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onion9Groupon is selling Onions 1Kg for Rs. 9. Only 3000kg of onions will be put for sale everyday, for 7 consecutive days – starting at 1:00PM each day.

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134 Responses to “Onions 1Kg Rs. 9 – Groupon”

  1. sanjay says:

    recievd parcel yesterday. thnkx smi

  2. sushma says:

    i received my aal 12 orders of onion today. chak de phatee groupon.in. onion is bg size. but worth of money

  3. jatin says:

    parcel recived yesterday. big soze onio. hardly 10 piece in packet

  4. Vivek says:

    Just Received……………Thanks Groupon :)

  5. venkata.g says:

    It is great offer,received just now !!!Thanks savemoneyindia.com and groupon

  6. UMESH says:

    ORDERED 13 SEP RECD 16 SEP -2013

  7. mmittal says:

    @Rajat AWB NO. 69037130422

  8. mmittal says:

    Rec. just now….it was great deal….Ordered on last day…Now thinking why did not ordered more????? Thanks Groupon!!!!!!

  9. munish says:

    parcel received 10 september. so big size onion & rotten some onions . but aal worth of money

  10. sanjiv says:

    received on 11/9/13. big size but quality is good, thnkx smi

  11. Sriram says:

    Good one but not all with Good Quality but worth for money

  12. chittur says:

    nice quality around 8 days

  13. chittur says:

    ok then give us

  14. GURDEEP SINGH says:

    received product after around 8 days . good quality . great price .

  15. Jayakumar says:

    good quality and weight accurate

  16. RAVI says:

    Got in damaged condition, not 1kg and 3 onions are rotten!

  17. Raj says:

    I had ordered on 5th Sep received today quality is good no rotten stuff

  18. Bk says:

    I got my order delivered today…

    Good quality….

  19. rajat says:

    Can anyone please share the AIRWAY BILL NUMBER mentioned on the courier received?

  20. Sumit says:

    I have orderd on 06/09/13 and still waiting

  21. Raj12 says:

    It’s working, i ordered last week and i got the parcel today.. super quality. very bessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst deal,

    Thank u SMI thank you so much

  22. sherlock holmes says:

    Again sold out in 7-8 minutes. What a craze on Onions ^_^ Lol……

  23. Satish says:

    Yipeeeeee !!! Successfully placed the order..awaiting delivery !!

  24. Ashu says:

    Nice deal

  25. Sachin says:

    Received onions today…very bad quality…not recommended to buy

  26. Anita says:

    every time sold out

  27. Mehul Shah says:

    Recd. But quality is just OK. Out of 8 3 are rotten.

  28. Ashish says:

    Received 9 orders total out of them 6 are of good quality and remaining are Rottened

  29. Sunny says:

    Revived the delivery

  30. shruti shilpi says:


  31. mehul says:

    again started at 1.35.
    Check it fast.

  32. mehul says:

    from 1 id you can place order for 1 kg only through entire period of offer.

  33. RKD says:

    placed order. lets wait for delivery

  34. naresh says:

    totally buyed 18kgs from different accounts…..worrying me when i read the above comments that they are rottened completely :(

  35. Amandeep says:

    SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. G D AIRAN says:

    can we purchase again on next day or not
    SMI please confirm

  37. mehul says:

    Going smooth today & available till 1.10.

  38. mounish sai says:

    Don’t buy please it is extremely bad and rottened…………..! i throwed it in dust bin……….! worst deal

  39. mounish says:

    is it true you got rotten onions……………..???

  40. Ashok says:

    Got rotten onions. Smelling extremely bad.

  41. Rakesh says:

    Received yesterday. In total there are 7 pieces, out of which 2 are rotten and white insects have grown ( may be because it is wrapped inside 3 plastic bags ) in absence of ventilation. Not a wise idea to sell over the net.

  42. Ashish says:

    Received 9 kgs today with different accounts

  43. PRATIK says:


  44. MANOJ says:


  45. SHAH says:

    When you bought it?
    Means on which date?

