PepperFry 100% Cashback (no minimum purchase)


• Pay with MobiKwik Wallet on PepperFry on 8th April between 6PM to 7PM and get 100% Cashback on your order.
• Max Cashback. Rs. 100.
• All MobiKwik users will get 100% Cashback only once within the hour.
• Cashback confirmation link will be sent via e-mail & SMS within 48 hours. Click on the link to claim the Cashback.
• Mobikwik Wallet can be used to recharge, pay bills & buy stuff.

Website: PepperFry | Terms & Conditions

Good Buys:
Princeware Store Fresh Bowl Set of 3 + Rs. 89 Cashback Rs. 89
Pindia Wooden Shingaar + Rs. 89 Cashback Box Rs. 89
Sai Lunch Pack + Rs. 98 Cashback Rs. 98
Tupperware Smidget Set of 2 + Rs. 99 Cashback Rs. 99
Halonix CFL 15W + Rs. 100 Cashback Rs. 109
Havells CFL 15W + Rs. 100 Cashback Rs. 110

Good Buys: (Login to see discounted price. Register new account if you don’t see discounted price.)
JBG Home Store Door Mats Set of 2 + Rs. 70 Cashback Rs. 70
Sai Tandoor Cooker + Rs. 78 Cashback Rs. 78
Pebbleyard Ice Cube Tray Set of 3 + Rs. 79 Cashback Rs. 79
Celestial 6-In-1 Stainless Steel Nail Clippers Manicure Set + Rs. 99 Cashback Rs. 99
Blinkmax Beer Mug Set of 2 + Rs. 99 Cashback Rs. 99
Me Sleep Velvet Cushion Cover Set of 4 + Rs. 100 Cashback Rs. 125
Cello Delite Container Set of 4 + Rs. 100 Cashback Rs. 149
Tupperware Fliptop Bottle 750ml + Rs. 100 Cashback Rs. 169
Tupperware Handy Grater + Rs. 100 Casback Rs. 189
Syska LED Bulb 3W + Rs. 100 Cashback Rs. 199
Wooden Letter Rack cum Key Holder + Rs. 100 Cashback Rs. 199
Cello Festa Container Set of 5 + Rs. 100 Cashback Rs. 219

60 Responses to “PepperFry 100% Cashback (no minimum purchase)”

  1. BUJJI says:

    2 Days passed not yet received cashback…?

  2. naveen says:

    I did’t get any link or any cash back on 8th april

  3. RahHari says:

    yeee…got all 23 cash back…thanks mobikwik and pepperfry for a great shoping …

  4. VAMSI says:

    Take time and tid from mobikwik history and raise ticket. then you will get cashback.

  5. Prabhat says:

    Not got cashback

  6. Anonymous says:

    not received cashback what I should done

  7. Akshay says:

    got the cashback in 3 hours.. its rocking!! :)

  8. Rockstar says:

    YO !! Got cashback msg after 3 hours .Thnx SMI & MOBIWIK :)

  9. Vikas says:

    i got all 4 cashback on yesterday night

  10. Nishar says:

    Not get cashback link till now…

  11. archana says:

    not get cash back link… any one get ?

  12. Abhay says:

    I was able to place order for 9 items, all which were under Rs. 100 price tag… a few of which i sent to my friends… Got cash back for all the items by 9 pm… happy day for me

  13. ms says:

    Got cashback thanks smi

  14. neha says:

    ordered 500ml bottles set of 3
    at rs 119
    received cashbak 100 rs.

  15. nagasrinivasarao says:

    got cash back thanku SMI

  16. Rinku says:

    Only got the sms links for CB… no emails today.

  17. keval says:

    not get cash back link… any one get ?

  18. sumanth says:

    got the cashback.Thanks to smi…

  19. Munish says:

    Not got mail today for casback but a SMS with a link.Successfully redeemed.
    Anyone got mail???

  20. rajan says:

    got cashback now…thnx smi..

