OnePlus Nord Pre-Order Box Rs. 499 – Amazon

nord• Purchase the OnePlus Nord Pre Order anytime between 15th July 2020 to 27th July 2020.
• Purchase any variant of the OnePlus Nord Smartphone anytime between 28th July 2020 and 15th August 2020.
• Amazon will send the eligible customers (who fulfill 1st and 2nd conditions) a coupon code and the Gift Box web-link by 10th Sep.
• Redeem the Gift Box in the web-link provided by Amazon at zero cost. The Gift Box contains a OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Blue and a OnePlus Nord Sandstone Case Blue.
• In case the customer does not purchase OnePlus Nord Smartphone between the aforementioned Phone Sale period, OnePlus Nord Pre Order Box will not be refunded.

Pre-Order Box – Rs. 499: AR Launch Invite + T-Shirt + Sticker Pack
Gift Box – Free: OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z + OnePlus Nord Sandstone Case (who purchase Pre-Order Box AND OnePlus Nord Smartphone)

Buy: OnePlus Nord Pre-Order Box

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