Park Avenue Deodorant 150ml + Rs. 2 Cashback Rs. 88 – ShopClues

parkavenue_deo_12mayShopClues has Park Avenue Deodorant 150ml for Rs. 88 and on order completion you will earn Clues Bucks worth Rs. 2. Features Long Lasting body deodorants spray for every occasion.

Coupon: SC1PA39

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104 Responses to “Park Avenue Deodorant 150ml + Rs. 2 Cashback Rs. 88 – ShopClues”

  1. neel says:

    all r getting terra flavour only?
    my friends buyied it too,both of them got terra flavour only?

  2. shiv says:

    Do not buy as its fill with gasssssssssssss…

  3. Gags says:

    Unable to add the product in the cart :(

  4. taranbir singh says:

    it is cheating beer shampoo 75 ml is free nowdays with parkavenue deo

  5. neha says:

    ordered 1.

  6. RAVI THE RARE says:

    ordered 1 at 1:53 PM

  7. r says:

    Manufacturing- Feb’13
    Expiry -Jan ,2015

  8. mehul shah says:

    Not so attractive at 83/-.

  9. sahil says:

    fake fake fake


    @munish Gupta thanks buddy I ve got the order confirmation from shop clues after an hour
    Hope they ship out
    Normally I m quite satisfied with shop clues

  11. manisha says:

    is this (park avenue brand) only for male………………or female also….??????????????

  12. Binayak says:

    lucky saurabh
    I didnt get even 1

  13. saurabh says:

    ordered FOUR… :P

  14. gagan choudhary says:

    its been removed at around 4pm. ordered 1. thnx.

  15. Sridhu says:

    Link not opened…

  16. Prakash says:

    Product not to be seen..

  17. janu says:

    i am unable to buy this offer

  18. Vikram says:

    not genuine products, fake or duplicate products

  19. vivek says:

    stock finisheeeedd.

  20. Neel says:

    not working……

  21. keshari says:

    ordered 2…:)

  22. T says:

    Its all about TIMEPASS…

  23. Jazzy says:

    ordered 3 times,
    2 ordered incomplete :( &
    then i got 1

  24. Munish Gupta says:

    Mukesh bhai….agar payment deduct hui hai aur Shopclue a/c mein show nahi karta to… k custmer care par inform karo….balance 48 hrs. k baad hi wapas aa payega…..same happened wid me……

  25. Kishore says:

    Ordered… Now out of stock

  26. Ravi says:

    Yeah coupon works after 4-5 attempts…I tried it…and guess what the payment not confirmed… and as soon as I checked that after payment failure …it was out of stock….

    Superb Site!!!

    keeps their customer excited every time with such inventory offers. Thanks

  27. Rashmi says:

    Dude… Now the message is…
    “Park Avenue Deodorant 150ml has zero inventory and cannot be added to the cart”
    “Cart is Empty. Your cart is empty, so you cannot proceed to checkout.”

  28. Aman says:

    Status backordered means that the item or some of items you bought is out of stock at the moment and the mercahnt put them on back order for you. As soon as it is back in stock they will send you your order.

  29. Arnab says:

    Park Avenue Deodorant 150ml has zero inventory and cannot be added to the cart…

    Out of Stock !!!!!!!!!!!

  30. K.P. Singh" Kakkaju" says:

    what is backordered?

  31. Alien says:

    Ravi…It’s out of stock now

  32. MINESH says:

    Park Avenue Deodorant 150ml has zero inventory and cannot be added to the cart……

  33. Ragini says:

    cart empty

  34. Aman says:

    coupon is working after trying three four times but order not confirmed



  36. ashish says:

    busy isliye hota hai bcoz ,,, out of 100 people 99 wants there money back :)

  37. Ravi says:

    Its working now!!

  38. ******* says:

    3rd class shopclues
    all expired products are in jaw deal


    Ordered twice
    Both times payment deducted but no confirmation from shop clues
    Ab kya Karen ??
    Unka fone bhi hamesha busy hi hota hai

  40. abhi says:

    this is the plan of shopclues …. i m sure that on sunday they sale the remaining stock in higher prices….. jai ho shopclues baba ki………

  41. Vikas says:

    its a fake coupon….

  42. Ravi says:

    the stock is available but the coupon code shows no valid longer

  43. harish says:

    mal khalash hai bhai..,coupan code change kar diya hai..
    don’t waste time bhai log

  44. Rashmi says:

    Bad Luck :(

    “The coupon you entered is no longer valid.”

  45. ujjwal says:

    Wrong coupon …please provide the correct coupon

  46. Utpal says:

    Shows “The coupon you entered is no longer valid.”

