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10 Responses to “PC & Console Games upto 80% off from Rs. 149 – FlipKart”

  1. cb says:

    Good deal bought mass effect 3. soon after I had ordered, product was out of stock.. lucky me.

  2. Vinay T says:

    @Sabya, for piracy to stop, companies have to start releasing games at eastern economy prices – like books. Else there is no way this can stop. Its hard in India for ppl to afford a decent graphics card and PSU, forget games!

  3. Vinay T says:

    Since games started coming in eastern economy editions – like books, I have started to purchase them. Many now cost 600 – 800 and there is no need to pirate them unless you are college going students with no income. There was a time when most of the games used to be 2000+ and this too back in year 1998-2000 where 2000 Rs was like today’s 10,000+ Purchasing back then was a NO-WAY. But times have changed.

    For example I got Rage for 399 Rs from FLIPKART and it came in 3 dual layer DVDs = 3X8GB. My BSNL gives me 30 GB per month :P AND I got 4 games free with my 7950 as well. I am yet to finish so many games I have purchased.

    One might think why this idiot is spending so much money buying orginals. But believe me when you get 30+ years old and when u earn well, buying is not a problem.

  4. sabya says:

    Do all want SMI to post illegal game links. if you are playing illegal games then play.let antipiracy team watch activity on this.
    India me jab antipiracy strict action lega tab yaad ayega SMI ka ye game offer.

  5. sabya says:

    Ok guys dnt think u only knw play games by dwnload frm torent. now a days school going children also know about this. try to do some certified work. because everyone is experienced with this type of technical n electronics knowledge. I am being a Medico also know much more than any of you. all my b.tech friends also take my advice in these technical knowledge. now Qn is do anybody will certify me that I am expert in tech knowledge. expertise in somthng without authorisation is complete waste of ur persnalty

  6. Kunal says:

    Frankly speaking, apart from torrents, there are lots of pirated dvds available in grey market in every city.

    Believe me, i play all the major pc titles on my pc with my hd7870 gpu using the pirated ones at the cost of rs 30 to 120 (depends on no of game discs). Likes of latest cod, farcry3, moh warfighter, ac3, skyrim, diabalo 3, batman and many more.

    The few advantages of buying these original ones are, multiplayer, dlc and technical support.

  7. Anonymous says:

    torrent pe free mai milte h…. downloading lagti h bas……………..

  8. Anonymous says:


    nice joke.

  9. Anonymous says:

    loda 90% , they are giving maximum 35 % ,

    stop posting fake deals.

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