Mystery Bag Pack of 2 Items + Rs. 40 Cashback Rs. 399, Mystery Bag Pack of 3 Items + Rs. 48 Cashback Rs. 479 – Groupon

groupon-mystery-bagOrder yourself a mystery bag and you could get anything – Nehru Jackets, Polo t-shirts, Pens, Poker Sets, Shirts, Shoes, Apparel, Sunglasses, Kitchen Appliances, Storage boxes, Pen – drives, Watches, Key rings, Car Accessories – an interesting medley of all these or more!

Both offers add up:
20% off Promo Code: GOODS20 (can be redeemed once / account)
10% Cashback upto Rs. 50: Choose payment method > PayUMoney

Mystery Bag Pack of 2 Items + Rs. 40 Cashback Rs. 399 (products included is approximately Rs. 2000)
Mystery Bag Pack of 3 Items + Rs. 48 Cashback Rs. 479 (products included is approximately Rs. 3000)

23 Responses to “Mystery Bag Pack of 2 Items + Rs. 40 Cashback Rs. 399, Mystery Bag Pack of 3 Items + Rs. 48 Cashback Rs. 479 – Groupon”

  1. R1 says:

    yes you are right they are sending totally waste products which cost not of Rs 300-400 instead of Rs 3000

  2. tej says:

    think that the initial comments were jus a gimmick to bluff people

  3. S Gurumurthi says:

    Great way to dispose “waste” products.
    I also placed an order seeing the initial comments. The vendor may have shipped “Good” products in the first lot.
    I do not blame Groupon. I was greedy.
    If things look to be too good to be true, they probably are NOT.
    Another lesson learned – akkal khate me gaya paisa.

  4. vivaswan says:

    total waste of money i got galacy note cover pink -no use
    2.tool kit – cheap n again no use
    3.self defense stick – again no use ,,,
    but i raised the issue n got fully refund :)

  5. Sanjay Verma says:

    Utter nonsense, sending apparels with any size, what the hell, are we purchasing things to donate. Beware seems they got some charity stuff and want to make money out of it. deemed dissatisfied.

  6. bhaumik says:

    Never never Never never…buy… Groupon is making fool…they are sending the wastge product . they are sending the product which nobody buys from there website.

  7. siddarth says:

    Waste of time n money
    Ordered for 3
    Got 1 broken sleeping Buddha
    Ladies belt fully damaged
    IPad cover which is of no use

  8. muni says:

    Plz don’t not buy this… You will get products which are old and no use… I tried and got a ring, normal eye glasses and a bad kurta for ladies all together for 430rs and waste of money…

  9. Raj says:

    Got a charcoal grill, socks and flask. This is totally waste of money.
    Please dont buy this deal from groupon since this is completely waste of money

  10. Syamnath R says:

    Utter waste of money.

    I got a
    1. Sleeveless fleece jacket (too small for me/any of my family members)
    2. A girl’s top (cheap one).
    3. Some useless organiser – no info on what it is.

    Very bad experience. Waste of money.

    Clearance sale!!!. Idiotic idea. At least should they not ask for product size???!!!

  11. vamsi says:


    Are you kids why you are purchasing these type of products. if you want to try any new product select less cost product.

  12. suresh says:

    all my 3 products are waste
    1)Lady watch that also horrible.
    2)Stainless stell flask
    3)Ladies waste 600 gone

  13. Raj says:

    When do they confirm the product and what if the product is an apparel that doesnt fit you?

  14. Vinzi says:

    Ordered! Let’s c what I get :D

  15. heera says:

    I received 2100 loto shoes 9 NUmber and a Girl top worth 2500+ @ 400 rs PAck of two deal

    I am happy from this deal Boots fit to my foot size

  16. vivaswan says:

    orederd one for 3 item let c wht hapn

  17. Sanjay Verma says:

    How about the sizes they are sending? Are they sending medium, long or what in case of apparels. Please share

  18. sanjay goyal says:

    Awesome!! …I just received my mystery bag with Puma half sweater (worth Rs 1700/-) and a fleece jacket (worth Rs 800/-)

    Surprisingly even the sizes are fitting well. Just ordered another mystery bag!!

  19. Manu says:

    Mine also got canceled for not serviceable pincodes for a Delhi Address.

  20. munni says:

    My order is under process
    Not cancelled

  21. rahul s says:

    given a try.. ordered it.. lets c.. what will b d outcome.. ;)

  22. Arshad says:

    Any thoughts people on this..

    Anyone tried group with mystery concept??

  23. Mogli says:

    Groupon is cancelling the order placed under this, due to serviceable pincodes.. anyone
    had their order cancelled ???

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