  47. R says:

    The coupon you entered is no longer valid.

  48. Mangesh says:

    the coupon code shows no valid longer

  49. Alien says:

    But it’s showing in STOCK !!
    Coupon ‘s not working

  50. Dharamveer says:

    The coupon you entered is no longer valid….

  51. Ragini says:

    is it stock out or problem in the site

  52. Naresh says:

    Stock finished…

    @ Amrita : Coupan is right but stock is finished!

  53. GURJIT SINGH says:


  54. abhi says:

    ab yahi product sunday ko milega …. rs 4 mehenga…. shopclues pe shoping karne k liye … lagta hai 3g connection lena padega….. SMI yaar 3g ka koi sasta plan ho to batana….hahahaha

  55. ankit garg says:

    Fraud Products..Fraud website sending expired products

  56. SURI says:

    yarro its showing The coupon you entered is no longer valid….

  57. N M Rao says:

    The coupon you entered is no longer valid—-

  58. S Gurumurthi says:

    …….The coupon you entered is no longer valid…….

    At least change status to “No Stock” or “Sold”

  59. Pradeep says:

    The coupon you entered is no longer valid.

  60. MINESH says:

    The coupon you entered is no longer valid.

  61. ravi says:

    As of present couponcode is not working

  62. Amrita says:

    Wrong coupon …please provide the correct coupon.

  63. Sunny says:

    Everyone’s Payment deducted but order has not got placed.Hats off to Shopclues!!!

  64. Manas says:

    Coupon Not Working Now

  65. shiv says:

    i think stock finished

  66. ankit garg says:

    coupoun code not working

  67. himanshu says:

    bekar site

  68. vicky donar says:

    Not working….!!!!

  69. A says:

    coupon code not acceptable!!

  70. Amrendra kumar says:

    Ordered one.Shopclues rocks as always

  71. vivek says:

    my order placed..happpy…………..

  72. sara says:

    site not working……………

  73. gagan choudhary says:

    i asked this question on shop clues facebook page. they replied instantly. they said that your order is confirmed and it will be automatically updated on website within 24 to 48 hrs.

  74. Arpit says:

    How can they sell @ such a low price??….is it fake ???

  75. G D AIRAN says:

    orederd one,confirmed

  76. Sajal says:

    Same for me. My checkout is also incomplete, but balance deducted. They must upgrade their server in order to provide better service and incidence of such errors.

  77. Srinath says:

    anonymous, dont fake dude

  78. MANOJ says:

    I have placed order but twice they have deducted the amount of Rs. 48/- means I have paid 96/- but no confirmation from shop clues received so far. How I will get my money refunded. Please help SMI. I am worrying whether my amount of Rs. 96/- will be refunded or not.

  79. ra says:


  80. Rajesh Bajaj says:

    @ gagan. NO issue bro. You can drop a mail to I think your order is confirmed. Some website issue is there. My order also has same problem. I

  81. PANKAJ says:

    payment deducted …order not confirmed

  82. Anonymous says:

    ordered 5

  83. nitish singh says:

    transaction result time out



  85. kaivalya says:

    worst site

  86. gagan choudhary says:

    in order status on shop clues website it’s showing checkout incomplete but balance is deducted from my bank account. but i have received a mail from shop clues that your order is successfully completed. what is this smi? plz help.

  87. Vijay says:

    not wroking,,,,

  88. Siva Krishna says:

    Site too slow!!!!!!!

  89. Vinay T says:

    They are not antiperspirant. Not buying them. A mix of smell of sweat and perfume smells more horrible.

  90. Ramanuj says:

    Very very slow …. can’t order

  91. abhinav says:

    payment deducted …order not confirmed

  92. Sandeep says:

    sight is very slow………………..

  93. Vishal Aadthakkar says:

    orderred 2..
    thank you… :)

  94. Ruchi Gupta says:

    best deal!!!

  95. srinath says:

    very heavy traffic too slow……but managed to buy 1 as of now…trying for more!

  96. Lucky says:

    unable to place the order , shop clue web sight is not working

  97. raghu says:

    out of stock pls check smi

  98. Jabir says:

    I strongly recomend Shopclues to every one for genuine deals, & thanx to SMI for informing us…
    Thanx :)
    Aur haa
    Asusual purchased 1

  99. GoodFellas says:

    skipped, low grade product

  100. shipra says:

    ordered one

  101. Unnikrishnan says:


  102. pankaj says:

    & Baught too

  103. pankaj says:

    Watched before smi

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