Pears Oil Clear Soap 125gm Rs. 9 – eBay

Pears Oil Clear is the gentle way to remove excess oil and get your skin to its pristine, wonderful best. Its special ‘oil-clear’ formula contains Lemon Flower Extracts known to have natural astringent properties. It helps to clean away the excess oil from your skin while glycerin ensures your skin stays gently cared for. Say goodbye to oily skin troubles with the goodness of Pears.

• This is a promotional offer only for those who haven’t shopped ANYTHING on eBay yet.
• Only 1 qty of the featured product can be availed per person or household.

Buy: Pears Oil Clear Soap 125gm (seller will only ship if it is the accounts 1st purchase)

15 Responses to “Pears Oil Clear Soap 125gm Rs. 9 – eBay”

  1. tushar says:

    i have got the product 3-4 times but had to order making a new id everytime

  2. Ashish Dugar says:

    No need to worry friends, its being 100% genuine site and product as well, I received 150 gm Close up in just 19 rs in a week( Actual price was 68).

  3. Sonu says:

    never purchase from ebay they are not delivered as they shown in the site.
    after taken the payment the will told your order is cancelled, your money will be refunded in 30 days.

  4. Abhishek Kumar says:

    This is the worst seller on eBay i have experienced earlier for 2 times….Don’t go for it.

  5. prithvi raj says:

    Humare to max. order ka refund hi aata hai


    GO TO YOUR CREDIT CARD’S BANK SITE > SELECT CREDIT CARD SECTION>SELECT VBV (Verified By Visa) enter your card details>create your account>enter your email id > enter your new password. You will get confirmation to your EMAIL ID. Now a days banks are sending One Time Password for each and every transaction while making payment online

  7. Arif says:

    Yes i have got plenty of time…… I ordered 2 from 2 different ID…

  8. deepak says:

    my card not getting verified ….wat to do??

  9. Syed Zoeb says:

    Have ordered previously from the same seller and i got the delivery of the product. Its Genuine so go ahead n grab the deal ASAP.

  10. GANESH says:

    Thanks for the posting SMI…..I ordered 1 qty…

  11. Birendra says:

    Yes, no doubt its 100% safe & genuine. go ahead, don’t doubt on ebay.

  12. kapil bansal says:

    i have ordered 4 times and they deliver within 3-4 days

  13. Shivam says:

    iam buy 1st order from ebey

  14. Sandy says:

    Does any body got anything from ebay…

    I dont feel trusting the ebay … :-|

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