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oneplus-1crore• Earn upto 200 points every week by completing tasks.
• Lucky draw winners get a chance to win golden tickets.
• Golden ticket winners play the final round of the contest with Amitabh Bachchan.
• 1 Winner takes home the Rs. 10000000 prize.

• 800 Points can redeem Rs. 500 Amazon Gift Card.
• 1000 Points can redeem Rs. 1000 Amazon Gift Card.
• 1200 Points can redeem Rs. 2000 Amazon Gift Card or Lucky Draw Ticket.

OnePlus: Best Smartphone Contest

7 Responses to “OnePlus Best Smartphone Contest – OnePlusStore”

  1. Anonymous says:

    What Dut says can be correct but what Galaxy says become true only when he redeemed it @ 8am

  2. Parakh says:

    How to get voucher. It shows out of stock?

  3. Dut says:

    Got Rs.500 only

  4. galaxy says:

    I got 1 2000 voucher and 2 500 voucher overall in this

  5. Anonymous says:

    No Amazon cards placed today
    Just giving everybody lucky ticket
    Making fools for 6 weeks

  6. Kishore says:

    hahhahhh… Nice Joke… You know ONLY about SMI not about remaining

  7. Galaxy says:

    great our savemoneyindia is in top 10 inviter list, great hope to see no 1 by the end

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