PayTm Add Rs. 2013 to Digital Wallet we make it Rs. 2500


Get extra Paytm Cash in your virtual wallet this New Year! Yes, 2012 is coming to end and we have arranged one last special surprise for all of you before the new year kicks in. We’re upgrading your account with Paytm Cash –  the fastest way to make payments! If you add Rs. 2013 to your digital wallet, we make it Rs. 2500.

• You can use it for any transaction on Paytm. Be it your mobile, DTH, data card or smart tag recharge or bill payments.
• You can use this amount immediately, if you want.
• On 4th January, we will reward you with extra Paytm Cash and make it a total of Rs. 2500!

Website: PayTm | New Year Recharge

14 Responses to “PayTm Add Rs. 2013 to Digital Wallet we make it Rs. 2500”

  1. gurdarshan says:

    last night you say that this offer is valid till 11.59pm of 31dec.
    but you saying that this offer is expire
    is this only a greed

  2. Nare says:

    Is this deal is still open. Cn i use this deal now.. as i am using this deal they are giving me only Rs.2100 not Rs.2500..
    Plzz help..

  3. mahendra says:

    I paid 2013 on 27 dec 2012 now i want to make recharge to my mobile whether i can get the bal amount 2500-2013 on 4 jan 2013 or i have to wait till 4 jan to pass

  4. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    If you recharged before midnight (11:59PM 27th Dec), you get 2500.

  5. KRISHAN says:

    i ad recharged wirh 2013, how can i confir i will get 2500 or not ????????

  6. dev jain says:

    is it expired?? or still working???

  7. sri says:

    IS that amount can be transfered back to bank account?

  8. abhinav says:

    they now changed the amount value to Rs. 2100

  9. Dhaval says:

    No expiration date you can use anytime you want.
    Does Paytm Cash have an expiration date?
    Now way! It’s your money and you have the right to use it as and when you wish. So you rest assure and keep your money for as long as you want in your Paytm Cash account.

  10. Kuldeep says:

    For how many Days it is valid after adding Rs. 2013 to payTm …????

  11. Sunil says:

    Rs.2013 we can use it wenever we want ? or within a period we hav to finish it off ..

  12. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    No coupon, add Rs. 2013 to PayTm cash to be eligible.

  13. krish says:

    where is the coupoun code??

  14. sri says:

    We cant use this amount for Post Paid Bills so what we will do with this 2000+ Rs :(

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