  46. arif says:

    Ordered. Got confirmation sms from them. Product shipped via BlueDart

  47. Madhu says:

    i recived 1kg onions

  48. G D AIRAN says:


  49. GURDEEP SINGH says:

    i received only voucher on my mail . nothing else received . how to get use the voucher .

    please help how to use voucher .

  50. Deepak says:

    Thanks Groupon & Save Money India….Very good deal…..Received yesterday :-)

  51. Anivesh says:

    got 2. with 2 different addresses :)

  52. Gagan says:

    it was sold in less than 5 min’s not even 7 min’s

  53. Sanju says:

    This is now going to be a stupid deal, after 1st day they dont have any stock even at 1pm. ?making ppl fool. Isnt it Ridiculous

  54. PAPA says:

    SOLD OUT BUT Its true

  55. anandji says:

    Sorry, you cannot buy this deal. Have a look at some other deals here!

  56. honey says:

    Sorry, you cannot buy this deal. Have a look at some other deals here!

  57. Santosh says:

    I have received my 1st order of Onion deal.
    It was nice packaging and onion quality is also good.
    Thnx SMI and Groupon.

  58. Anonymous says:

    ha ha ha ……………………………..jai ho

  59. sherlock holmes says:

    Damn…….. All are crazy about this onion deal….. Got sold out within 9 minutes 2day

  60. khan says:

    dear smi do we need to do anything extra regarding the referral code for getting the order or jst placing order is enough.

  61. Mehul Shah says:

    Order shipped by Blue Dart. Today received SMS. Order date 5/9/2013.

  62. pankaj says:


  63. Gaurav says:

    Ordered 2 KG :)

  64. sumith says:

    SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!! bakwas deal

  65. komal says:

    whenever i open the deal its always sold out how can i order im fed up

  66. gaurav says:

    bought 1.lets see

  67. naresh says:

    i have received order confirmation through mail…. And today through sms that ur order is shipped today….

  68. Mehul Shah says:

    They will not ship, till the deal is available. That is why deliverery time is 10 days.

  69. hemant says:

    i like the picture. onion in the ring box!!! very soon it is going to be true

  70. pankaj says:

    i have no idea weather ONIONS will be fresh or not

  71. khan says:

    anybody received the shipping cnfrmtion or the product….

  72. NetSecure says:

    Hi SMI,

    What is GroupOn voucher?

    How to redeem it?

    On My Order page this voucher is displayed, I gone through GroupOn FAQ & I get to know, to avail this deal I need to redeem this voucher first. It confusing

    I think this deal is not useful until I redeem groupon voucher or something like that?

  73. Rakesh says:

    kisi ko mila kya ???
    kahin sade pyaj to nahi bhej rahe?
    baad mein kahenge, “itne paise mein aur kaisa expect karte ho?”.

  74. Jack Bauer says:

    can i order at same address using different account on different days?

  75. kukkapilla says:

    sold out…. hardly live for 10mins… buyed only 2kgs today :(

  76. Soumik says:

    ordered 1KG…….will try from diffrnt id tomorrow:P

  77. Mehul Shah says:

    Sold out at 1.15.

  78. Gagan says:

    deal SOLD OUT in just 17 min’s :)

  79. kukkapilla says:

    sold out…. hardly live for 10mins

  80. Sachin Ruia says:


  81. kiran says:

    page was not opening

    saying that oops google cant found it

  82. Srinath says:

    Jack, only 1kg allowed per id for 10days….you cant place the order next day from same id again.

  83. Jack Bauer says:

    could anyone confirm whether its 1kg/day for a user or 1kg/10days for a user?

  84. Mehul Shah says:

    @him no answer to your question.

  85. RAHUL says:

    lukng like a big joke

  86. ved says:

    pyaj chori ho gaya

  87. him says:

    Is it that only 1 kg allowed per delivery address???
    limit is fir all 7 days or for 1kg per day…???

