Nayasa Pet Bottle 1000ml Rs. 26, Tupperware 500ml Rs. 59 – Tradus

nayasa1lTradus is selling Nayasa Pet Bottle 1000ml for Rs. 26 & Tupperware 500ml for Rs. 59. Free shipping.

Buy: Nayasa Pet Bottle 1000ml Rs. 26 | Tupperware 500ml Rs. 59

14 Responses to “Nayasa Pet Bottle 1000ml Rs. 26, Tupperware 500ml Rs. 59 – Tradus”

  1. deepak says:

    These are not Nayasa bottles for god sake. the seller seems to be a fraud

  2. vihari says:

    Its a reasonable price…………………

  3. rohan says:

    just stay away from tradus

  4. shikha says:

    nayasa is a good quality,i have containers of this same company.good bottle for rs. 26 or 33,,whatever it is…

  5. deepak says:

    dupicate… dont buy

  6. Sandeep Goel says:

    Seller has increased price to Rs 33… fraud ..

  7. Ab says:

    Tradus Seller mentions it Rs.29… and no1 knows how many bottles… this is confusing deal…

  8. Bk says:

    Even they write wrong spelling of bottle

    Product Information : WATER BOTTLE

    Now choice is yours…. :D

  9. Anis says:

    Tradus is selling duplicate or less quality goods. Be sure wn u buy this cheap bottle. .!

  10. ABHI says:


  11. mkgp says:

    it is taking 28
    and tell me it will send only one bottle or 4 at this price.

  12. Bk says:

    Tradus means choor, So be aware….

  13. R1 says:

    qty not mention in website its must be 1 for Rs 26/- beware!!!

  14. Ajay says:

    How is quality of this bottle? Normal Cheep bottle available for 15? is this better than that?

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