PepperFry upto Rs. 250 off + 1% off

pepperfryCoupon may not be applicable on few products.

10% off Coupon: PEP1OMG500 (max discount Rs. 500)
30% off Coupon: ICICI30 (applicable on Furniture, Home Decor, Furnishings, Lamps & Lighting)
25% off Coupon: PEPOMGDEC2 (applicable on Furniture, Home Decor, Furnishings, Lamps & Lighting)
Rs. 100 off on Rs. 450+ Coupon: OMG100
Rs. 200 off on Rs. 500+ Coupon: FEST200C (for select accounts)
Rs. 250 off on Rs. 999+ Coupon: NEW250 (Register New Account & Login to use coupon. Applicable on Kitchen & Dining, Appliances, Bath, Housekeeping.)

Extra 1% off: PayUMoney (Sign Up > I am a Buyer. In PepperFry, Choose Payment Method > PayUMoney.)

Website: PepperFry (Home Decor | Furnishings | Lamps & Lighting | Kitchen & Dining | Appliances | Bath | Housekeeping | Pet Supplies | Furniture)

Tupperware Bottle 1000ml Set of 4 Rs. 535 (after 10% off + 1% off)
Padmini 2 Burner Gas Stove CS-201 Rs. 990 (after Rs. 250 off + 1% off)

34 Responses to “PepperFry upto Rs. 250 off + 1% off”

  1. Anybody says:

    SMI Please mention from where we get 25 % cashback

  2. satvik says:

    200 off and 100 off coupons are not working in new as well as old accounts

  3. Ashish says:

    I have ordered Amber bath towel worth299 by applying 10% discount lets see how is the quality ordered first time from this site

    Has anyone ordered this bath towel?

  4. Nitu says:

    They have started charging shipping charges 29/- on all online payments below 500/-. Will lose Customers now.

  5. rohit says:

    Thank you SMI. 300 on 600 (+taxes) coupon worked for me on my old account. It didn’t work on my other 2 old accounts but worked when I tried on my 3rd old account.

  6. Nitu says:

    Its working on old accounts who have recd email that too only for 200

  7. dR says:

    Everyone is not eligible for this kinda offer of pepperfry.some selected users randomly been selected and get code in email id.

  8. Pappu says:

    Still not working smi

  9. Raj says:

    Admin, I created a new account and applied Rs.300 off on Rs.600 coupon: SURPRISE300. But it showed you are not eligible. What to do?

  10. kk says:

    hi this is not working and got posted by SMI today. We have to check from old account or new account ?

  11. kk says:

    hi , is this working now ?

  12. him says:

    guys any suggestions esp @ varun kapila, a, anand

  13. rohit says:

    When I was submitting my comment, SMI website should have told me that if I add links then they will be removed.

    CheckComment ($txt){

    Any link present in $txt? -> warn user that link will be removed

  14. rohit says:

    I used coupons provided by SMI but instead of Mobikwik, paid using PayUMoney. Had bad experiences with both Mobikwik & PayUMoney but Mobikwik was a torture for me. With great difficulty I got my money back from Mobikwik (the money which I had deposited into Mobikwik wallet).

  15. rohit says:

    ram / mtr,

    on’s menu/header bar there are different categories (furniture, home decor, …, pet supplies), what do you want to buy from these categories? I bought tupperware products, futura non-stick products – though I’m not sure whether non-stick cookware is healthy.

  16. mtr says:

    Please give some suggestion for buy any products for this offer!. Coupon work for me. Pls pls

  17. ram says:

    pls give some suggestions for rs 400 for buying

  18. Varun kapila says:

    Working 200 on 400 in my three accounts,order placed

  19. a says:

    Monsoon200 worked for me inspite of old account. Hope they dont cancel…earlier some offer they had done that to me.

  20. shobhit agarwal says:

    not working in new account also…:(

  21. kishore says:

    For Selected Accounts means which accounts.??? 200 off on 400 not working in my pepperfry new account(which was just created before 1month)& say Sorry,this coupon is not valid for you. Someone please help…

  22. Anand says:

    100 off on 200 not working in my all 3 Accounts

  23. Prashanth says:

    Thanks SMI, it’s working on old account

  24. Vinu says:

    BUY200- Sorry, This coupon has already been exhausted.

  25. Anand says:

    Hey bought 3 watt led bulb for 166-58 cash back also mobikwik 12% add money cash back so bought for net 95 rs only great offer

  26. panty says:

    Working fine placed 7 orders

  27. Anshuman Goyal says:

    Not working on any of the accounts. Tried with all account and tried creating new accounts as well.

  28. manish says:

    mobikwik ka cashback kaise milega??? nowhere mentioned

  29. Anonymous says:

    NOt valid for you

  30. anand says:

    400 discount working but 200 off not working

  31. Rahul Jain says:

    “Sorry, This coupon is not valid for you” for both old and new accounts

  32. Vinu says:

    Coupon working on some Old Accounts. Thanks SMI

  33. RA says:

    “Sorry, This coupon is not valid for you” for both old and new accounts

  34. venkat says:

    ThanksSMI,it working my old id

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