

    my order was cancelled by amazon. this is cheating. i want to file a case against amazon.

    completely cheating.

  61. rohit kansal says:

    it is not mandatory to hair a lawyer in consumer forum
    and it only costs rs. 110 in postal order

  62. ashwin says:

    start twitter handle and share. we all will comment it. also write on AMAZON FB page. They want publicity let’s show them its not easy to fool Indian customer. In us amazon done this type of blunder in 2012 and as per laws they deliver the product with 70% discount to approx 10000 people.

  63. Teja says:

    Cancelled mine too…:-(

  64. Ramesh Babu says:

    shame on amazon, how can you do such activity on e-commerce websites. Someone jumps into your system and screwed u up. This is unacceptable. We will never purchase from amazon. This is 100% ridiculous. Just stop fooling people and bear the loss if any save your brand else get lost.

  65. srinath says:

    amazon down down amazon down down amazon down down

  66. Gags says:

    my order was cancelled.

  67. Alok Saroj says:

    For registering complaint in consumer forum , you have to hire a lawyer first. Without lawyer it is not possible to file a case against them. Remember also that this process takes lot of time and you also have to spend money as well.

  68. Ashi says:

    Order cancelled even after dispatch. Item returned to werehouse. Wtf.

  69. manish says:

    Order Cancelled & Refund Initiated…. will get refund in 3 days

  70. Nabasree says:

    Go to to lodge a online complain against them.

  71. aditya says:

    I alsi ordered but not recived..i will go in consumer court and file a case

  72. Ashish says:

    Order confirmed. But shipping date not confirmed.

  73. Parth Sejpal says:

    We should write it in twitter to the consumer forum and make it popular and retweet it to the consumer forum department

  74. Amir says:

    amzon cheated everyone with moto g. cancel all orders and refund 4999, but i will file a case on amzon, lets see what amzon will do?

  75. Amir says:

    Amazon is a fraud side.I want to go to court and case the Amazon company. Let’s go start

  76. Teja says:

    Has anyone got reply from Amazon regarding order…myself got this one

    Greetings from,

    We’re writing about the order(Order# 402-9064039-3397908) you placed on 27/03/2016.

    Please be advised that we have a revised delivery date for following items:

    “Moto G Turbo (White)”
    Estimated delivery date: 01/04/2016 – 05/04/2016

    For more details, please visit the Your Account section of our website :

    We will send you a confirmation e-mail when your item ships.

  77. jo says:

    Hey Friends
    I am Also in queue,
    I Know you all are really upset. but just think of yourself how many product code you use before and you all are very happy for that. Amazon did not ask when and how you get this codes? be a mature and just forget this deal as a bad luck because no one give you a promo code for redeem on Amazon and you don’t have any proof for this codes. completely agree with Mr. Varinder Mittal just shut this topic and don’t act like Beggars. Savemoneyindia is really help full but remember it’s not commuted on deals or any codes so how can you file case? i request you friends just move on and lease this topic. Amazon is really very nice site compare to Shopeclus,askmebazar,ebay,ext…

  78. Shrikant says:


    Here’s a copy of the chat transcript you requested:

    Initial Question: Order
    got got cancelled
    I wanted to know why?
    11:20 PM IST K(Amazon): Hello Shrikant . My name is Anjani. I’ll be glad to help you today.
    11:21 PM IST K: I am pleased to inform that, The code that was published was not authorized from Amazon and all the orders placed for this order will be auto canceled.
    That was an malfunction played by that particular website from where you have got the promo code.
    11:21 PM IST Shrikant Jagdale: So?
    11:22 PM IST Shrikant Jagdale: But order was confirmed
    You can not cancel order like that
    Its ur problem
    You have to deliver order
    11:23 PM IST K: I understand Shrikant. However as it was not authorized by Amazon the orders have been auto canceled.
    11:24 PM IST Shrikant Jagdale: If you not gone deliver order then I am going lodge complain in the consumer forum
    11:26 PM IST K: I would not be able to comment on that. I respect your decision Shrikant.
    11:27 PM IST K: However I would not be able to get this delivered as it a technical glitch and that promo was not by Amazon.
    I hope you understand.
    11:28 PM IST Shrikant Jagdale: Thanks
    I wanted to let you guys know
    11:29 PM IST Shrikant Jagdale: This is completely unethical
    11:29 PM IST K: I accept your point Shrikant.
    11:30 PM IST K: Totally agreed with you.
    However please understand this was by a third party website. If you wish you could definitely check that website and see that it is no where related to amazon at the same time if it was by Amazon it would have been reflecting on our website.
    11:33 PM IST Shrikant Jagdale: ok
    Thanks for chatting

    Thank you.

