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ozomaxmicrohairdryerShopClues has OzoMax Micro Hair Dryer for Rs. 135. Features Heat-balancing ceramic and ionic technology for condition and shine, 2 power and speed settings, Includes hair concentrator & Automatic over-heating protection system.

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7 Responses to “OzoMax Hair Dryer Rs. 135 – ShopClues”

  1. Ankit says:

    One should never compromise with cost on electric products and life.Read its “electric”
    There are huge chances of electric shocks with these cheapos.These kind of cheap stuff should be banned.Playing with life

    Moreover I use to have this kind of one cheapos around 4 years back.It was free gifted after getting my scooter insured by insurance company.It has a 3 volts motor.The same which is used in remote control car and it generates only a few air flow.Very very very few.I broked it.One pucnh was enough bcoz of cheap third grade recycled plastic body

    So as baru asked.Yes this is a toy which can play with your life on serious measures

  2. kailash kher says:

    shopclues quality is deteriorating while the price is going up. is it controlled by UPA government?

  3. shopaholic says:

    Most faltu product online.. I bought and and felt cheated. don’t buy this..

  4. super shopper says:

    This is worst product I ever had. It stopped working just after 1/2 hour on the very first day. Don’t buy this.

  5. baru says:

    is it a toy?

  6. sridhar says:

    Lousy stuff not even worth 100/- mini size

  7. anil gupta says:

    kitnae watt ka hai

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