OnePlus Loop VR Headset Rs. 1 – Amazon

oneplus-loopFeatures 100 Degree Filed of View, Compatible with Most 5-6″ Smartphones, Orthoscopic Lens Type & 366gm Weight. Delivery Rs. 40

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90 Responses to “OnePlus Loop VR Headset Rs. 1 – Amazon”

  1. Himanshu says:

    Yr vision blurred h koi idea h?

  2. Gagan says:

    MRP is 299.

  3. GEEK says:

    Guys don’t u ppl know that hemangshu is amazon’s CEO thats why he has managed to get 11 headset… lol

  4. Hemangshu says:

    Thanks .. I got 6 previous order delivered.. it’s very nice.. I used it with K3 note & redmi note 3.. with YouTube.. amazing.. and returning books today as it could cost just 1 RS..
    My 5 next order on 7th has been despatched will be delivered within 12th.. I have tried on Airtel 4g and hotspoted with 5 more mobile on all sale.. it just a tip.

    Thanks SMI

  5. Avishek says:

    Nice Offer … But 2 times Mujhe mila Baba ji ka thullu…

    100% claimed right on 12:00pm … :(

  6. Abhijit Patra says:

    at last manage to get one

  7. Manoj says:

    Dispatched: Your package with OnePlus LoopVR (White/Black) will be delivered on or before 11-Jun. Track at

  8. fooloftheyear says:

    :D :D :D Congratulations to all Ullu ka thullus :D :D :D

  9. Sam says:

    2 minute silence from Hemangshu (:

  10. Hemangshu says:

    got 6 on 3rd june but not delivered yet Got 5 from 5 different mobiles today .. with gk book .. costed 27 for each order .. great job smi

  11. Manoj says:

    What is product ?? What purpose it is useful for phone ???

  12. Pooja says:

    Clicked on add to cart show you are in wait list

  13. Deva says:

    Got one this time..thanks smi

  14. Karan says:

    Got 1,ty SMI :)

  15. Uvaish Khan says:

    What will happen with wish list person.

  16. Ck says:

    MRP is 299/-. This time I got one. 1/- + shipping 50/-(Within 2days Deliver)=51/-

    Don’t expect high quality, the Product cost is 299/- only. Let’s see.. thanks SMI

  17. SS says:

    Got one today, thank you Amazon and SMI; price Re1 and delivery charges Rs 40; total price Rs 41. Will be received between 9-15 June :)

  18. S Gurumurthi says:

    I logged in within the first 5 seconds of sale opening and pressed “Add to Cart”
    “Checking Deal Status” was shown for 4 minutes.
    Then “100 % Claimed” & “Waitlist is ful”l.
    I feel there was less than 1 unit kept aside for this offer.

  19. dinu says:

    got one with gk book @28 great

  20. sabya says:

    clicked add to cart when deal was 64% claimed within 2 sec but it was showing a loop & checking deal status then after 3 mins 100% claimed
    looks like only 10-20 products on sale

  21. Jatin Gaba says:

    Got One in just 20 sec. thanks SMI

  22. Max says:

    How much is price @nitin…how much is the shipping charges??

  23. sandeep says:

    Got one

  24. nirav says:

    i was ready with speed of 10 mbps then also not able to purchase
    amazon is doing trick for making traffic.
    waste of time

  25. gagan says:

    last time 1 mila tha but aaj mila baba ji ka thullu

  26. Manoj says:

    Your order for OnePlus LoopVR (White/Black) has been successfully placed. It will be delivered by 11-Jun. Thank you for shopping at Amazon.

  27. Max says:

    Gone in 2 seconds…;-)

  28. nitin says:

    got one

  29. Prasad says:

    Do not waste your time guys worst cheap tricks by Amazon also offers in 1 or 2 seconds

  30. Kosal says:

    Is it on app or web?

  31. Max says:

    It will need 50G speed to get this vr set ..kya yeh hai kissike pass???
    Agar nahi to stop dreaming and wake up idiots

  32. Buyer says:

    Buyer who wrote in hindi

    It’s duplicate person

    Is come from non sense area
    because he just trying to become joker via showing mistakes
    Which is not true

    In last sale 5000 units are available
    This one is true

    Google it or search on tech update’s social media pages

    Buyer Hindi are you mad or something happens to you ?

  33. Aniket says:

    Phirse Galatians bola main only 1000 up for 1st sale 1000 on 2nd sale and on Amazon shipping carnival starts from July 1 it will be 99 per price and availability is 28000 confirmed by Amazon customer care

  34. Buyer says:

    It’s fake deal in first sale only 5000 units available
    Not 30,000 units

    Smi not support image or link sharing

  35. Freddy says:

    In few sec it sold out or was it a fake deal.. Not going to waste time again

  36. Aniket says:

    arrey mai galat bola .. shiping free agar book lo toh

  37. Buyer says:

    Public asking Delivery Charge like they charged 1000
    It’s normal Rs. 40

    Important is getting product

  38. Varinder Mittal says:

    @gagan.. if u got it than pls tell us the exact price of the product what is shipping charges

  39. prem says:

    whats the shipping charge ? guys who bought it ?