  79. AWINASH says:

    Pricing error.
    I want to laugh loudly at each of you who had placed order.

  80. pravi says:

    guys plz share this fraud activity done by amazon to news channel.
    i am having screenshot of the order details.

  81. Jaydeep says:

    amazone says that promo code is not valid. Then how can they accept this promo code. And if i enter any random promo code then why not they accept ?

  82. san says:

    had they even shipped a single mobile.?

  83. Kashik says:

    Just like freedom 251???

  84. sujit says:

    amzon cheated everyone with moto g. cancel all orders and refund 4999, but i will file a case on amzon, lets see what amzon will do?

  85. Jaydeep says:

    Amazone says that coupon was not displayed on Amazon site. So how can they accept and give discounts. Means there is security problem. In short amazon cheat always and says it is pricing error.

  86. Varinder Mittal says:

    @everyone who think tht they file a case against for cancelled their order., court fisrtly ask the source of coupon received because coupon published on website smi or any other is not any valid proof. U have no give and take process to obtained voupon code. So pls dont talk like fool people and i know that none of u have any power who just even file a complaint letter so just shut this topic

  87. Nabasree says:


  88. Nuts says:

    Write mail to ceo of amazon. He will 100% solve problem. Say amazon sold 1000 during that period. So 1000 * 5000 (may be landing price rs 10000) that is 50 lakhs. It hardly matter for amazon to maintain reputation. Jeff will arrange devices to all. Thanks

  89. Pankaj says:

    Why amazon taking the order if they are cancelled seriously we need to put complaint against amazon.

  90. Aman says:

    Lets create a fourm where we can communiate among ourself and take legal action.I am in Bangalore plzz tell me what to do.

  91. rohit kansal says:

    there is a lot of cases and investigations on freedom251′s owners who is new emerging indian entrepreneur but what about this unfaire trade practice who should jointly submit petition in consumer forume
    i think govt. itself should investigate into the matter and punish the cheaters

  92. Sri says:

    What case you guys wanna file? It’s not an offer from Amazon!! It’s a bug!! You’ll waste your court fee and feed lawyers.
    Go earn money and buy the phone. Don’t act like beggars.

  93. Amit Singh says:


  94. sri says:

    you wasted my valuable time ….we will see u in court for your fraud news

  95. Giftson Samuel says:

    My Names Giftson Samuel , I am from mumbai .. I had ordered successfully two such phones, but amazon cancelled it .. I even got an order confirmation from amazon through mail .. what gives them the right to cancel my order with out my consent and why was i to call amazon to figure out my order was cancelled .. I am a loyal customer of amazon been buying things from and since a long time , I am very disappointed due to this experience . i am also planning to stop buying items from amazon for the misleading and scamming users like me , Kindly contact me anyone from mumbai who is approaching consumer court i am in to sue those mofo

  96. venkat says:

    my order has cancelled …we will put a case on this fraud offer

  97. NIshant says:

    Let us file the complaint to consumer forum together.

  98. Vijay Sharma says:

    Lets just this apni dukaan . let sue the amazon

  99. DON says:

    My order has cancelled …definitely i will go through consumer court

  100. Vismay says:

    Order # – Status: Cancelled

    You can use this order number if anyone is filing case.

  101. Hari says:

    Yes guys we need to file a case against Amazon…

  102. SUMAN says:

    I Agree…. !!!

    They cancelled all the orders without any call or notice. Now it’s time we show amazon the power of Indians. If anyone is there in Delhi or Bangalore please file a case against amazon .

  103. Vk says:

    An iPhone 5S is priced at Rs 28,999 on Snapdeal currently but strangely enough, a B.Tech student from Punjab got it for Rs 68.

    As reported by Indiatimes on February 12, 2015, Nikhil Bansal ordered the phone for Rs 68 on the Snapdeal website but his order was cancelled, following which he approached the district consumer court in Sangrur.