  21. pankaj says:

    Did not get any cash back

  22. MEHUL SHAH says:

    2 Hrs over no cb till 9.00 pm

  23. avisek says:

    casback jo millta hai…kya usko hum rotate kar sakte hai.. i mean ek baar jo crazyapril ka casback le lia.. kya fir se usko use kar sakte hai crazyapril offer me.

  24. rohan says:

    Not getting any cashback

  25. rahul says:

    got cashback for purchace

  26. kul says:

    cashback se related koi mail toh aayi nhi aayega bhi ya nhi

  27. neel says:

    dint got cashback yet #
    while others got it.

  28. anand says:

    Payment mobikwik se nahi ho raha hai tried 100 of times but mobikwik wallet par aake hang ho jaari hai site they are making fools payments nahi hone diya

  29. samar says:

    Placed order 2 CFL how i get my money back

  30. ASHISH says:

    Brought in 5 ACS
    Hope as always give cash back
    Nahi you dabe,tiffin,bulb rahe jayege

  31. Deepak says:

    where we can see cash back?? on mobiwik site? please anyone response

  32. amarjyot says:

    bought haliox cfl and sai lunch pack from two differnet accounts

  33. sweta says:

    ordered 1 cfl

  34. sanjay says:

    This item can’t be Delivered to your location. aisi ki taisi peperfry ki. waise item mere pin code par deliver hoti hai. but jab mobikwik ki schme aati to cant be delivred ho jata. useless perpfry

  35. vab says:

    ik mobikwik ac se kitne baar order kar sakte hai

  36. jackie says:

    everything is sold out

  37. neha says:

    placed order.
    waiting for cashback now.

  38. rahul says:

    bought two items Hope to get cashback

  39. vicky says:

    Pepperfry was way better than having deal yesterday. At after successful transactions, orders are getting placed Whereas in jabong I got refund against 3 orders today as all 3 orders done got failed.

  40. C says:

    I ordered and got the cashback too

  41. Sumanth says:

    Awesome deal

  42. Rohan says:

    Rinku Jada mat bole

  43. Rinku says:

    @ Rohan…FYI..4th order bhi process ho gaya tha…I got the 100% cb for all the 4 orders.. :)

  44. james says:

    I ordered on 7:01 pm.
    will I get any casback?

  45. Harsh Patel says:

    i placed order ( Princeware Store Fresh Bowl Set of 3 + Rs. 79 ) and got massage from mobikiwik website for 79Rs cashback … :)

  46. vivaswan says:

    orderd syska led

  47. Rohan says:

    Rinku tena 3 order kA cashback nhi milega .Me mobikwik me kam karta ho.pagal banata hai Hume 3 wallet se karta hai

  48. sanjiv says:

    Aaj tak kitni baar samaan mangwa chuka hoon peperfry se apne city mein lekin aaj not deliverable to your city show karraha hai.
    ullu bana rehe hai mobikwik aur peperfry dono. boycot the peperfry for future.

  49. Rinku says:

    Placed 3 orders 1 syska led, 1 bowl set and 1 led light…now site slowed in the 4th order.

  50. S Gurumurthi says:

    Maybe after 7:00 the site will be normal.
    It seems to be Frying now – Cannot enter it…

  51. bala says:

    i placed order

  52. amarjyot says:

    placed one order for syska led, thanks SMI for the update, lets c when i get the link and sms for cash back..

  53. PANKAJ says:

    Aaj tak payment dene pe har maal aata tha lekin aaj not deliverable to your city dikha raha hai.
    jab dena nahi hai tyo time pass kyo kar rahe ho

  54. Rajesh says:

    I never expect from mobi like this yeah to lalchane wali baat ho gayi

  55. Rajendra says:

    Site has slowed down, drastically. So we can’t order anything.

  56. rohan says:

    gand hai kuch nhi hai mobikiwik apni ijat mat utar pepprfry ko dekhe

  57. Bhaai says:

    site crashed very badly

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