Nokia Lumia 520 Rs. 5435 – FlipKart

nokia-lumia-520FlipKart has discounted Nokia Lumia 520 to Rs. 5435. Features Windows Phone 8, exclusive digital lenses, 1GHz dual core processor & touchscreen that even works with long finger nails or gloves.

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109 Responses to “Nokia Lumia 520 Rs. 5435 – FlipKart”

  1. unyk says:

    I think it’s the lumia 530 lauch effect.. I think it might come down again once 530 is actually released

  2. sheena says:

    bought 1 for Rs. 6847/-

  3. Ashwin says:

    Thanks, bought one.

  4. ARSHAD says:

    not good seller,CHECK SELLER

  5. Vivek Dhiman says:

    Got it for 7000 – 138.
    Thanx SMI

  6. anwarsadik says:

    i want lumia 520 please contact 09037443039

  7. niks says:


  8. ankit says:

    i copied from :P .. keep in touch with that some to grab great phone deals

    thnx smi to publish this copon

  9. SaveMoneyIndia says:


  10. ankit says:


    get rs. 200 off on snapdeal .. price is rs. 7510

  11. Vicky says:

    Idiots Shopclues Shipping Charges are 1001 Which makes a total of 8500. Check Before Posting.

  12. Mahnedra says:

    It 8000 not 7400 right now

  13. GK says:

    wait for nokia lumia 525 with 1GB RAM

  14. A k s says:

    Greetings from Amazon.

    We have closed your account and cancelled all open orders. Any new accounts you open will be closed.

    We took these actions because you have not complied with our quantity limit policies.

    My account has been closed on Amazon.Don’t know the reason why? The reason is that the quantity limit.

    In an effort to provide customers with great prices, we may limit quantity to ensure the majority of customers have an opportunity to order products that have very low prices or a limited supply.

    While we appreciate your interest, the closure of your account is a permanent action.


    Account Specialist

  15. Sushil Kumar Saxena says:

    rate show karte hy 7677 jab purchase karne jao to 8,699.00
    eesi sites par ban lagna chaye

  16. sherine vs says:

    Im ready taking wth axis credit card ..plz mail me the procedures plz plz

  17. Anonymous says:

    Bought it for Rs-6890/- on amazon from the seller Zoomin.
    -On opening there was NO SAR STICKER on the backpanel
    -Volume key was not working
    -SERVICE CENTER REFUSED to repair it on first occasion by saying PHONE IS MADE IN CHINA and carries no warranty in INDIA
    -SERVICE CENTER charged money for repairing it
    -NO REPLACEMENT POLICY There is only RETURN AND REFUND policy available on amazon which takes around 2 weeks.
    ……………..So, if you get a defective item then it will bring lot of trouble to you

  18. himanshu sharma says:

    user plzz read terms and candition

  19. himanshu sharma says:

    lagta hain log is mobile ke diwane ho gye h pr unhe yeh mobile 7021 rs nhi milga because
    yeh offer srif marketing mambar wolo ke liye hain

  20. bharath says:

    50 years!! tats y he s anonymous!!! cashback comes within jan 31.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Cash back takes around 50 years !!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. gaurav says:

    Hi .. how much time it takes to cash back??? any idea

  23. Param says:

    Good dead at best pries… Brought one for 6773

  24. Ntrance says:

    Great value for money ,exellent build quality,reliable OS, No other phone can match L520 at this price.

  25. Ankit says:

    Now the price has been increased from Rs-6999/- to Rs-7450/-.
    Amazon please reduce the price because i have purchased two 520 phones earlier but now as the price is increased i can’t buy more

  26. Ankit says:

    Ordered Two white colored Lumia 520 @6890rs each

  27. rajeev says:

    kindly update me

  28. sky says:

    I got one on 19th oct. @6773 and yesss it’s a good deal. Go for it

  29. Raj says:

    Thanks SMI

  30. Raj says:

    Ordered white@6999.

