PepperFry 40% off Max Discount Rs. 200, 25% off Max Discount Rs. 250

pepperfry5000New - (use 40% off) Mahavir Spark Cookware Set of 3 Rs. 363 | Philips Earphone SHE2105BK/00 Rs. 366 | Zebronics Bluetooth Headset H-BH600 Rs. 303 | Enter Bluetooth Headset ES-B400B Rs. 368 | Philips Over-the-ear Headphones SHL3000 Rs. 561 | Logitech Speakers Z120 Rs. 509 | Double Bedsheets from Rs. 167 | D-Duffel Bag Rs. 138 | iBall SoundWave 2 Multimedia 2.0 Speaker Rs. 340

Coupon may not be applicable on a few select items or Hot Price deal. Free shipping on online payments above Rs. 500 & Rs. 49 on online payments below Rs. 500.

40% off Max Discount Rs. 200 from: Sign Up Offer (register & get coupons worth Rs. 5000)
25% off Max Discount Rs. 250 Coupon: PEPOMGJAN
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Website: PepperFry

Good Buys:
Using 40% off - Euroline Cordless Steam Iron Rs. 554 | Retro Induction Based Pressure Cooker 1.5L Rs. 369 | Euroline 2 SlicePop Toaster EL840 Rs. 525 | Euroline Mini Chopper EL-180 Rs. 712 | Jaipan 1000W Steam Iron Trio Rs. 420
Using 25% off - Prestige Barbecue PPBR-03 Rs. 622 | Prestige 1.7L Kettle PKPW Rs. 683 | Bajaj Room Heater (Minor Rs. 747, Flashy Rs.796) | Inalsa Quartz Heater Neon V2 Room Heater Rs. 814 | Bajaj MX1 1200W Steam Iron Rs. 599 | Padmini Diva Halogen Heater Rs. 909 | Inalsa Robot 180 Hand Blender Rs. 780 | Hi-Life 2 Jars Mixer Grinder Rs. 882 | Euroline Vacuum Cleaner VC800 Rs. 1040 | Hawkins Miss Mary Pressure Cooker 2.5L Rs. 611 (Listing 1, Listing 2) | Philips HR1361/04 600W Daily Collection Hand blender Rs. 1306
Use 40% or 25% off - (most of the products under Rs. 500 are Pack of 2/3/4) Bath & Body | Kitchen & Dining | Gourmet Food | Appliances | Revital Daily Health Supplement | Santoor Soap & Handwash | Tupperware | Volini Pain Relief Spray

46 Responses to “PepperFry 40% off Max Discount Rs. 200, 25% off Max Discount Rs. 250”

  1. R says:

    ( PREG40RTM ) 40% off

  2. san says:


  3. R says:

    Coupon = REG3DREMMAR confirmed

  4. sam says:

    they remove all product less than 250 and increased the prices of some of them above 250

  5. vikram says:

    Never Buy from they cancle 1 order out of 2 and charge for 1 Product with no discount and remaning amount refund
    Cheater big cheater

  6. Varun K says:

    Dear Vijayaraghavan –

    Please can you explain why the price of 4 khadi soap have now been 260/- instead of 200 previously ?

    so now 150 off on 250/-, here is the calculation

    earlier – 1 khadi soap on an average costed 50/- now it cost 65/-

    earlier with 150 OFF on 200/- (suppose 4 khadi soaps were sold at 200/-)

    the price we paid was – 50 + 49 shipping = 99 /-

    Now, price we will pay – 150 OFF on 250/- (Now 4 khadi soaps are sold for 260 instead of 200) -=100 (250 off on 150) +10 (10 Rs extra with no discount, 260 is the price of 4 soaps ) + 50 (shipping) = 160

    so from 99 the price have increased to 160/- making each soap average buy rate at 40/-

    See, if you don’t buy the soaps now, Pepperfry will decrease the rates of Khadi soaps back to 50 and there will be no 150 OFF offer, and still you can avail 25% off on 50/- and the ultimate price you will need to pay is 40/-, So, the offers brought by pepperfry is just to make a CHAOS.