    The court ruled in favor of Bansal and Snapdeal was told to pay a fine of Rs 2000 in March 2015 to the consumer welfare fund in addition to the phone for the promised sum. The court termed it a “clear-cut case of deficiency in service.”

    Snapdeal challenged the order and was made to pay Rs 10, 000 to the consumer welfare fund.

  104. Praksah says:

    m gonna to file a case against amazon for this big fraud.

  105. SK says:

    I have not received any cancellation intimation yet. Order was placed on cod and around 1.30 pm. In case it gets cancelled I am also keen to sue Amazon. I am from New Delhi would like to join others in collective action.


  106. Anonymous says:

    I ordered 2 phones..but Amazon cancelled 2 orders without any intimation

  107. rupesh raushan says:

    i m going to consumer forum bcz
    i want that phone any how at same price
    and i will take both amazon and savemoneyindia to the consumer court

  108. Narendu says:

    Where to file case online ??

  109. Raj says:

    …me 2 in favor of filing a case against amazon as they cancelled my order too…i placed 1 only moto g turbo…also money is debited and didn’t intimate me the reason for cancellation…

  110. Vicky says:

    Agr koi bhai case kre to hme bhi sath le lena

  111. vishal patel says:

    in my case i got discount without even entering coupon code..we should take legal action now,,,. show unity gyus

  112. Brijesh says:

    If amazon canceled the order then money will refund only today. If that is error then give the money today we have not wait for the 2 – 4 days…

  113. Mukesh says:

    They cancelled all the orders without any call or notice. Now it’s time we show amazon the power of indians. If anyone is there in Delhi or Bangalore please file a case against amazon .

  114. pardeep says:

    say invalid coupon

  115. Tushar says:

    Guys tell me the full procedure how to take legal action and move to consumer court I want to make compalin regarding such nuisance

  116. parth says:

    any one filling case in consumer forum please let me know i am in…

  117. suraj says:

    @Gabbar …REALLY!!!It’s amazon ,NOT sanpdeal OR any other weak and less potential

  118. manish says:

    Hello Friends. my order is cancelled by amazon. I m wid u and case to consumer court.

  119. Dharmesh says:

    Order cancelled

  120. Nachi says:

    You are now connected to Gowtham from
    Gowtham: Hello, Nachiappan.
    My name is Gowtham.
    Me: hi
    Gowtham: How may I assist you today?
    Me: I lose the trust on amazon without my knowledge how my order get cancelled? How could you have rights to cancelled prepaid ordered one with out customer intimation. My order number is . I got heavy discount through the coupon GYJQJ3YW. I did not want any justification like wrong pricing ..etc because it your fault. Market correct pricing correctly showing, how could it accept the promotion coupon? So it is cleaning showing you are doing marketing strategy on peoples time. I don`t plan to buy any product further from amazon because it is moved from trust-able zone to UN-trust-able zone. Not only me many people will faced the cheating from your side. I may be plan to move this issue as legal one.
    R we connected Gowtham?
    Gowtham: We are connected.
    Me: tell me whats happening in amazon.
    How my order cancelled?
    Gowtham: For confirmation are you referring for the item Moto G Turbo (White)?
    Me: Yes
    Gowtham: Thanks for the confirmation. This order has been cancelled due to pricing error.
    Me: did you reading my queries at start?
    I got heavy discount through the coupon GYJQJ3YW. I did not want any justification like wrong pricing ..etc because it your fault. Market correct pricing correctly showing, how could it accept the promotion coupon?
    what hell reason you are telling? then how the coupon got accepted?
    Gowtham: The product price is around Rs.12000 – to Rs.13000. So it is not possible to send the product at the least price. Currently this order has been cancelled by Amazon as the promo code hasn’t been issued from my side.
    Me: then how the coupon got accepted?
    12500-7500 is the coupon reduction
    then how the coupon got accepted?
    Gowtham: Could you please confirm the exact source where you have received the promo code?
    Me: If i plan to buy any product from amazon i am looking this site only. save money india.
    Gowtham: If you would prefer, you can place the order for the same item at the current price. We make sure that this order is not cancelled.
    Me: don`t make people fool
    Try to accept you mistake.
    My only question is how the coupon get accepted?
    Gowtham: Since the promo code hasn’t been issued from our side, could you please confirm the exact source of the coupon?
    Me: thats all forum which top rating the offers of your site
    I am regularly looking to the site and buying from your site
    how easily you are saying pricing error.
    coupon get accepted means its lag in price error?
    You can changing policy time to time
    I lose trust on amazon first
    Gowtham: I understand your disappointment.
    Me: I will not recommending amazon to any one
    Gowtham: But it is not possible to issue the product of Rs.13000.00 at Rs.4000.00
    I hope that you understand our limitation.
    Me: you know ringing bell they will provide 6000 price mobile at 251
    I will understand another thing too
    this is marketing your site in internet
    to get top in eCommerce
    Its not only mine disappointment many peoples
    you are playing with peoples by giving this kind of cheating offers
    Gowtham: We don’t have an intention to cancel the order.
    If the offer has been issued from our side means, the orders will be shipped without cancellation. But this promo code or promotion hasn’t been issued from our side.
    So this is the reason that the order has been cancelled.
    Me: I am cheated by you… you make a fraud offer.
    no i will not accept the reason I plan to move legal approach…
    Any way its a intimation to your team. Many people are affected by you mistake…
    How could the promotional get accepted in your system?
    Gowtham: Could you please that the promotion is issued from our side?
    Me: Promotional outside means how could it accepted by your system?
    system is yours right?
    Gowtham: This promo code has been accepted in error. Our team has updated the website now. So these kinds of codes will not be accepted in future. The offer is not issued from our side.
    Me: I am not talking about future… I am in present…
    I made a order in present
    Gowtham: I’m so sorry, but we can’t offer any additional insight or action on this matter.
    Is there anything else I can help you with?
    Me: Is you are ready to face the legal approach? I may plan to approach court further? this issue is major issue
    Gowtham: Since the policy has been already explained. We don’t have an option to assist you further.
    Thanks for contacting Amazon.
    Gowtham from has left the conversation.

