Nepal Earthquake Fund PayTm will Match Rupee for Rupee – PayTm

nepal-paytmEvery pledge you make, PayTm will match it rupee for rupee. If for instance, you donate Rs. 100, PayTm will add Rs. 100 more to the contribution.

Donate: Rs. 10 | Rs. 20 | Rs. 50 | Rs. 100 | Rs. 500 | Rs. 1000 | Rs. 5000 | Rs. 10000

81 Responses to “Nepal Earthquake Fund PayTm will Match Rupee for Rupee – PayTm”

  1. james007 says:





  2. Human says:

    ye 150-200 ids pe cash back lene wale kaha h ab. :(

  3. nitin says:

    everybody Donate for Nepal Earthquake Relief.

  4. sam says:

    donated 100… i wish i can donate more…

  5. MUSTAFA says:

    donate to kar diya dosto mai blood donate bhi karna chata hu please batao kaha par jakar donate karu mai south delhi me rehta hu

  6. james007 says:

    every one must donate… who earning from paytm they have to donate…

    being human… feel joy of giving…

    helping hands and praying lips gives lots to them who need relief…

    may allah bless we all and all of them too…

    raham chahte ho to raham karo…

  7. zeeshan says:

    donated 500
    Adil .have respect for humanity atleast

  8. priya says:

    donated!!! itna diya hai paytm ne sab log kuch na kuch amount to donate karo kuch nhi to atleast 10rs #AppealForHelp

  9. rohit says:

    @great thoughts man desirevs a great shame

  10. monu says:

    I have donated .
    I request everyone plz donate some money what u wish to donate

  11. Ankit says:

    @adil i am jain but i donated for Kashmir, Uttrakhand & Nepal Too. so its upto your belief but still…SHAME ON YOU!!!

  12. Aakash says:

    i’ve saved a lot because of you. so i will donate to your fund bcoz i trust you. you will definitely use this amount for the specified cause. @paytm #HumanityFirst @adil Shame On You…

  13. TONY says:

    Please donate
    I donate rs1000

  14. mittu says:

    well done paytm!

  15. xyz says:

    donated…god bless them…

  16. Karan says:

    I also donate. .. God bless them all

  17. Manpreet singh says:

    Dear Mr- Irshad

    Agr Paytm Ne Paise Hi Lootne Hote Ese Bhane Lga Ke Ton PAytm Offers Kyu Deta Wo Bhi Hiring Offers JO Abhi Tak Kisi Company Ne Nahi Di Hai.

  18. Homraj says:

    I have donated…great work paytm

  19. Pawan Kumar Yadav says:

    Donated Rs. 200 :) …Great work Paytm, Keep up!
    Feeling hopeful for the victims, and praying for their well-being. May their lives get normal very soon!

  20. rk says:

    paytm nei ut flood mei aise logo ko madad kiya tha. toh paytm ko gali mat do . donated 200

  21. rk says:

    irshad dumb, tujhe mat dena hai, na dei. lekin yaha ulta pulta mat bol. Paytm nei uttaranchal flood mei v

  22. Vinaya says:

    I did my bit…Donated a small amount to a big cause.

  23. harsh says:

    I donate 200 rupees. Good jobs paytrm. I proud to be an Indian and also proud on paytm.

  24. Prasant says:

    maine 100 rs donate kiya ..
    kash main job kar raha hota to aur jyada donate kar pata…

  25. jyo says:

    Successfully donate …:-:-)

  26. DearVP says:

    Good job by PAYTM.
    We think of how to help victims and you make it so easy.
    Everyone who had taken benefit of PAYTM offer once, must do this charity work.

  27. Dheeraj says:

    How to use Relief code??

  28. vamsi says:

    Paytm is awesome going high day by day first ofall i congradulate paytm for this nice work , please I would request all to donate as much as possible, Be human at this times don’t bring religion into this , if u help whole heartedly u will definitely get help when u r in need .


  29. Tanveer says:

    @Adil baklol shame on uh,,, hum humanity k lie donate kr rahe hain na k mazhab k liye mind it,,

  30. Sandeep Reddy says:


  31. gaurav says:

    I donated 100+100 from my account.

  32. Raj says:

    Adil Pakistan me to muslim rehte hai, pakistan me earthquake aayega to donate karoge naa..

    india me rehte ho kaisi soch hai teri

  33. Asif says:

    Good job paytm for organizing such event

  34. Mahi says:

    I pity and feel sad on Adil comments… Please I request all human beings to come forward and help.. Wen ur die no religion will save anyone only a human doctor can help r it left to the creator so called God. Please I request everyone and specially so called educated/literate please try kill this idiotic religion /caste feeling from bottom of the your heart’s.

  35. himanshu says:

    donated 10+10+10+20+50 and may god rest them in peace pls guys dont think about 100 rs think about those victims go rockit paytm u gave us cashbacks from 4 years and now its time for us to utilise that in positive manner

  36. srinath says:

    Good People exists in this world :-) You have proved it. My salute to you.

