Pears Pure & Gentle Soap 125gms Rs. 19 – Tradus

Pears Pure And Gentle Soap, the transparent soap that nourishes your skin and leaves you with a gentle and soft texture. It keeps your skin healthy and adds an unmatched radiance to it.


Buy: Pears Pure & Gentle Soap 125gms

99 Responses to “Pears Pure & Gentle Soap 125gms Rs. 19 – Tradus”

  1. Ankur says:

    all orders refunded.. ordered 20 and all cancelled..

  2. Arnab says:

    Product is showing sold out from morning, but quantity purchased is constantly increasing – now showing 1296 purchased…..How is this increasing when the product is sold out?

    SMI says – “When all available stock has been added to cart it will show sold out. Purchased quantity increases when payment is complete. If payment is not completed in some time, it is added to stock again”. How can this situation continue through the whole day when the product is showing sold out from the morning? Think Practically.

    Seems like tradus simply increases the purchase quantity after some seconds without any purchase being done to give a false impression of the number of quantities sold.

  3. PHK says:

    Hmm they are refunding the money :(

  4. lol says:

    Tradus go to hell

  5. Kumar says:

    Tradus is cancelling the order. Tradus is Fake :(

  6. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    When all available stock has been added to cart it will show sold out. Purchased quantity increases when payment is complete. If payment is not completed in some time, it is added to stock again.

  7. ravindrra says:

    sold out…………………………………………..

  8. ShahJahan says:

    And now it says 1199 PURCHASED while still showing SOLD OUT!!

  9. Arpan says:

    rightly said by Pritesh.

  10. pritesh says:

    nw 1186 sold out …!! keep progressing TRADUS FOOLS …!!

  11. pritesh says:

    its showing sold out…. bt purchase quantity is increasing continuously …!!!! SMI n tradus both making us fool …!!!

    at 10.30 it was 1053 items PURCHASED … and nw at 11.19 its 1182 items PURCHASED…… !! bt tag is SOLD OUT …!!

    my question from where the hell people is shopping ???

  12. Imran ahmad says:

    great shopping………..

  13. Kumar says:

    No guys Its working :), but now sold out:(

  14. anu agarwal says:

    Product ValueRs. 19
    Shipping ChargesRs. 10
    Shipping DiscountRs. 0
    GV DiscountRs. 0
    Grand Total : Rs. 29
    Total Payment to be made

    PEARSPURE coupon not working.
    Still i ordered one.
    SMI, Please tell me if coupon start working, i will order 3 more then.

  15. Imran Vohra says:

    Things are not working man. I think tradus is making people fool. Sankalp and Shopclues has more better trades.

  16. ashish says:

    rs10 shipping charge for 1 soap….lol
    so if i order 6 soaps its showin rs60 shipping charge

  17. sarath says:

    is there any particular time that these offers come into picture?? or it is nothing like that, because when ever i try to purchase, it comes out as sold out or gift voucher not valid or expired. plz update me whenever there is such offer comes out

  18. Anonymous says:

    TRADUS FOOL US GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    its not working

  19. srinivas says:

    good deal….. thank you to smi

  20. Sanjana says:


  21. Gagan says:

    This product is SOLD OUT now… :(

  22. ashish says:

    Thnx SMI

  23. The Good Lord says:

    Yupp, Got it dude

  24. kalash jain says:

    tradus par jakar pears likh kar search karo pears 125gms likha milenga
    coupon code:- PEARSPURE hain

  25. The Good Lord says:

    Its working for just 1 Order.
    btw Deal is not showing the Page anyway.

  26. zak says:

    deal has been eloped with someone one ,,guys……….due to our powerful comments………………….have a nice day…

  27. Sunny says:

    Working Ordered one……

  28. kRISHNA says:


    I order 1 ….

    but when try to buy more than 1 … it only reduce Rs. 41…..

    doesn’t work for more than 1 product ……….

  29. hoshang says:

    SMI it is working for 1 pc but when we but 6 pcs its not working…please update others

  30. Ankur says:

    ordered 1

  31. Deep says:

    i think now.. deal is expired.!!!

  32. Deep says:

    started working.. ordered 2

  33. nani says:

    guys go onn pressing reedem button at one or the other point it will accept ur request nd i did the same way i just ordered yar @ 12.59 AM

  34. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Will update when it starts working.

  35. nani says:

    14 purchased how cum ya

    no one getting that but count increasing

  36. nani says:


    Really frustrated guys 12.52 Am

    Its not at all working yar

    Are they trying to fool us or what??????

  37. Prabir says:

    Totally fake…..
    GV not working at all…. :-(

  38. Ankur says:

    will it work tonight SMI?

  39. jya valecha says:

    GV code not working 12.48am

  40. om khanna says:

    9 RS. k chhakar me light ka bill b increase karwayge, phir b kuchh haath n aayega, jao so jao, sweet dream,

    all viewers GOOD NIGHT

  41. hoshang says:

    Coupon COde is not working at all…!!!