  121. Kishore says:

    The guy who broke the code and generated one accepted code. he is awesome..

  122. Az says:

    Guys , I think we cannot do anything coz the coupon was not displayed on Amazon site . And if the price was 4999 without applying coupon code then we cud have fought ..

    But better luck if someone tries

  123. Abc says:

    Your order for Moto G Turbo (White) is cancelled. If you have already paid, refund will be initiated shortly. Check email for more details.

  124. palak thakrar says:

    Hi My order has been cancelled. Lets do the case on Amazon.

    If any one is filing group case then just let me know.


  125. Vineet says:


  126. neil says:

    guys my order is shipped

  127. Irfan Ahamad says:

    Order has been cancelled

  128. Rupam says:

    My order cancel…amazon par case karunga…

  129. Gabbar says:

    Any one who wants to go to court and file a case. I have two call recordings with their customer care executive.

    In one when I told that I am recording the call he got worried and said he will disconnect if I am recording and in the other one a lady confirmed that it will be shipped for sure.

    Let’s file a group complain with order numbers recordings, offer details, and order confirmation and cancellation mails. They earn a huge interest on our payments. It’s the time to teach a lesson to the.

  130. Pa says:

    Y to SNAPDEAL walon ki trah cancelled kr diya … SDFC200 pr SDFC100 code hua tha…

  131. Rahul kuamr says:

    My order dispatched. Estimated date of arrival is 4 april

  132. Tushar says:

    Definitely make a compalin to consumer court for such nuisance even order placed sucessfully …just remember iPhone case. It will be definitely in our favour
    I Am in

  133. Suresh says:

    Order cancel by amazon.

  134. parth says:

    Guys order cancelled

  135. Nachi says:

    Order cancelled. Please join hand make a complaint to consumer forum

  136. Arpit says:

    My both order get cancelled ,and what to do

  137. Harish says:

    Order cancel by amazon

  138. Mausam says:

    Bhayioon ne refund kar diya

  139. ubed says:

    mera order cancelled ho gaya hai… :-(

  140. aniket says:

    Order automatically gets cancelled refund receive in 4-5 days i thing use the money amazon / seller

  141. sam says:

    My Order got cancelled :(

  142. AMIT GARG says:

    Your order for Moto G Turbo (White) is cancelled. If you have already paid, refund will be initiated shortly. Check email for more details.

  143. AK47 says:

    order cancelled.

