Orient Water Heater WF501P 15L Rs. 4185 (HDFC Debit Cards) or Rs. 5458, 25L Rs. 6382 (HDFC Debit Cards) or Rs. 6718 – Amazon

orient-WF2501PFeatures 2000W, Class I, 6.5 bar, 6-in-1 safety features (Multi-Function Valve), PRV (Pressure Release Valve) releases extra pressure from the inlet and VRV (Vacuum Release Valve) guards against dry running of geyser, Drain, Non Return, Anti Syphon Hole, Fusible Valve, Longer life due to thicker and heavier copper element, Magnesium rod increases tank life by reducing scaling, TIG Overlap Welding & Can be installed both vertically and horizontally.

HDFC Bank Debit Cards – 5% Cashback upto Rs. 500 on Purchase of Rs. 5000+: Cashback points will be posted in the debit card account of eligible Cardholders 90 days after the end of every calendar month. (Terms & Conditions)

Buy Orient Water Heater WF501P: 15L Rs. 5458 | 25L Rs. 6718 | More Water Heaters

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