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tatasky-mvisa• Under this Additional Balance Offer any Tata Sky subscriber, who recharge their Tata Sky subscription using Visa card shall get 50% additional balance in their Tata Sky account up to a maximum of Rs. 100 per user in a single transaction.
• Scan the QR Code on TV Screen (Press home button on Tata Sky remote and Select ‘Account Summary’) or mytatasky.com, using Pockets by ICICI, Yapp by DCB, Axis Bank Mobile Banking App, Bank of Baroda M CLIP App, HDFC Bank PayZapp and State Bank Anywhere App.
• Post successful transaction Eligible Subscriber will receive transaction confirmation communication from Tata Sky as well as corresponding Bank from which the transaction has been done.
• Each Tata Sky subscriber ID can avail the offer once every calendar month during the offer period.
• Eligible Subscribers shall receive additional balance from Tata Sky into the respective Tata Sky account for which the transaction has been done within 48 hours of successful transaction.

TataSky: Additional Balance Offer

35 Responses to “Tata Sky Recharge 50% Additional Balance – TataSky”

  1. Sivaramakrishnan P says:

    I have recharged 1000 through ICICI mvisa. Even my Tata sky main account had not been credited till today i.e 24/08/2017.

  2. Raja says:

    i got cashback. working good

  3. Swapnil says:

    Offer extended till September 30,2017

  4. Uday Kiran says:

    How many days it take for additional balance when we recharge through payzapp

  5. Raja S says:

    Working very charming. So far I got 300/3months

  6. Rahul says:

    I had same issue with payzapp now follow up for yoyr money for months

  7. prabhat says:

    pay with payzapp, no recharge but money deduct

  8. Swapnil says:

    payzapp is having some isue i guess,even I faced the same issue. Later I used SBI which helped

  9. soni says:

    Offer Validity : Jan 27, 2017 till 1,50,000 transactions or March 31, 2017 whichever is earlier.

  10. Pagleshwar Nath says:

    I used payzapp to pay mVisa and my recharge dint reach tatasky and my money gone.

  11. anil says:

    Are bhai koi bataye yeh offer chal raha kya tata sky m visa offer

  12. Raja S says:

    I GOT Rs 100/-

  13. anil says:

    28 ke baad yeh offer nahi mile gya kya m visa offer plz ans me

  14. Tanmay says:

    It is working. Did recharge of 200 yesterday. Got Rs 100 credited today as bonus

  15. tushar says:

    offer expire 29 oct.

  16. Swapnil says:

    Also now they have changed :
    Validity : Dec 31, 2016 or first 75,000 users, whichever is earlier
    Previously it was:
    Validity : Dec 31, 2016 or first 1,50,000 users, whichever is earlier

  17. Swapnil says:

    they might have just changed it..I have got 200 once

  18. Hrishee says:

    The cash back available is Rs 150 only. Please check T&C.

  19. yogesh says:

    i am recharge 400 for 3 time but just i got 200 only

  20. GHANSHYAM DASS says:


  21. vinay says:

    anybody got cash back in this month

  22. ASHOK says:

    Valid for all Tatasky customers . Recieved 3 times. 1 from pockets 2 from payzapp .

  23. Ram says:

    What is mvisa i did not under stand

  24. jeevan says:

    reieved 3 times. 1 from pockets 2 from payzapp

  25. vikas says:

    Cash Back Received i recharge with 400 and received balance in tata sky account 400+200

  26. vikas says:

    Cash Back Received

  27. aditya says:

    I pay 200/- through mvisa but account is not credited till now…

  28. sandeep matwa says:

    From Rajasthan

  29. Anonymous says:

    Mr Sanders,r u from Bangalore?

  30. sandeep matwa says:

    Cashback received

  31. XtremeX11 says:

    It doesn’t matter which mVISA payment app you use but this offer is only available for BANGALORE location. That info I got from call center. I guess its mentioned in terms & condition. Call and request for reverting back the amount if you are not from Bangalore location.

  32. XtremeX11 says:

    I also recharged my tatasky account using mVisa by ICICI Pockets app but recharge has not been successful been more than 20 hrs.

  33. jayanti says:

    maine scen krke kiya nto tata sky mai aaya nhi payzapa app mai aaya na jane khagya plese rifand

  34. vicky says:

    Hopeless. pls dont use. i recharged my tata sky account for INR 400 using the method and leave cashback, even the main amount ie.. 400 Rs didnt get credited to my tata sky account. I called Payzapp and they are unable to find where the transaction went. I called tata sky and same response. mvisa doesnt have any customer care number !

  35. harsh says:

    Whats this? I cant understand. Plz tell me .

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