  144. Yogesh says: ka new phone freedom 4999

  145. MM says:

    They have refunded the amount and it will reflect in 2-4 working days…
    They are going to do same for all orders placed today for Moto G tourbo

  146. Jazz says:

    Anybody got the conformation SMS. I got it see below

    Your order for Moto G Turbo (White) is cancelled. If you have already paid, refund will be initiated shortly. Check email for more details.

  147. Murali says:

    It’s a fake coupon. Don’t buy orders will be cancelled.

  148. Abhishek says:

    @Ashi : did you get any mail or msg for dispatch . If so please paste that mail or msg pls.

  149. Rahul says:

    People have enough time chatting and checking witj customer care executives.

    They will despatch it if they have to, if not the amount would be refunded. Most of the comments claiming false deal, chat etc seem to be fake. Just be patient.

  150. santosh says:

    order cancelled

  151. Yogesh says:

    khamosh mizaji tumhen jeene na degi
    Is daur me rehna hai to kohram macha do
    Reticence will not allow you

  152. Pankaj says:

    Order automatically gets cancelled.

  153. Raj says:

    Received Order cancelled SMS/Email.

  154. nishant says:

    Maine abhi ek ldki se baat ki. Amazon ki laundia se. Vo boli ki sir *Be assured, your order will be delivered to you*. Aur maine screenshot bhi click krlia chat ka. Ab agr order nhi mila to sue krdunga m amazon ko.

  155. Az says:

    Thank you for staying connected. We have just received an update stating that the promotion is not a valid promotion. As it was a 3rd Party promotion and due to a technical glitch the code was accepted on There as an update stating that the existing orders would be cancelled. The orders that were dispatched would be called back and would be returning back to us by the courier. I agree that this promotion code got accepted on due to a glitch, but then I see that this promotion was never mentioned on It was only mentioned on a different medium.

  156. Ashi says:

    Banglore location order is diapatched.

  157. omi says:

    What should we do now?

  158. Abhiram says:

    You are now connected to Amazon from
    Me: hai,
    this is abhiram.
    i want to know the status of my order
    Amazon: Hello abhiram , welcome to Amazon Customer Support.
    I am Siri
    Me: hello siri
    i want to know the status of my order
    Amazon: Hi abhiram. I understand that you are concerned about the deivery of your product
    Me: yes
    Amazon: I would certainly provide the details abhiram
    ‘Request you to stay connected for 2 minutes while I go through required correspondence to help you better.
    Me: okay
    Amazon: I see it is taking some time to review your order. May I place you on hold for another 2 minutes, while I look into this?
    Me: ok fine
    Amazon: Thanks for the time
    I understand that you are concerned about the product promotion of Motog turbo
    I would like to inform you that Amazon is currently not running any promotional offers for this product.
    There might be many spam messages circulated over social networking site.
    Due to bug , the offer is applied.
    However we are not running currently any offers on the product.
    The orders which are placed would be canceled automatically.
    Me: oops
    you cheated me
    you should say that before placing the order
    Amazon: abhiram , try and understand that it was a bug and occurred unexpectedly
    Me: plz try to process the order
    don’t cancel it plz
    Amazon: I wish I could have helped you in this regard. But mightn’t be able to process the order as the system would automatically cancel the order
    Me: ok
    if possible plz try to process it
    Amazon: Sorry that might not be possible
    Me: ok
    that’s fine

  159. Jay says:

    Hey guys, its a glitch.. just spoke with Amazon person. they are not running any offers like this. all orders placed under this will be cancelled automatically. that promotional code was a bug that allowed to place the order in 4999/- .also due to this issue, Amazon had to remove the product from their list. so now its showing “currently unavailable” … temporarily its removed..

  160. Tunnelrat says:

    If amazon will not deliver the Moto G Turbo Edition phone…. Guys Do launch complain on Amazon because we have legal rights. Even Snapdeal has give Iphone 5S Gold for 68Rs because of their technical glitch have look :-

  161. krish says:

