Nokia 808 PureView + Rs. 149 Cashback Rs. 14939 – Tradus

nokia-808Tradus has Nokia 808 PureView for Rs. 14939 and you will earn xTrabucks worth Rs. 149. Features Power up your photos with a 41MP sensor, Carl Zeiss lens, PureView imaging technology and Full HD video.

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5 Responses to “Nokia 808 PureView + Rs. 149 Cashback Rs. 14939 – Tradus”

  1. Ruchir says:

    @Anonymous-Look who is saying this.Either your parents can’t afford a name for such a brilliant child or you are so ashamed or afraid of typing your name. Soop toh soop,ab toh channi bhi bolne lagi.
    Normally I don’t reply to jerks and fools but you are forcing me to do that.Look even Chimpanzees think but FYI,I own Nokia E62,Nokia E5,Xolo A700,Samsung Galaxy Y,three Alcatel phones,one having Pedometer,Karbonn 102+,Spice M900 etc this time and have given away Nokia 2610 for free to a relatives maid which he knows,one Nokia 7200 Supernova to a painter for free and one Beetel phone to another person for free.The cost of the phones given for free is more than Nokia 100/101 of your full family although I don’t give phones free to beggars,But you can apply.
    Now look the most foolish person and a follower of Ruchir,I have stated it depends upon the need.Joker beta I have not commented about Android and for applications Windows is nowhere and so heavy losses.Nothing concrete in Lumias and so its price is much less than what it should be.And there is no phone nowhere near 41 MP even though 808 is years old.If you want battery life,you don’t go for Android phones.Go for your Nokia 101 who even though have lesser mAh but longer life as short screen,inferior OS and hardware.
    And by the way my point is very clear and fair.But not intended for people who want to compare themselves with my foot dust and who get a flak every time so that they can’t see their face in the mirror or hide their names in advance.See you soon bachcha.

  2. Anonymous says:

    @ Ruchir i think ur are using nokia 100/101 that why u don’t know what is lumia and windows/android phone are. who the hell need a phone with 41mp camera who sucks battery like vampire and its OS symbian sucks alot again. plus its tradus deal fakest site i ever see

  3. Ruchir says:

    If you are not into applications and advanced stuff,throwaway price for this gem.41 MP is killing.For apps etc who buys Lumia/Windows by the way.But it is Tradus mind you and so only hardcore believers in Tradus may step in.

    Its MRP and worth is much more and super VFM for sure

  4. Yogi says:

    Should not buy, as it comes with SYMBIAN OS, and it;s just waste of money, .. if it has Windows or Andoird then we shoud buy…

  5. shivam says:

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