  31. Kamal says:

    bought not one but two lumia 520s . a white one and a black one.. thanks a lot for the info #smi \m/

  32. arpit says:

    ordered @ 6999 white….lets c

  33. Ankit says:

    Received a 100% genuine Nokia Lumia 520 Black color seal packed with October 2013 manufacturing date. Yes it’s a best deal of getting Lumia 520 @6999rs from Amazon.
    Guys also don’t worry because when you buy it with ‘fulfilled by amazon’ tag it means you have 10 days replacement warranty if unfortunately you received a damaged or defective item.
    So, hurry up and grab the deal as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!

  34. suresh says:

    to my surprise Nokia lumia red came for rs.899 for a short time…should be pricing error…ordered it…lets see what happens…

  35. Shiva says:

    Aman,Amazon is giving the link randomly,if you keep on trying some times ,the link for 6999 is coming,That’s all depends on the luck.

  36. Naresh Kumar says:

    Just got it for 6999 Lumia 520 black.

  37. Aman says:

    Hi Shiva, do you have the link?

  38. Shiva says:

    Awesome deal,Grabbed it for 6999 Lumia 520 cyan.

  39. venkat says:

    Hi Guys,

    I received the product in 2 days. You can see my comment also on 18th Oct.
    Only thing is they keep the discounted price randomly. You need to keep on checking for the price.
    Offer is genuine, but you need to keep on checking.

  40. Anonymous says:

    If someone has purchased it in discounted price and has received the product, please share feedback that if its a genuine deal

  41. Dj says:

    no process bro..
    keep checking amazon for lumia 520.sometimes you can c the prize is gone down to then..and u’ll need lot of patience!as they are adding few products in random. sometimes black sometimes white..keep checking..happy saving:)

  42. Ashish says:

    Hi…..can you let me the process of this Nokia 520 on offer..


  43. Manoj says:

    Hi you can get in this price but you need to check frequently, they are adding stocks in this price few times in a day. Thanks SMI, after refreshing same page relate to lumia 520 on amazan after two days finally I got white in this price.

  44. yogesh says:

    i want to bye

  45. Niks says:

    I want to buy this but amount is showing as 8845 instead of above mentioned rate..

  46. vicky says:

    guys its so simple to buy

  47. karthik says:

    pls mail how to buy at this rate(nokia lumia 520)………….

  48. Mohan R S says:

    Nokia Lumia 520(Black) at 6299

  49. nikhil says:

    Yes, i want to to buy this immediately.

  50. venkat says:

    Hi Guys,

    Yesterday I got cyan color for 6097/-. you need to keep on checking the amazon site. Only black or cyan colors available at this price.

    They are adding limited stock at this price.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Bought black for 6773. Don’t hv citi bnk credit crd :/ otherwise it could be 6096. Anywys m hppy wid 6773 too. Thnx SmI

  52. Kamal says:

    you keep posting this deal, but when i go to the amazon page it shows a different(read higher) amount to buy this phone .. m looking to buy this phone ..can you tell how to get this at around 7 k

  53. RANJI says:

    SMI . pls tell me .how to get it for 6773.
    it is showing more money ….

  54. siddhant says:

    back in stock
    this time CYAN color too..

  55. venkat says:

    Select black color .. one phone is available in stock at 6097 with citi bank credit card

  56. Ajay says:

    SMI why does the price say Rs.8890/- on the Amazon site?

  57. Anthony says:

    He he… I love SMI…
    Once in a while they Troll People with such offers…

  58. madhu says:

    sukku ji,
    could u plz let me know how to get it for 6097?

  59. Sukku ji says:

    Mene do do mangae…yeeeee…..

  60. Yokesh says:

    Guys ..I bought it …They are adding few stocks for this pricing u need to keep on checking the price whole day … i tried to get yellow one but b4 completion it was out of stock.However i was able to get black one for 6097(with citi bank card else 6773) .So please keep checking the website every couple of hours ..Thats my learning ..All the Best!!

  61. Pankaj Sharma says:

    I want to buy this, please help me with the necessary details.

  62. rajeswara rao says:

    Nokia Lumia 520 we are not getting that offer 6097 please provide that offer then I will buy that product

  63. Yokesh says:

    Hi can somebody explain …how to get it for 6097??tk ??

  64. tk says:

    got it for 6097…thanks amazon for the deal

  65. rohit anand says:

    October 15
    how to buy Nokia 520

  66. Jay says:

    Oops, Deal Gone :-( within few minutes

  67. SD says:

    How to get this offer ?