    You are now connected to Sarojini from
    Me: hi
    Sarojini: Hello, my name is Sarojini. How may I help you today?
    Me: hi
    my order id
    Sarojini: Are you referring to this item : Moto G Turbo (White) ?
    Sarojini: Thanks for the details.
    Me: status?
    Sarojini: I’ve checked and see that the order is confirmed.
    I’ll forward your details to our team and they will get back to you regarding the order status shortly.
    As of now the order is confirmed.
    Me: Delivery estimate: We need a little more time to provide you with a good estimate. We’ll notify you via e-mail as soon as we have an estimated delivery date.
    what does it mean
    r u there
    Sarojini: Yes.
    The order is confirmed. You’ll receive an email regarding the delivery time frame shortly.
    Me: surely get the delivery or not?
    Sarojini: As of now the order is confirmed and you’ll receive your package.
    We will get back to you regarding the delivery date.
    Me: ok
    thank you
    Sarojini: You’re most welcome and thanks for your understanding.
    Is that all you need help with today?
    Me: ya
    Sarojini: Thank you for contacting Amazon. We hope to see you again soon.
    Have a great day!
    Me: how you are giving that much dscount?
    r u there
    Sarojini: Yes.
    That is the reason, we are investigating with our promotional team.
    You’ll receive an email from them shortly.
    Me: menas u r going to fulfill or not
    Sarojini: We will fulfill it

  162. Yogesh says:

    Doston ab samay aagaya hai mil kar larne ka agar ye order cancel karte hain to hum inke virudh awaz utaenge jaise gandhi ji ne angrejon ke khilaf uthai thi… Hum sab ikkthe honge amazon ke office ke bahar sham ko 5 bje

  163. ashish says:

    AMAZON CC said they are going to dispatch the phone whoever booked however no more orders now as it is Out of stock now.
    Lets see how they keep there words.

    I say if it is a AMAZON tech glitch then also they have to SHIP/dispatch the phone just to keep there name in the market.

  164. Anonymous says:

    I will complaint to consumer forum :p

  165. Amon says:

    Guys, I am not sure about this POST.

    Here is my chat with Amazon customer care guy around 3 50 PM today.

    Me: just to confirm that I had got good discount on this order, I want you to confirm that It will not be canceled saying some pricing error.
    Amazon: Please don’t worry at all, I will take care for the same.
    Item will not cancel and it will surely get deliver to your door step without any issue.
    I can assure you for the same.
    If you want then I can send you a confirmation mail for the same.
    All the customer who had placed an order for the same should be deliver to your door step without any issue.
    I can assure you for the same.
    If you want then I can send you an confirmation mail for the same.
    Me: Yes
    send me confirmation email
    Amazon: Sure.
    Me: that would be great
    Amazon: You will surely get it after this chat.
    Me: Again Somant, confirming this, I had got Moto G Turbo (White) in Rs 4999 COD offer
    please send me the Confirmation email
    Amazon: Please check your mail box’
    I’ve sent a confirmation mail for the same.
    Me: can you please confirm that product is above
    Amazon: Yes, I can confirm for the same.
    The item will surely get deliver to your door step without any issue.
    Me: That will be a;;
    Amazon: Your words means alot to me to make us happy!
    I Appreciate a valuable customer like you.
    You are very welcome. Can I be of further assistance today?

  166. Mahesh says:

    Out of stock now. I ordered one with cod so no worries ???

  167. Yogesh says:

    Doston main call kia tha phle bole sir aap ko order milega aur ye ek offer chal raha.. Phir bola ki sir aap ko kin ne dia coupon to maine kaha mere dost ne… Phor maine bola ki maine aap ki call record kar lia hai agar nahin dia to police ke pass jaunga… To bola ki sir hame abhi koi jankari nahin hai abhi mje kuvh bhi ni pta…

  168. JOSHI NAYAN says:

    Here’s a copy of the chat transcript you requested:

    Initial Question: is my moto g turbo wil b accomplished or it is price error?

    03:17 PM IST Amazon: Hello, My name is Guru. I’ll be glad to help you.