    MR. Vijaya Raghavan – Don’t Pepperfry ki baaton pur mat jawoon, apne akal lagawoo.



    Eg. Santoor Handwash 900ml + 250 Ml Pump Free Sandal And Turmeric Pack Of 2

  8. bimal says:

    Prices are very high
    do not buy.

  9. G D Airan says:

    nothing to buy prices increased

  10. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    Pack of 2.

  11. sajad says:


  12. Sunil says:

    its working for those who got their mail regarding 150 off….i got mail on one account nd bought items, recieved today.

  13. G D Airan says:

    FOR NEW REGISTRATIONS IT SHOWS Sorry, This coupon is not valid for you

    SMI please check and post

  14. r says:

    not working old and new account

  15. Rockk says:

    Yep, Not working

  16. Bhargav says:

    Not working

  17. Sunil says:

    @ varun, i hd bought frm 2 ID’s 3 days back from the same its not an issue that u cant buy frm same IP address.make new account and buy.

  18. Varun K says:

    This offer was for those who didn’t bought 3 days back, pepperfry is trying hard to make people habitual for paying for their 49 Rs shipping.

    Does anyone knows how do they track my PC, I have changed my IP address but still it doesn’t work, any comp expert here ?

  19. G D Airan says:

    it is not working now saying coupon exhausted

  20. Varun K says:

    Comeon Atual – you shouldn’t be asking a girl what has she purchased.

  21. atul says:

    sneha what have you purchased

  22. Konquerer says:

    Any free shipping, low priced items ?

  23. Sneha says:

    Gr8 deal….purchased 3 items!!

  24. Varun K says:

    Not valid for you !

  25. Ahad says:

    Don’t say Rs.150 off as all items got Rs.49 as delivery charges. :/
    so Rs.200 Stuff can be brought in approx Rs.100
    still a good deal if someone is looking for… ;)

  26. manish says:

    game is over , dont try now…..

  27. SANJU says:

    oh…im late….offer gone

  28. G D Airan says:

    availed 150 discount

  29. Meghansh says:


  30. rahul kashyap says:

    @ varun.. nahin bhai they r charging rs 49 or rs 59 depending on loacation for any orders. I did put in the option onnet banking only and they were charging rs 59 as shipping charges..

  31. Varun K says:

    don’g for for COD – why pay 59 rupees, pay online and avail a discount of 101 on 200.

  32. rahul kashyap says:

    if v add rs 59 as shipping charges that means we r getting rs 91 off on purchase of rs 200. not worth ..if shipping charges r removed I could have given it a go then.

  33. varun k says:

    Shipping Rs 49 + Prices increased by 5-10% such as Khadi soap of neem now costing 55 from 50 and same for Sandalwood soap and other fast selling items.

  34. Pardeep says:

    Please do not buy anything salee murak bna rhe hai shipping charges RS49 dal ke……….

  35. Sunil says:

    shipping Rs.49……:(

  36. SkY says:

    It’s 30th sept. I think!!!

  37. Nidhi says:

    Coupon is working fine…! this is my 5th purchase from pepperfry n every time i got the product.

  38. anil gupta says:

    pagal bana raha hai scheme to dae nahi raha hai

  39. Sehul says:

    After you place the order only half of the order shall be shipped & balance order shall be cancelled. It is better not to buy from Pepperfry

  40. Ruchir Bansal says:

    What would u say to pepperfry-
    Examples are cheat,honest,professional,thugs,silly,best,worst,obnoxious,blessing etc.after visiting
    and tell us more like it happens everyday,etc etc.I have stated almost everything with as much REAL info and same depth will be welcome

  41. abhi says:

    All coupons are expired. Not working even after logging in.

  42. shobhit says:

    mast hai coupon is working fine.SMI freak toh nakali hai tera account bhi nakali hai


    so like product

  44. Koustav says:

    All three coupons are still working fine.

    You need to log in to and then use the coupon.

  45. SMI Freak says:

    Not working

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