  40. Gagan says:

    Got 1

  41. Anonymous says:

    Got one

  42. Pooja says:

    Where is ?99 it’s shows me ?999 kishore

  43. kishore says:

    Its original cost is only 99rs. (Even in deal also 1rs+40shipping maybe=41rs total) For this why you people are wasting your valuable time for claim the deal. Go ahead guys

  44. Prasad says:

    Person who purchased this product 2 minutes silence

  45. Pooja says:

    Ashish where is the option to buy

  46. Pooja says:

    Aside where is the option to buy it

  47. Kranthi says:

    Fake deal

  48. Ashish says:

    Finaly i got one in first attempt

  49. Anonymous says:

    pool banaya

  50. Buyer says:

    @Batman as u don’t no use
    What about given to me? :-)

    @Pooja as told earlier
    Not got i
    First it’s stuck than back and come 100% claimed

  51. Kamal Jain says:

    First no buy now option then on adding to cart deal ended.

  52. tushaar says:

    Fake deal just to attract customer towards one plus making fraud joined at12 100 % claimed

  53. Harsh says:

    Ye sammy kaun hai…ye mrp 99 dekh ke ni lia…

    Kaise kaise log hai yar

  54. Pooja says:

    Same as niyam

  55. B A Swamy says:

    Amazon wants know how many fools are there in india? They are still counting…

  56. Batman says:


    tell me the use>>>

  57. suby says:


  58. Sammy says:

    Mrp showing 99
    Chi chi wastage of time

  59. Pankaj Deore says:

    What is this? Did anyone get it? I am unable to open it

  60. Shaikh says:

    Ha ha ha…buffering since 12:00 & 100% claims…means deal ended.
    Mamu banaya sabko…

  61. Pooja says:

    Mere ko tog option nhi Mila na site par na app par , Rs 1 wala kaha show raha tha yeh ? N shipping charges kya hai

  62. Niyam says:

    I could not even find it on amazon app.. still not able to find it . can someone please tell how you guys are able to even see that status of it

  63. Shaikh says:

    Ha ha ha…buffering since 12:00 & 100% claims…means deal ended.
    Mamu banaya sabko…

  64. Srinivas says:

    Why are people cribbing about shipping charges? You’re getting the damn headset for 1 RUPEE! Check out any other VR headset (not cardboard) and see how much is it selling for? I see nothing less than 800.Even if they charge 200 for shipping, you’re getting the headset for a total of 201. Grow up, and stop being greedy!

  65. Harsh says:

    Bc 30000 product gye kha?? 3 mobile se try kia at a time but ek me v na hua

  66. b_smart says:

    its so funny, ppl buy stuff just cause its worth rs.1 and no idea what is the use of that stuff…

  67. Buyer says:

    As expected
    used two devices
    First it’s stuck
    Than in a second 100% claimed

  68. shubham says:

    I got notification that waitlist joined .. Still 0% chance that i could buy this one

  69. Pa says:

    jise use nhi pta… use mil gya… kr lo baat

  70. Radhika says:

    Haan mila na. tere ko chaiye??? ghoom jaaooo jaldi s

  71. Batman says:

    i got one, what is the use of this???

  72. Aniket says:

    sold out

  73. chai says:

    anybody got, my app is still Checking Deal status

  74. MK says:

    100% claimed right on 12:00pm

  75. MK says:

    hahahah 100% right on 12:00pm

  76. Namit says:

    I got one successfuly.

  77. ris says:

    its leaked sale is coming on site also

  78. fooloftheyear says:

    Ullu ka thullu :D :D :D

  79. Pooja says:

    Yesss!!! Like Honor Mobile Phones .. Address fill karte karte sale out

  80. Buyer says:

    Shipping charge is not important

    As 30,000 units but There are in lakhs of users try to buy so it’s not possible to get one

    As soon as sale starts VR headset out of stock

  81. Raphikul says:

    Ek baat bolu order karne se pehli hi out of stock ho jayega to tension ki kya baat hain ki kitna shipping charges lgega ??

  82. Pooja says:

    That means the shipping charges equal to the product price , we are not fool

  83. choudhary says:

    any Body tell me what is the cost of this one

  84. Buyer says:

    Every day different website covers this news so in lakhs of people know and try to buy this

    But only 30,000 lucky ones get this :(

  85. Anonymous says:

    On Few products we have separate shipping charges

  86. Pooja says:

    If Shipping charges extra then it must be Rs 49 coz as your rules the shipping will be Rs 49 on the purchase of less than ?400 not above than ?49

  87. Buyer says:

    Every one don’t expect to get one as stock is of only 30,000 units whereas demand is in lakhs ???

    As every website is covered is news and 10 days after sale so just imagine the rush :)

  88. Lucky says:

    Shipping Charge Extra.Nice way to fool the customer.Who knows, shipping charge would be 500Rs.

  89. Anuj saluja says:

    Very nice offer

  90. Aniket Kundu says:

    What r you saying?
    hass to bought with phone or just this only for 1

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