    Moto G turbo is under the pricing error issue.
    03:19 PM IST joshi nayan: hi
    then i have paid 5000 rs
    what option do i have now?
    O Mr guru ji
    03:20 PM IST Amazon: Since the issue is with the delivery date not generated for the orders, our specialist team is working on it. I request you to wait for 24-48 hours for the order update from the investigation team.
    I checked and see that our investigation team is working on this issue of the delivery date and once the issue is solved, they get back to you with the order confirmation via email.
    03:20 PM IST joshi nayan: means
    order cancel or order delivered?
    say me
    03:20 PM IST Amazon: Sure.
    03:21 PM IST Amazon: Let me explain you the details.
    03:21 PM IST joshi nayan: ha
    03:22 PM IST Amazon: Thank you for waiting. Since the issue is with the pricing error, our specialist team is working on this issue. Once the pricing error issue is solved, we’ll get back to you with the confirmation of the order update.
    03:22 PM IST joshi nayan: ?
    03:22 PM IST Amazon: Please don’t worry.
    We’ll get back to you with the positive update.
    03:22 PM IST joshi nayan: yar phone wil b delivered or not?
    03:23 PM IST joshi nayan: if not i have to order from another website
    so i m asking
    if u r going to cancel the order
    tell me now
    03:23 PM IST Amazon: I request you to wait for 24-48 hours for the order update. Currently, your order is confirmed.
    03:23 PM IST joshi nayan: otherwise promiss phone delivery now
    prabhu ji
    its deplomatic answer
    03:24 PM IST joshi nayan: that i can see that payment done
    order confirm
    u r not understanding what i m asking
    wil it be delivered to me or not
    03:24 PM IST Amazon: Yes, I can understand that.
    03:24 PM IST joshi nayan: if its going to b cancelled
    tell me now
    03:25 PM IST Amazon: As of now, we don’t done the confirmation on this details since the pricing issue is going on.
    03:25 PM IST joshi nayan: after 3 days u wil tell me that order is cancelled is not fair AS PER CONSUMER COURT GUIDLINES
    03:25 PM IST Amazon: So, I request you wait for 24-48 hours for the order update confirmation.
    03:25 PM IST joshi nayan: bbbyyyeee no satisfactory solution
    amazon u cheat
    not expecting this from u
    03:25 PM IST Amazon: In addition to our large selection, one of the benefits we try very hard to offer our customers is convenience. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience you experienced in this case.
    03:25 PM IST joshi nayan: bye
    03:25 PM IST Amazon: Estimated Delivery Date: Wednesday 30 March 2016 – Friday 1 April 2016

  169. sumit says:

    missed the deal :(

  170. Anonymous says:

    i recently got contact with amazon customer service care officer and i asked them about this Rs.4999 moto g turbo and they said me it is totally fraud, so all orders will get cancel automatically which is 100% sure. So till i know its fraud or there is something glitch.

  171. bhanu says:

    I ordered 2 phones

  172. abhinav says:

    it will get cancel dont worry
    i work for and it was promotional glitch and due to large number of order
    we have to cancel them
    thank you

  173. nishant says:

    I will sell 4 phones without opening them for 10,000 each. Lol

  174. comm says:

    out of stock now

  175. Rushabh says:

    @Nishant…do you wish to sell 2 phones out of 5 at 7000 each ;)

  176. Pa says:

    Subko Milega… brabr milega… moto G turbo … milega… haha haha haha

  177. Raghav says:

    ordered four :)

  178. nachi says:

    I did not get the dispatch date. Let see. Its there mistake. they need to fulfill the order who made prepaid.

  179. ROHIT says:

    27 March 2016
    ORDER #
    Order Details Invoice
    Not yet dispatched
    Delivery estimate: We need a little more time to provide you with a good estimate. We’ll notify you via e-mail as soon as we have an estimated delivery date.
    Track package

    Moto G Turbo (White)
    Sold by: Cloudtail

  180. sandeep matwa says:

    Don’t worry, I called customer Care and they replied that this is permosnal Offer from moto not from. Amazon and not price error, they Sent me a mail Your Account
    Message From Customer Service

    I can confirm that we still expect to ship your order in time to be delivered to you soon.

    We’ll send you an e-mail when your order is shipped with your tracking number and courier name.

    You can always check the status of your order in “Your Account.” Here’s a direct link to the order details:

    I hope this helps. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Warmest regards,
    Pravin P

  181. Anonymous says:

    amazon ko btao april aane time tha pehle hi april fool bna diya

  182. Rahul kuamr says:

    Ladoo mil rha hai ..sab ke sab lage pade hai aur koi kam nhi hai..order 5, order 4, yaha kyu likh rhe ho..

  183. ABC says:

    guys some of my friends orders are shipped they have choosen 1-2 day delivery

  184. san says:

    Delivery estimate: We need a little more time to provide you with a good estimate. We’ll notify you via e-mail as soon as we have an estimated delivery date.