  42. om khanna says:

    Pears Pure & Gentle Soap (125 gms)
    Get More Details
    + Shipping Fee
    Hurry! Deal ends in
    Use This GV Code To Get Discount

    Limit 6 per customer
    How are the prices so low?

    Please use Gift Voucher PEARSPURE on final Payment page to get the discounted price of Rs 9

    All products sold on Tradus are 100% genuine and come with warranty.
    but coupen not working , 11 PURCHASED, wow kya baat hai

  43. Shakeeb says:

    I tried so many times but the GV Code doesn’t work, Tradus team do sum thing or else take back your add out of the site.

  44. kRISHNA says:

    Fake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SMI is also fake ……………………..

  45. kRISHNA says:

    Really frustrating …………………..

  46. om khanna says:

    Review your order & proceed to pay
    Product DetailsSeller DetailsDispatch TimePrice
    Pears Pure & Gentle Soap (125 gms)
    Quantity : 1
    Delhi Enterprises,
    New Delhi, 110028
    Offer: Use GV code
    ‘PEARSPURE’ and get
    this @Rs. 9
    3-5 Days
    Rs. 50

    Redeem Gift Voucher (Terms & Conditions)

    Gift voucher not valid 12.34am

  47. gaurav says:

    Not working !!!!!!!!!!1

  48. tarun jain says:

    not working….

  49. kRISHNA says:

    SMI :::

    Please interfere …………………

  50. Ankur says:


    how this counter is increasing?? tried with new id as well..

  51. Netrafter says:

    GV not working

  52. kRISHNA says:

    SMI …

    Please ban sites like Tradus from publishing fake ads here ..

    else ppl wont come back here as well. ……

  53. kRISHNA says:

    Do these websites ENjoy foooling others ??????????

  54. H.S.Gupta says:

    JUST TRIED 12.25 am …… NOT WORKING…….

  55. om khanna says:

    Offer: Use GV code
    ‘PEARSPURE’ and get
    this @Rs. 9 not working

  56. kRISHNA says:

    Even buying a single product says :Gift voucher not valid.


    fake ??

  57. kRISHNA says:

    Not working !!!!!!!!!!1

  58. ANJUL says:

    not working

  59. gaurav says:

    Gift voucher not valid

  60. ANJUL says:

    showing error ‘gift voucher is invali’

  61. Anonymous says:

    Fake, Not working

  62. jya valecha says:

    Redeem Gift Voucher (Terms & Conditions)

    Gift voucher not valid

  63. siddarth says:

    not working

  64. Deep says:

    still..GV not live..

  65. Ankur says:

    yup and it shows 4 purchased.. ow come? its not working..

  66. sameer says:

    new coupon code: PEARSPURE
    condition:limited quantiy 6 pieces per user

  67. bindu says:

    its not working

  68. gaurav says:

    its past 12 ..its not working even now…

  69. Ankur says:

    not working…

  70. Amitkumar says:

    must be pack of 3 in 19

  71. Amitkumar says:

    Costly deal compared to sankldeal.cannot be compared with ebay

  72. Pujari says:

    ek soap ke liye frustrate mat ho jao…!!
    BTW coupon was working till 8.00 PM..:)

  73. ShahJahan says:

    It gives the error, “Gift voucher not valid”

  74. SARTHAK says:


  75. nazim says:

    Not working..

  76. master ajay saini says:

    coupen not working..
    jab coupen kaam hi nhi kar rha yo ye aise offer kyo daalte hain..



  78. Naresh Jain says:


  79. Sandeep Goel says:

    Not not valid

  80. vinod says:

    why wasting others’ time. When they cannot supply why they advertise.

  81. prithvi raj says:

    coupen not valid

  82. Ankur says:

    Offer ceases. payment options are not displayed

  83. Mahita says:

    Thanks SMI, Just I ordered 1 soap for Rs. 19/-..:)

  84. GANESH says:

    Its working again now…Just i ordered 1 qty in my one more tradus account same discounted price Rs. 19…If any want try now…

  85. ashwani says:

    payment link shown only cash on delivery

  86. MADHU says:

    SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!!11

  87. kk says:

    SOLD OUT !!!!!

  88. harish says:

    just now placed the order .it is 60 rps after applying the coupon wll get 41rps discount

  89. Gagan says:

    Error on page while applying coupon code “PEARS”.

  90. GANESH says:

    Thanks SMI, Just ordered 1 soap, price 50 + shipping charge 10 and discount coupon 41 at last total payable Rs. 19/…..thanks

  91. joy says:

    ohh i got it plz use coupan PEARS

  92. Mayank says:

    Need to apply coupon at checkout is gud

  93. joy says:

    shivam it is showing rs 50. smi plz explain

  94. Shivam says:

    I Geart Feeling Today Iam Buy This Prodcut Good Price

  95. S Gurumurthi says:

    The price at the site shows the price as Rs. 50 + Rs. 10 as Shipping.
    Is there any coupon to be used for this deal?

  96. RAMESH says:


  97. MEHUL SHAH says:


  98. fxd357 says:

    ordered 1 pc… Thanks SMI

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