PayTm Wallet Pay Rs. 1 Get Rs. 2 – PayTm

pt-12• Pay Re. 1 and get Re. 2 Cashback.
• On purchase of this deal, you will be sent Rs. 2 special promo code.
• Special promo code can be used to add Rs. 2 to your PayTm Wallet.
• This money can then be used anywhere where PayTm is accepted.

PayTm: Pay Rs. 1 Get Rs. 2

11 Responses to “PayTm Wallet Pay Rs. 1 Get Rs. 2 – PayTm”

  1. Sanju says:

    If 1crore people gets cashback of 1crore…then paytm will suck

  2. ajay says:

    What a brilliant and intelligent management leader of Paytm who allowed this scheme to run. Its future is really very very bright. Only Paytm can hire such a brilliant Management Leader.

  3. ajay says:

    I will purchase a katora and give it to Paytm to sit on road side for …

  4. Hemen says:

    The promo code may be – ” Bhagwan ke naam pe de de”. Hehe

  5. himanshu agarwal says:

    Likha kya h dekho *this money can be used anywhere*???

  6. H says:

    Big lol

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. somesh says:

    hats off to the person who commented “Nice”

  9. gourav says:


  10. arjun says:

    bhikari samaj rakha hai logo ko

  11. mahendra says:

    wow such a great offer by paytm… 200 percent !!!

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