  185. Sammy says:

    Cancel nahi hoga, sell down hai moto turbo ka aur reviews bhi bekar hai.. Heating issues screen resolution poor. So 5k main bech rahe hai.. Stock khatm karne k liye

  186. nishant says:

    Ordered 5. But not showing delivery date.

  187. sachin says:

    how many pieces do they have?
    still available

  188. Shriram says:

    02:21 PM IST Muneeruddin(Amazon): Hello, my name is Muneer. How may I help you today?
    02:21 PM IST Shriram: I have placed an order for moto g turbo for 5000 rs
    02:22 PM IST Shriram: Is it pricing error or amazon will fulfill the order
    02:22 PM IST Muneeruddin: I sincerely apologize for the trouble.
    02:23 PM IST Muneeruddin: We are currently facing a pricing issue for this product due to technical glitch.
    All the orders placed at 4999rs will be cancelled.
    02:23 PM IST Shriram: when will I get my money refunded?
    02:24 PM IST Muneeruddin: Once the product is cancelled,refund will be initiated and will be credited in 2-4 business days time to original mode of payment.

  189. Kalra says:

    Don’t worry guys. i just called up and they said they will execute for sure.
    I asked that “are you gonna execute this order?”
    “She said don’t worry Sir we will execute it for sure”
    Rest hope is always there!
    Also i made the payment.

  190. Pa says:

    No confirmation

  191. Baswamy says:

    Sorry i was mistaken. Working for me for white color

  192. Santanu says:

    April fool toh nahi bana rahe yeh log ..with the delivery date showing in April :)

  193. Az says:

    @samir: good luck .. keep updating us.. :-)

  194. thulasiram says:

    i hope they may refuse the orders. . even.. i placed order 2

  195. Rajan says:

    Ordered one and confirmed whether they are going to dispatch or not with Amazon customer chat and they confirmed me that all those orders are going to be cancelled..this was a promotional error they said…

  196. Baswamy says:

    Code was not working for me

  197. Rahul says:

    Ordered 2, got auto-confirmation for both. Hope I get it soon. :)

  198. Samir says:

    Mine is showing Arriving tomorrow by 8pm
    On time. Lets see .. There is no chances but hope is always there

  199. sandy says:

    @manish.. 99% nahi. its 101% they will refund… has it been in US, they would have valued this error of their and gone ahead with the dispatch… but yahan nahi karenge woh aisa :D

  200. manish says:

    any one got order confirmation,generally they confirm delivery in 15 min

  201. manish says:

    99% they will refund money in 2weeks

  202. sandy says:

    NOT going through.. no estimate delivery when u click on continue…

  203. manish says:

    Ordered one but getting error message .99% they will refund money, Dont waste money by ordering multiple phone from different id becauseits price error
    Not yet dispatched
    Delivery estimate: We need a little more time to provide you with a good estimate. We’ll notify you via e-mail as soon as we have an estimated delivery date

  204. Akshay says:

    We’ll notify you via e-mail when we have an estimated delivery date for this item. It will ship separately. You can cancel at any time.

  205. ANJEE says:

    don’t forgot IPHONE 5S SNAPDEAL case
    they loose case in consumer court
    and delivered in approx 57rs , with a fine of 12000rs
    so make case if not delivered

  206. Gags says:

    I ordered two handsets but getting this error message.

    Not yet dispatched

    Delivery estimate: We need a little more time to provide you with a good estimate. We’ll notify you via e-mail as soon as we have an estimated delivery date.

  207. Rukmesh says:

    Ordered one. Most probably pricing error. They will cancel. And in 2-3 weeks will get the refund.

  208. gaurav says:

    ordered 2 from different account. received d mail. delivery info will be available soon.

  209. SK says:

    Ordered one, confirmation received but no delivery estimate yet.

  210. manish says:

    I ordered one. But give not information of delivery.

  211. Dhaval patel says:

    Ordered. Got confirmation mail and snowing preparing for dispatch

  212. Abhishek Kumar says:

    Any one received the estimated delivery date or confirmation of order on phone via amazon.?

  213. Rocky says:

    Ordered two with one day delivery… lets see…!

  214. vockie says:

    oRDERED 2

  215. Prasanna says:

    Thanks smi.. Ordered one.. :)

  216. ABC says:

    ordered one

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