  68. Anil says:

    How can get the product for Rs. 7640. Website showing Rs. 7,949. Please confirm.

  69. Eswar says:

    Does this phone Nokia 520 has FM Radio??

  70. pradeep says:

    shop clues 6000k

  71. rohan says:

    kindly check the deal of nokia 105 of same seller.

  72. balaji says:

    My friend bought this yesterday night on 9600/- from a showroom. I guess this a very good deal …

  73. Anonymous says:

    minimum order quantity 10…

  74. Siva says:

    Thanq god im waiting for a good deal to purchase this mobile.

    purchased it for 7400.

    actual listing price in ebay is 8000

    use 7.5% coupon available fr master and mastro card users then ull get 600 disount.

    net price will be 7400.

    and only black color are available.

    any way awesome deal cant get again this mobile fr this price.

    thanq ebay.

  75. Naresh says:

    use one time coupons of 500 off on 5000+ to get it at 7129


  76. Fukre says:

    Price shown on website is 8850 and these is no coupon code. How to buy in 7999??

  77. xyz says:

    @koi bhi 1000rs ka phone purchase karlo dusre sim k liye best one NOkia 1100. in 1.5K

  78. sunita says:

    mere pas 2 sim hai aur ye mobile sirf single sim hai, 2nd sim kaha pe dalu?

  79. Shaeeb says:

    Great deal… Ordered for 8241…. best price.

  80. saiprakash varma says:

    buy it from for 8900 bucks. Buying in flipkart is more secure and no worries about product!

  81. Shiladitya says:

    Already purchased last night,Rs.60 extra for shipping to my location.Total price Rs.8419 after discount.Thanks to smi.Purchased the yellow one.

  82. rohit says:

    I want to purchase it

  83. Piyush says:

    white colour is available only :(

  84. Arinjay says:

    If this is some kind of Joke, atfer 8 min of posting the product is Out of Stock :)

  85. Lenine says:

    Best rate please.

  86. subash raj thakuu says:

    nice phone my 9779844221999

  87. rahul says:

    i want it

  88. Anonymous says:

    If this price is true that nokia lumia 520 is in 8454 rps then plz cl me i want to buy this phone my phone number is 9085807668

  89. Komal says:

    I want this my no. 9579502595 i am frm nagpur

  90. preet singhotra says:

    i want 2 buy this phn

  91. Sam says:

    Just go on the site and apply for offer u will get 5% discount

  92. RITESH SOOD says:

    I am ready to buy thi sphone on the given price. Please contact me

  93. Taru says:

    Don’t buy this from this site. I got a empty box when I ordered lumia 520 from indiatimes and till now neither they have refunded the amount nor have send me the phone.

  94. pranit says:

    plzzzz contact me i want dis phone…my no. is 8545030135

  95. Shemeeb says:

    I want it. And like it

  96. lingadu says:

    frnds , u want to buy this phone.. then once check this url of this page.. at end of url ebay is there . It means this ad is posted in ebay Rs. 9249 but u can in ebay for Rs.9483

  97. javed says:

    if this offer is true, that is this mobile is available for RS.8556 .if yes then call me on 8876530851

  98. RaHuL says:

    please i request you that can i get lumia 520 at this rate again…..

  99. RaHuL says:

    i want it back at this rate

  100. Anonymous says:

    i wanted 2 buy lumia 520 widin 1 month. how long this deal lasts? mail me ful secification please.

  101. Moloy Das says:

    let me know about the deals in nokia and samsung only

  102. lokesh says:

    i want this mobile for this mobile pls mail me

  103. saida reddy says:

    Hi, i want to grab this deal, pls mail me with the details.

  104. Ranjeet says:

    I also want Nokia lumia 520

  105. Chandan says:

    I want to buy Nokia Lumia 520 plz cal me on dis number

  106. Rishabh Sharma says:

    Plz let me know how to purchase this mobile

  107. Ruchir says:

    Offer of the quarter but short of any description but the name at ITS page.

  108. Anonymous says:

    I want to buy it plz cal me on dis number 09465101278

  109. Chander prakash says:

    great deal

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