  88. girish says:

    Congress govt ko sharm aani chahiye.. Desh ka Kya Hal karke rakha he..Garibo k liye roj khane ki chiz itni mehngi kar Di he..aur Aaj wohi chiz online muft k dam me bik rahi he.. Desh ko bikwake rahenge ye log …

  89. ravindra says:

    awesome deal… got 4 kgs

  90. JEEVANANDAM says:

    SOLD OUT……………….

  91. sherlock holmes says:

    showing sold out…… not even 1 hour has passed

  92. Naresh says:

    Try buying using mobile…works fast

  93. Sarav The Buzz says:

    I Ordered 25kgs through credit card payment.
    Its Very useful.
    But I need 100kgs. Please help me the way.

  94. Amit says:

    Website not working now…….

    they saved 3000 kgs of Onion for today!!

  95. Raj says:

    Site crashed :-)

  96. gaurav says:

    are yaar ab tumhe bhi election me khada hona hai kya
    kon c party banai hai

  97. sherlock holmes says:

    I am afraid that they would get stale till delivery, & I guess the onions are small in size

  98. DINESH says:

    yehi bechna reh gaya tha

  99. sheel sharma says:

    i ordered it…bt i havnt get any conformation about delivery on mail or mobile…
    will they deliver it????????

  100. Mehul Shah says:

    Don’t worry those who have missed, try Tmr at 1.00 you will get it

  101. shinesru says:

    bt i am frm jaipur and i hv bought it

  102. rahul123 says:

    missed it

  103. guddu says:

    kande ka dhandaa :D

  104. rahul says:

    SOLD OUT………….

  105. Sushil Kumar Saxena says:

    jaha cong. ki govt. hy waha ye deal kaam nahi karti hy

  106. Sushil Kumar Saxena says:

    deal again reopen
    hahahaha show this to congress govt. they r selling 60 rs per kg.

  107. AB says:

    only 3000KG per day is allowed!

  108. clash of clans says:

    still wrking

  109. Rocky says:

    kuch nahi mila bhaiyo…deal is over now :(

  110. Jack Bauer says:

    because you are from JAIPUR! :)

  111. donald says:

    SOLD OUT…………….

  112. allout says:

    sold out………….:(

  113. zeeshan says:

    m from jaipur

    it shows dat i cant buy this deal
    can anybody tell me why ?

  114. Pramod says:

    This is the best deal ever…Flat 85% OFF!

  115. Srinath says:

    cheers ordered

  116. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Ordered but please remeber do not place multiple orders in same delivery location as only 1 ordered will be executed in 1 delivery address.

  117. DEEPAK says:

    nOW nOT wORKING…

  118. AJ says:

    hahaha ordered 1..

  119. sanjiv says:

    placed order. lets wait for delivery

  120. Rohit says:

    ordered but delivery in 10 days :(

  121. munish says:

    order booked. payment through net banking. wait now for delivery

  122. sanjiv says:

    placed order, lets see deliverd or not. payment via credit card. cash on delivery not available

  123. shivam says:

    link break

  124. shivam says:

    placed order no recive any conformation

  125. Ruchir says:

    Anyway the seller is no less than Robinhood and Groupon is already the best platform to do greatest things includindg gigantic records worldwide

  126. Ruchir says:

    So now we can see onion and eat it too!Who knows this will be the last kg of onions in this life.The seller muse have worked in Telecom or Coal ministry to have the stock first

  127. rahul s says:

    lolzz.. ordered.. lets c .. whtr they send it or its jst a prank :P

  128. Gotu says:

    I am from Gujarat, Can Onion comes from Delhi ?????

  129. shinesru says:

    placed order

  130. Lalit M says:

    Hahahahah me too !! I did COD though :P

  131. crazdeal says:

    Kya bakwas hai …sale kuch bhi dal rahe ho ab sabji bhi bechoge kya

  132. Bk says:

    Placed order…

  133. AB says:


  134. Sumit says:

    good one. ordered

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