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3t-dash• All new users who complete the Entry Challenge stand a chance to win one of three OnePlus 3T devices every week.
• Complete the Entry Challenge and share this page before December 28.
• You gain 1 point for every person who signs up and completes the Entry Challenge through your share link.
• Use your points to claim your prize in the Prize Shop! The Prize Shop is open 12 – 6pm on every Friday in December (9, 16, 23, 30) while stocks last. Prizes may change at any time.
• Once you’ve claimed your prize, pay Rs. 1 within 3 hours to place your order. Prizes that are not paid for expire after 3 hours.

OnePlusStore: OnePlus 3T December Dash

2 Responses to “OnePlus 3T December Dash – OnePlusStore”

  1. Rahul says:

    Fake offer.
    At last moment, the earphones, adapter and data cable were removed from the offer items.
    Now, only mobile and it’s covers are available to purchase.
    They already knew that most of the people will try to buy earphones, adapter and data cable.

  2. romesh takhellambam says:

    how i get the prize and how i get purchage 1rupee by jio sim ?the points and claim

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