  37. utpal says:

    just donated rs 50

  38. irshad says:

    Ghanta kuch karenge yeh log. Disaster ke naam pe paise loot rahe hum se

  39. Jayanta Sarkar says:

    Donated 100 rs.

  40. Ashish Rathore says:

    I have donated Rs 50 and going to donate 100 more. God Blessed Them! may god rest them in peace.
    Please donate

  41. lucky says:

    Plz donate dont think about 100 200

    You will find peace after donating

  42. ammar says:

    Grate thought.
    Help the peoples Muslims or hindu that is islamic thought.

  43. MAAZ says:

    awesome work. allah aapko iska badla dega inshallah

  44. rakesh says:

    kya SMI kyo modify kiya mera comment yr.. ADIL jese logo ko unki Aukat pta honi chahiye.. inko duniya me rhne ka rights b nhi hona chahiye..

  45. Sagar says:

    Great thought afsal n akbar khan..

  46. Devan says:

    Donated 10rs
    Please Donate Everyone Just 10 or More

  47. rakesh says:

    guys paytm ne itna cashback diya h Apan logo free fokat ka, now its our turn to help nepalians in this critical situations. i did my work with rs 500 for humanity, you should too…

    Or ha guys ye ADIL jese logo ki bato pe na to dhyan do or na uspe comment kro, hum nhi jante ye kis religion ka h yha koi b kuch b nam dal skta h apna.. So better you should use ur mind not others mind.

    paytm ne hajaro ka cashback diya h tumhe, tumhari 100-200 ids pe wo bhi free ka, ab usme se thoda to kr hi skte ho donate yr

  48. deepak says:

    akbar and afsal u r true human and you proved it ! salute u ! I also donated 20 !

  49. Koushik Samanta says:

    I have donated 50 Rupees.
    Thanks to Paytm for organising this.
    And hope, all the contribution will reach to the affected people of Nepal.

  50. Afsal says:

    The person saying this i an absolute idiot and stain on our religion, It is because of these people our religion is dis reputed,
    Its about humanity .We must understand.

  51. Akbar Khan says:

    You are sick ADIL . Humanity comes first not country or Religion.

  52. Somnath says:

    I request everyone to please donate.

  53. Human says:

    Pls donate.

  54. xyz says:

    great work by paytm…really appericiate…

  55. adil says:

    Muslim bhaiyo plz do not donate bcaz nepal is an hindu country

  56. Ankit Goyal says:

    Awsm work Paytm…

  57. Suzit Gupta says:

    Great Thought
    I did mah work…
    Salute to paytm
    Olwayz best…

  58. rohit says:

    nice work paytm hope my money will prove usefull for someone needy

  59. pintu says:

    its for all to remind you specially Parsu: if u donated 10 rupees from paytm then paytm also contribute 10 ruppes for donation with you.
    You will not get any cashback back from paytm.
    paytm double your donation i.e. 20 rupees to nepal victims.
    so please feel free to donate.

  60. vikash says:

    awesome work

  61. salim says:

    donated from 4 ids…
    keep it up paytm.

  62. Kazhikulam M. Natarajan says:

    Thanks paytm. I paid in my 3 ids…

  63. Shirin says:

    I have donated. Stay Blessed!! Those who died unfortunately, may god rest them in peace.

  64. Sagar says:

    for those who was commenting on offer post that they had done in 100ids 200ids . Now donate at least 10rs from each id,

  65. MUSTAFA says:

    i have done

  66. rajat says:

    donated…very good & great work paytm…

  67. sri says:

    Doneted Pls respons for nepal thanks paytm

  68. prabhat says:

    Pay 100 via paytm

  69. ajay saini says:

    must be done..

  70. kalesha says:

    lets help our nepal frindzss yar…hatsoff paytm…! even 1 rupee also maters much so guys lets join our hands to help them…

  71. kapil says:

    I have paid rupees 100 for the same good job but ye dekh kar dukh hua ki koi offer expire ho jata hai to bahut galiyan milti hai paytm ko but achhe kaam ki koi pooch nahi hoti hai India main. Plz friends 100 rupees to paytm kitni baar off de hi chuka hai humko so plz contribute karo yarro.

  72. Sunny says:

    donated :)

  73. Saurabh says:

    Kya log hai yaar…10rs ka bhi offer aaya to log bhar bhar ke comment karte hai…I can see just one.comment here…

  74. chandan maurya says:

    M donate 100 rs. Now

  75. vinay says:

    Really a good work and awesome cooperate by your sites(Make double Donation). it motivate us to help with the help of your sites…

  76. Parsu says:

    I donate 10000 now paytm add another 10000 to my amount to donate for the relief camp for Nepal.

  77. Bk says:

    Appreciate… Paytm…

  78. NAUSHAD ALAM says:

    Really that’s grate Job paytm. I proud to be an Indian and also proud on paytm.

  79. neeraj mehta says:

    very good and first start
    nice paytm

  80. piyush says:

    I request everyone to donate at least 100.

  81. richesh says:

    Good work paytm

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