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keyboard-mouseFlipKart is offering 5% off on Mouse & Keyboards. Free shipping on orders above Rs. 500.

Buy: Mouse & Keyboards (automatic discount in cart)

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  1. Ruchir says:

    I should not say this but vindicated and very logical etc in short cream above 2 comments did forced SMI to reply what could have been missed by them and others and in min words and in best English at SMI.
    It is for us to see why are we writing here and most importantly will it be innocuous and beneficial for others or rubbish and to attack some which(attacking) is of no consequence to all others except mild nuisance.
    It will save time of SMI and will desist rubbish people as they don’t have virtues and patience once censured,they won’t spoil this site and later maybe come up with sensible comments.Will encourage Shah Jahan type virtuous persons to switch to this site and by name readers will see who is reliable,specialties who is less etc.The 100+ comments list at threads will reduce and if properly edited every comment can be seen and they all should make sense.
    Personally I do all experiments,new product every time etc and many say all intelligent people do experiment if no loss.My gut feeling is yes.To do.Will and can do all good but too long and less space and less time.So leaving and saving 2 more pages

  2. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Prices are good for high end mouse & keyboards.


    If you are purchasing any product under 500 on, you have to pay 50 INR shipping charge. You will get 5% discount on the product, think how much you are going to save??

  4. Shah Jahan says:

    What is 5%?
    For something worth Rs.500 you get a discount of a meager Rs.25?!
    C’mon Flipkart, why are you always so penny-pinching in your discount?!

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