Oral B CrossAction Toothbrush Set of 3 Rs. 48 – ShopClues

ShopClues is selling Oral B CrossAction Toothbrush Set of 3 for Rs. 48. Features unique Criss Cross bristles are angled in opposing directions to lift out and sweep away plaque &  soft moulded tongue cleaner for softly cleaning the delicate tongue areas.

Coupon: SC2TB29

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55 Responses to “Oral B CrossAction Toothbrush Set of 3 Rs. 48 – ShopClues”

  1. Naveen says:

    cart goes empty…….

  2. Sachin says:

    back in stock..

  3. Gaurav says:

    Oral- B CrossAction Toothbrush (set of 3) has zero inventory and cannot be added to the cart

  4. Gaurav says:

    Sold Out:(

  5. Pankaj says:

    Nice Deal … Shopclues really makes our Jaw Drop with such deals…

  6. Mayur N says:

    Yes, ShopClues always brings very good deals… especially in Jaw Dropping Deals…
    Bought it…
    ShopClues Rocks!!!

  7. VISHAL says:


  8. tandon says:

    shopclues is always best………. hmesha ache offer aate hain

  9. PRANAY says:

    Very nice deal….cant imagine a better deal than this.

  10. Ayan says:

    Order one.. Shopclue working smoothly… Tradus no way because it not come to my kolkata

  11. Riaz says:

    Great Deal,ordered one,I feel Shopclues deals are real deals,Tradus has become chindi chor now

  12. Snigdha says:

    good one!

  13. NAUSHAD says:

    Wow wot a deal i ordered thrice with same id. Rock :–

  14. H.S.Gupta says:

    Another Awesome deal… but i really don’t need it .. i already have oral-b toothbrush (hardly 1month old).. But its 100% good deal…

  15. Amrita says:


  16. Sruthi says:


  17. jigar mewada says:


  18. DEEPAK says:

    booked set of 4 from different different ids. shopclues always rocks for me.Thanks SMI

  19. NANDHAKUMAR says:


  20. ashish says:

    these were not good toothbrushes i ordered and used also ..after dipping in water for an hour also bristles of toothbrush are hard they never soft

  21. Ravi says:

    Very good deal

  22. Sarath says:

    There it goes, Shop Clues is back with Jaw droppers again, booked two successfully. Thanks SMI :)

  23. balaji says:

    worked fine. ordered one. thanks SMI

  24. Jabir says:

    Done “)

  25. shipra says:


  26. Dr abhishek Parashar says:

    Superb deal
    Working smoothly
    Thanx smi..

  27. manish says:

    not working

  28. vinod goel says:

    not accepting code

  29. Ajay says:

    Not accepting the coupon code , what should do

  30. Swayam says:

    till now not working

  31. karthikeyanq says:

    mnot working

  32. Ankur says:

    Not working :(



  34. Viral says:

    coupon not working

  35. Tapas says:

    Not Working for me.total waste of time.

  36. nazim says:

    its not working..

  37. Naveen says:

    coupon not working what the ….

  38. DEEPAK SINGH says:

    coupon not working

  39. Gohil babubhai says:

    Nice dil

  40. nani says:

    not working yar

  41. Arun Karthik B says:

    tried ordering. it is saying that there is no inventory

  42. shruti says:

    awsm deal. ordrd

  43. shopaholic says:

    search on ebay for amway persona toothbrush. I purchased in a scheme.

  44. Sandy says:

    Ruchir where can i hunt for amway toothbrush without joining amway chain :D

    if u get 2 .. do courier 1 to me … :D

  45. rohan says:

    awsumm deal…..shop clue rocks….

  46. Ruchir says:

    Great deal but not a good toothbrush.It is regular and toothbrush should always be soft.That is confirmed by dentists as well.On ground it does no good but Amway Persona toothbrush at Rs 22 is as durable as scientific and effective it is.But Amway at Rs 22 all inclusive is impossible to find at all times.

  47. gaurav says:

    me ordered too..lolz…imagine using second hand toothbrushes…

  48. Sandy says:

    Hopes those are hygenic and not 2nd hand toothbrushes … :-|

    Me Ordered though :P :D lolzzzzzzzzz

  49. vicky says:

    superb deal…just ordered

  50. Bhaumik says:

    Its working fine…
    Ordered two times…. (With different email ID’s) :)

  51. Mayank says:

    Nice deal ..ordered…..

  52. Sam says:

    Worked for me……….:)

  53. Babjan Bellary says:


  54. PRABHAT SOMANI says:


  55. john says:

    not working

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